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Not fully satisfied with this, but I feel like it's close. Trying to keep it a little allegorical without simply becoming obscure.

Marauders at Midnight  (E)
A Syair poem for our times
#2227271 by Ben Langhinrichs
For those who like to write poetry, the Oriental Poetry Contest  is having a round featuring the Yama, which is a fairly fun form to write. The theme is some sort of loss, so it is quite easy to write a relevant poem for these times. Give it a try.
I almost added, "Yes, Ken, I mean you."
OK, so I'm not always upbeat...

What We Never Had  (13+)
Love in the age of Coronavirus
#2222138 by Ben Langhinrichs
But... "you zoomed into my heart?" Really? You should be "pun"ished for that! *Rolling*
It is vaguely possible that I wrote the entire poem so I could use that phrase. (I had to put it close to the beginning though since it is a serious, somber poem about loss and stuff.)
I'm going to be a grandpa! My daughter and her husband called on Mother's Day to tell us she is pregnant. The baby is due in November.

*ConfettiR**ConfettiG**ConfettiB* Happy Dance! *ConfettiBL**ConfettiGR**ConfettiO*
what a blessing Ben, thank you, for sharing your good news with us.
Lots of special times to come and making beautiful memories.
Alexi *Heart*
Congratulations!!The best gig there is-spoil them and send them home to Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary!
Feeling ill in the middle of a pandemic, and so writing morbidly humorous poetry. Don't read if you are easily offended.

Not Feeling Pretty  (13+)
With apologies to Leonard Bernstein and West Side Story. Warning, morbid humor
#2216491 by Ben Langhinrichs
The sound of crickets
echoes through empty canyons
of my manuscript.

#amwriting #toolittle

Sorry about that, but on the good side, your newsfeed post is pretty awesome! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
A symphony of silence... *Laugh* I hear you! *Rolling*
Every epic journey starts with a simple decision.
My Epic Journey  (E)
A 'Literary Meandering' as suggested by Gabriella to the Rising Stars
#2180609 by Ben Langhinrichs
For any fans of George Darley's "It is not Beauty I Demand", I was reminded of a response poem I wrote a decade ago.

Do not thy Beauty scorn  (18+)
Response poem to George Darley's "It is not Beauty I Demand" (Strong Verse magazine)
#1547159 by Ben Langhinrichs
I wrote a poem about Star Wars, though I am not much of a follower. Oddly enough for me, it is free verse. If you are a Star Wars fan, let me know what you think. Did I miss the mark, or get close enough?

Whose Heart Beats Beneath?  (ASR)
A poem about Star Wars from outside the fandom
#2208319 by Ben Langhinrichs
Given the news about elections in the U.K., and the state of things here in the U.S., I wrote a poem about the boxes we put ourselves into.

Boxes  (E)
Musing on the boxes we put ourselves into
#2207764 by Ben Langhinrichs