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Heya, Liz ! I was prowling among the grassy meadows of WdC and suddenly stumbled upon your port and notes. Here, some extra food from Wonderland! *Donut3**CupcakeP*

I never got to eat all of them and I just wanna share some with you *Wink* The community here is nice, generous, and sometimes funny--there are angels and fairies that roam the place. Anyways, 'til next time!
Hi, Liz, and welcome to WDC. I'm capturing notebooks to leave a message in as part of the Wonderland competition. My visit to Wonderland is almost over now that I'm 'one step nearer to the White/Red/Queen/King' but you can be sure that I'll be back.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/blacktree21