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Heya, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this problem I've been having. I've been trying to write a fantasy story, with perspectives from 2 characters who have been reluctant friends since before the story began, but one of these would be a villain and betray the other. Yet, by having her narrate as well I have to let the reader know her intentions early on otherwise the twist would seem poorly executed and I want to keep the character's actions real to her. Should I remove her more villainous tendencies and just have her unreliable and a foil of the protagonist, or would there be a way to make her the villain? Should I just change the villain? Please help!
You could do something else for a twist.

A twist only works when readers don't see it coming.
A betrayal only needs to be a surprise to the MC.
If the narrators have only been reluctant friends, then one betraying the other isn't surprising for the readers.

Letting the readers in on the betrayal from its beginning provides tension from questions about whether, when, and how it happens, and if it works.
Just trying to help.
Good morning, I've recently read and reviewed an incredible story by jabberwocky . It's definitely worth the read!

 Summer of Jack  (18+)
Coming of age one summer
#2226179 by jabberwocky

The introduction is coming of age one summer, and it involves extremely well-fleshed out characters.
Recently, on my journeys through newsfeed I found:
Book Sharing  (ASR)
A place to share or discover a member-recommended book.
#2000827 by Cubby is on the road again!

It's a brilliant idea by Cubby is on the road again! and I can't recommend visiting the page enough. If you're looking to share an interesting book to others or in need of a good read, then this is the page for you!

*Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star*

Oh wonderful! Love this!
Thank you for the plug on Newsfeed, Becca Winchester! I've already borrowed the audiobook on Libby (a library app) and started listening to it while hanging laundry on the line. *Bigsmile* So far, so good! *Hug*
glad you're enjoying it, Cubby is on the road again! ! *HeartT*
Hi Becky! I’m Miranda, and I am diving into random ports today. Are you enjoying WDC so far? Your port is great, and I can’t wait to read more. ¡Adíos! *Smile*

Hi Miranda_EatingCookies Thank you! I'm loving WDC so far; I've found lots of great contests and now I'm trying to continue some stories I've been writing. How are you liking WDC??
Woo hoo! That’s great Becca Winchester ! I’m loving it so far; I’ve never found such a better community. Well, now you have a new person you can email or whatever, yay! *Laugh*
Yay! Send me an email anytime! Miranda_EatingCookies I agree- there's so many friendly people!
Anyone looking for a movie to watch? A movie that is entertaining but technically amazing with motifs and symbolism?

I watched Bad Times At The El Royale (2018) with my family last night. Such an amazing movie! Very detailed and well-thought out plot. The symbolism of the mirrors and duality was excellently added and scattered throughout- highly effective!
The runtime of 2hrs20 flew by and I was gripped to my seat watching the performances.
The *Music1* soundtrack *Music1* made this movie perfect for me! Set in the early 70s, the jazzy R&B/Soul soundtrack could not have suited the movie any better!
All of the cast were amazing, but for me the stand out performances were Cynthia Erivo and Lewis Pullman.

I can't praise this movie enough and would definitely recommend it! (Plus, no awkward scenes to cringe over with my family!)

*Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star*
Hi smjones I saw it on Sky Movies, but I think it's also on Netflix US too *Star* *Delight*

Oh I watched that with my grandmother one night. I think I missed the symbolism though. I’m not very good with movies like that *Laugh* Regardless, I love anything do with a bigger story, or something that transcends the normal boundaries of movies. Do you mind telling of it?
Plotting out this new story involving a heist. Hmm, my google searches are going to be unusual... *Laugh*
Good researching
It's the hazard of being a writer *Laugh*
She always had a blast at the conventions, and said that the guys were just fantastic. Friendly, willing to take photos, etc.
My oldest daughter is a huge Supernatural fan. She's been to a few conventions and even has a couple of photos with her, Jensen & Jared. Have a wonderful day.
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Hi Soldier_Mike 🎺 - Wow! I'm jealous! I'd love to hear all about it!! Did she enjoy the conventions??? How were Jensen and Jared??
Hi Writers and Reviewers! What book, poem or film would you recommend?
It could be an extract, or the whole piece!
Maybe instead of sharing a film, poem or book, you'd like to share a great piece you've seen on Writing.com!
Perhaps it's based on the plot, character development or the technical devices (e.g. grammar, setting description, sound, editing, lighting) or anything else...
I'd love to hear what piece of literature/media you've loved or been inspired by!
I enjoy reading pieces by SB Musing (thanks for the shout out!) and poems by Chibithulu (Alyssa) , also jolanh has a few epic tales that strike my fancy!

You flatter me Luckie
By the way Subjugated Beast is pretty good
Tasty-looking smoothies you've got there. *BigSmile* Have a great day, and best of luck in Rd. 4!
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Thank you! Thinking of changing it to some recent baking I've done!
Best of luck to you too! *HeartB* *Star*
Hey, we're sharing short stories and extracts in English Literature, such as Virginia Woolf's Orlando and extracts from Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber. Does anyone have any short literature stories they love or think have good themes?
Hello there Becky!

Welcome to WdC! You'll love it here! (I know I have *Laugh*)

I'd like to invite you to join us here:

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And always feel free to shoot me a message!

Welcome aboard!

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