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Welcome [back] to writing.com. I find your thoughts on editing past works interesting. It can be really instructive to see how you have grown over several years or to relearn things you have forgotten. I can't seem to let sleeping dogs lie, however, and I always have to go back and make a few changes every couple of years.

Which authors most inspire you and what major or minor goals do you have for writing?

I tend to be an intense reviewer but shoot me a message if you would like some thorough feedback. I would love a review anytime!
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Well ive always been a big movie buff and video gamer all my life as reading and writing used to bore me a lot unless I find a masterpiece or something that hooks me from the start as I'm very picky with how I use my time and so finding something to read is more of a chore than a hobby, I do like enders game by orson scott card, wicked, one for the money, hatchet and maybe a select few others, the classics like firestarter, huckleberry finn, any Stephen king books have rarely ever interested me.
Greetings fellow writers, I am semi new to the site as I have been here for the past year although I've not really completed many projects, I am very excited to announce that I will be releasing a short story roughly around 7000 words within the next day or two that speaks of loyalty, adventure, betrayal, suffering, and redemption, although I intend for it to have a three part sequence, it will be of a mythical, dark, medieval type vibe. I welcome any and all reviews and hope you will enjoy it as much I enjoyed writing it. Happy Writing

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