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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Surrender  (E)
A soldier decides that peace is not an option
I feel so world-weary. Sometimes it all comes down on a person. Not just personal, but this sick and sad old world. Tired.
Hang in there. Have a bit of chocolate and turn the TV off and unplug for a day. Things will look better.
Feeling better, what a difference a day can make. Must have been the news show I just finished watching. lol
I've been gone so long, I feel like a newbie. My arthritis has taken a hiatus and what's more, I am mastering Dragon voice recognition. I will begin doing reviews again soon. I am soooo glad to be able to write again.
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Well if you're quick you can catch the end of
The PreQuill Gala (7th Annual Quills)  (13+)
Coming today (23 Feb. 2014) 6-7:30pm WDC (Eastern) Time. Bring your friends!
#1975360 by Elle - on hiatus
Happy Writing.com Anniversary Weekend!
Here's a link to my new website. http://paranormalcritics.com Come over and take a look.
Check out my newest short story, ASPIRATIION
Aspiration  (E)
Fall in love? Not Devit Mars. He couldn't be falling love . . . could he?
#1947843 by bertiebrite hoping for peace
A love story to warm your heart.
I will say right now that I find it a pain in the butt that there are commercials on my page that interrupt my flow and that probably annoy anyone who comes to my port. That is such blackmail. If I could afford to pay for higher amounts would the adds stop? I bet they would. Is WDC becoming money conscious? I bet they are. Is it a lack of consideration for those who cannot pay as much? I bet it is. Too bad. I am becoming disenchanted *Sad*
You should'nt have ads. You have an Upgraded Membership like I do, and Upgraded has no ads. Are you sure you're not seeing the In Print and Support this Author links?
Why do people offer to make reviews of your work, you pay them GPs and then they do . . . . nothing?
Are you talking about through the new Review Request system? If, after a certain time period has elapsed, the reviewer doesn't send the review you get the GPs back. But, you're right, if people aren't able to do the reviews, they shouldn't offer.
It is common for people to not follow through. I usually do and I find that this surprises people. LOL
I am so tired of this innatentiveness to what you say you will do. I am not going to offer my pieces for paid review any more.
I've just added the beginning of another Corrigan Grandeur adventure. The Crime Fighter Extraordinaire is on the trail of evil once more. Take a look, enjoy. Bertie
I do not like the addition of advertisements into my stories! If I wanted ads in my stories I would say so. Now, blue double underlined words lead you away from my port to some ad? That really, really sucks! I have never been a fan of advertising and I find this intrusive. My permission should have been asked. And, if I have to pay more to exclude the ads, that seems to me to be extortion! Why do they permit this?
Ahhh ... Bertie,

I agree with you that ads suck, even though I understand their purpose. Although in the fine print of any terms of usage, most require that you do give permission for the ads when you use their service free. It's how the sites pay for the server time.

I would think that being, like me, a more senior member of our society that you would be used to our capitalistic existence. Even life itself demands payment; to continue living we must pay our bodies with food and drink. We must shelter it from the elements that surround it. Moreover, with the cost of every breath we pay with the burning of our body's cells. Life is the expending of energy.

Of course, you could think of the ads as life giving. They get your dander up, which makes your adrenalin rush. This helps you overcome the distress of your ailments and inspires you to share yourself with us. Which I, for one, find a treat; so for me, I say God bless the ads, the rage they inspire gives us proof of life.
Hi guys! I am back for a little while every day. Derned arthritis is a b----ch well, you know. Anyway, it takes more than this to keep a fervent author down. I dictate sometimes to my daughter and she adds my work. Most times, I use my Dragon speech recog. I just posted a new story, Troubled Waters. You can find it in My Short Stories in my port. Love being back, see you all soon and thanks for all the well wishes and support. Nothing beats good thoughts from friends. Blessings, Bertie
I have been away for a while. Things have changed so drastically, I am lost. What happened?
Welcome back. How long have you been away?
SM's been on a roll, making things work like the big boy websites. you're going to love the drag and drop pictures
Arthritis is a horrible thing. It virtually cripples the hands, prevents them from performance and hurts like Hell! I am typing this while wearing two braces, and it is not easy. It is taking a great deal of time to program my Dragon speech program. I hope you know how much I miss this site and all of you guys.
I am getting very frustrated. Blessings from the world of Old Age . . . Bertie
Hang in there, Bertie. We are all pulling for you. *Smile*
Keep at using Dragon. My husband uses it and it works very well. Take care, Bertie.
Keep it up and you'll be back soon!
I am gaining control of my voice activated software. I will soon be able to come back full steam. Blessings, Bertie
This Bertie's daughter. She has bad arthritis and is unable to type. My father bought her a hands free device, but it is going to take a while to configure it.

Send my wishes her way *Heart*
Hi Bertie, I hope that things work out for you. My thoughts are with yhou.
There are a number of text to speech applications, Windows has one built in. Though "Dragonspeak" works better, it has longer training secessions. Bertie it will allow you to work the commuter without having to touch a key. Although you may find you still like to use the keyboard and mouse for command functions. (the program will do it but is seems faster to just it it for typing.
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