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Happy 8th anniversary Khaki. May your future years be as blessed as mine have.
Copenator out!
*Tulipp* Hello. Not sure you've seen this. Take a look> "Autumn 500 Raffle (Finalizing). While you're at it, if you get the time, drop by "Dream Team Guest Room. We're a smaller yet friendly group.
I don' really have time to do this. my house is a mess from all of thecritters. I've been here until 9M. I should take a break. i will wite more later..

I have a different task for you (I'll still give you an award for a long story, just so ya know). I'd like you to return the favour and review the chapters of my story. I'm not asking for war and peace but if you can, just give your honest opinion. Of course, I am not forcing you, this is just a simple request.
If you post anything else you want reviewing, just send me a note! =^_^=
OK Khaki, I have reviewed all of your pieces honestly and to the best of my ability. Now I have a request for you. From what I have read, you are a very able writer, capable of writing pieces that touch my emotions and influence my mood. I wish to see you post a longer piece, something creative, in your own time. I wish to see a short story or account of an event that contains the same level of skill as your others whilst being at least 5 kb. If you fulfil this request, I shall give it an award!
I like your style, khaki, keep it up. *BigSmile*
Hope your day is good. *Balloonb*
I'm new to categorizing/types of poetry, though I certainly have a poetic streak and dabble in it; that said, I reviewed a couple of your pieces to the best of my ability. Hope your day is awesome
I don't do reviews of poetry, because honestly I just don't know enough about it to feel qualified to give an opinion! That said, I had a look at your portfolio, and for what it's worth, I really enjoyed reading your poetry.
There are obviously TWO EDUCATIONS; One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live.'' This is Me...Rebecca S.Daniels>>> @ cherry012@writing.com 08/09/2010
yes i m writing more and hope to share that soon.
I stopped in and read the short story in your port. I've visited before and hope that you keep on writing.
just to begin with a good hi, hope to read some short stories from you as i enjoy stories the most....