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 Lost Love  (E)
Random Poem
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You could title it many different ways.. Most of the times, with poetry... Short and cryptic titles work best. 'The Mirror' perhaps, or something of the sort. Given the hints at the beginning, I'd even dare venture as far and go 'artistic' a little... 'Infernal Reflection(s)'
Maybe... Okay, that might be too much given the clear aim at a resolution of sorts near the ending..

Good job.
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 Ramble On  (E)
A poem that came to me
Before I forget, I want to thank Steven the Penguin-Hunter and Dennis Wolf for their advice regarding creative writing courses.
I am now officially a university student enrolled in a Bachelor of Creative Writing.
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Good luck champ. *Smile*
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 Ramble On  (E)
A poem that came to me
Some music for your morning (or evening).

One of the best vocalists on the planet right now.

See it through to the end. His voice only gets more powerful.

Hey, did you know there's a wonderland going on right now. If you want to have “tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts” then come to my folder here: "Wonderland Here We Go - PART 1 & 2"   by Beacon - Light 4ever and you will see what I'm talking about. Oh, watch out, the white rabbit is trying to get somewhere but I'm trying to follow him.
For fans of Mongolian throat singing.

See ya tomorrow!
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Love The Hu's music, and their videos are awesome.

It ain't Power or Thrash Metal, but it is some damn fine Blues Rock.
So people, I have a question.

What are your thoughts on creative writing courses? Are they worth it?

Specifically an Australian Bachelor of Creative Writing.

Do they help or are they a waste of time?

Thanks in advance.
I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) through Open Universities Australia, based out of Curtin in WA.

To be honest, I got very little out of it apart from a piece of paper, and the degree is the sort of thing many US publishers expect you to have. However, I also had more published works than over half of the lecturers. I only did it as something to do after the divorce and to help my overseas career.

Now, having said that, because I have 20 years of publication experience behind me, and this being my third Bachelor’s Degree, this course was not designed for me. For some-one new to writing, or straight out of high school, who has not yet developed their own style, and with limited professional experience, I think it would be a huge benefit.

The main issue is that it was Australia-centric. Australia is a pathetic market, especially for genre fiction, and their focus on what Australian publications expect is limiting.

But, as a beginner’s course, it is very good, covering everything (with the exception of synopsis writing). The electives meant I could gear my study towards my interests, which made it fun to do much of the time. My GPA meant I was second in my class/year, so I have to say I also found the work easy. I did learn a few things (experimental writing, some of the professional writing elements, etc.), so it wasn’t like it was a total loss.

That’s my experience and take on it.
Thanks for the tag, Lilli ☕️ 🧿
Thank you Steven the Penguin-Hunter for this most helpful advice. It is much appreciated.
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 Escape From Above  (ASR)
Journal of an alien invasion survivor
Thank you Adherennium

I've been wanting this one.

My new favourite MB.

Merit Badge in Music
[Click For More Info]

"Music, makes the people come together." (Madonna)

Thank you for entering the Sound & Vision Contest.
I know it is not writing related but today I got a Simpsons tattoo. Stonecutters logo on my wrist. I can't upload cos I ain't premium, but trust me it's pretty cool!
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Thank you dennis23468 I tried but giphy having issues with me. All good.
Added an entry to my portfolio for the "Sound & Vision Contest

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Music  (E)
A short piece on music.

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