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And here's my gift
From me to you
I'm all out
Of love for you
So take your
Fake friendship
And your lying eyes
Step to the curb
There's now nothing inside
Take my hand
Whispers death
I'll hold you softly
Till your at rest

Give me your heart
He says
I'll take all your pain

Your soul belongs to me
He demands
All you wishes and dreams
Are now just sand

Oh but your body
It shall remain
To show others
How I do gain

At your grave
Shall they weep
As your body crumbles
At your defeat

And with my last breath
I hear his laugh
Foolish child
He murmurs
You never stood a chance.
So I'm not the beauty of magazines
But my heart is true
And my love it sings

Maybe my weight is not the dream
But it keeps you looking
And wanting me

And I have a temper
And it does bring
Arguments over silly things

I have my flaws and my dreams
You can be the one
Or the never to be.
Weave a little dream
Or a fantasy
Write what's in your heart
Or what is yet to be
Show the ugly truth
Relay a beautiful thing
Capture our attention
Makes a crave for thee
Show use the inside
While twisting us out
Give us direction
Or just give us a shout
The power of your words
Never ever doubt
For these are what breaks
Or helps us out.
Keep reaching for my heart
For you will surely find
That in me is an emptiness
The love well has run dry
The spark ''twas extinguished
Hope was brutalized
And now I am a squeamish
Little girl behind green eyes
No one knows my demons
My agonies or flaws
They only see the smile
The one that hides them all
No one knows my secrets
Or the pain that gnaws at me
For I hide them deeply
Surrounded by the darkness in me
If I wished it
You'd crawl

Because your a casualty
Of the fall

My demands your desire
Just for a taste of my fire

My embrace
The highest bliss

My lips
The most potent kiss

And your life
You would risk

To hear your name
Spoken on my lips
I like your poems. Please come read my book I am writing. I am sure you will like it. We have similar interests.
Dark deceptions
Private lies
The hidden meaning behind those eyes

Silent cries
Tears of shame
Never ever mention his name

Ghosts of the past
Nightmares of the present
Haunted life never absent

Fear of the knowledge
Disgust at his touch
How could trust hurt me this much

Reaching out for something
Anything to kill the pain
Only to spiral back down
Into this sickos evil game.
i feel my life draining
A puddle at me feet

My blood it slowly trickles
As death claims my defeat

Body starts to crumble
Soul takes one last leap

And the energy once contained
Takes one finally glance at me

The disconnect I feel
Is total and complete

This flame no longer flickers
Soul quickly retreats

To somewhere once in fables
Told to children at parents feet.
I am the dark and the light, yet one is blinding the other not so bright. Two pieces melded to become one mind. And such a division is hard to deny. good or evil, where shall my decision lie.
Life can be so beautiful yet such a tragedy. Hence my name. Not because I think I am a beauty far from it but the fact that I was given a life is beautiful but as I've grown I see where I am wasting some of it so such a tragedy is brought about. I have no ego nor am I vain it's just this thing called yin and yang.
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Lol! Thanks, was rushing it.
Poetry to me is a short story in condensed form lol, for I seem to lack the discipline to write anything longer.