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Okay, time for some warm up writing. At the very least....Writer's Book of Days says to write about "A Shade Tree."
Someone has requested a specific read of me, giving me a number and a password. Now, 15 minutes later, I still can't find it. I have also illustrated that my two degrees and the ability to speak three languages is absolutely worthless. ARGH. Ideas? If I have the number of the entry, what do I do?
If I understand your question correctly, go to your notebook, type {item:} putting the entry number after: It should give you the link to the item. Click on it, use the passkey they gave you and the item should open. If it is not a static item, let me know, or ask again here.
Okay, goals for this brief moment? Figure out how to write a one page tale (warm-up and test to see how this all works), post it and request a review? Everyone's seat-belts fastened? This here's the wildiest ride in the wilderness! Happy New Something or Other!
the wildest ride? my seat belt is fastened... is yours?
With the new month starting in just two days, I'm thinking I'll use that to enter my first writing contest here. I'll see what the topics are by Friday and aim for the weekend to pound out something, hopefully, worthwhile. Hmmm...Peace!
hmmm. seems like your a driven man... good for you. being that way is good... very good.
If I am to learn, it means, occasionally, the fire burns my hand to know not to touch it.

In other words, blech. I didn't meet my goals. Why? Got busy. Strangely, I'm going to go with that's a good thing. Where did I not have time? Now it's time to start carving out those moments where there wasn't time--to now there is time.

Or something.

Most of all? Keep writing.

Let's see, goals for this week? I have to work on my novel, daily, but that's not here. Daily? I have to either review an item, work on the short story "Dog Park," or do a writing prompt. Lastly, I should have an outline for a GBLT short story writing contest by Friday.
Hi Howard and welcome to WDC. To get you started and knowing the ropes.
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Also if you look in the top right hand of your port, you will see, getting started, ect,.

Hope it helps.
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Um, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here. I left in February, after trying to figure out this website, but slowly came back, feeling the need to interact, albeit, digitally, with other writes-such is the bane of living out in the skids. No other people, let alone writers. But I'm back and one of the things they recommend? Posting here and saying hello.


I'm an aurhtoer, but I'm in a period of transitioning. My computer died recently and I'm slowly getting used to this one. But do the pause, I find I'm a bit lost.

Yeah, everything's saved, but, it was like the last straw.

So? I'm turning back to writing. How's everyone doing? I tend to write LGBT themes, but I will do essays and critiques.

Keep writing!
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