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The sound of crickets
echoes through empty canyons
of my manuscript.

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Sorry about that, but on the good side, your newsfeed post is pretty awesome! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
A symphony of silence... *Laugh* I hear you! *Rolling*
Every epic journey starts with a simple decision.
My Epic Journey  (E)
A 'Literary Meandering' as suggested by Gabriella to the Rising Stars
#2180609 by Ben Langhinrichs
For any fans of George Darley's "It is not Beauty I Demand", I was reminded of a response poem I wrote a decade ago.

Do not thy Beauty scorn  (18+)
Response poem to George Darley's "It is not Beauty I Demand" (Strong Verse magazine)
#1547159 by Ben Langhinrichs
I wrote a poem about Star Wars, though I am not much of a follower. Oddly enough for me, it is free verse. If you are a Star Wars fan, let me know what you think. Did I miss the mark, or get close enough?

Whose Heart Beats Beneath?  (ASR)
A poem about Star Wars from outside the fandom
#2208319 by Ben Langhinrichs
Given the news about elections in the U.K., and the state of things here in the U.S., I wrote a poem about the boxes we put ourselves into.

Boxes  (E)
Musing on the boxes we put ourselves into
#2207764 by Ben Langhinrichs
Well said!
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy birthday!! *Delight*

Happy Birthday and all the best to you in the year to come!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

I wrote a free holiday story starring my two young trolls, Bernie & Tish. I invite you to enjoy, perhaps even read aloud to your kids.

Trolls at Tibbitymark  

Bernie & Tish are the trolls from my novel for 7-11yo, from Danger Tastes Dreadful: A Middle Grade Fantasy (Bernie Tish): ($10.92 from Amazon.Com)
Posted a silly little poem for #PoetryPartyFriday

Lizard?  (E)
A silly verse about my ongoing confusion
#2205612 by Ben Langhinrichs
How Ogden Nash of you... *Laugh*
I'll take that as a compliment. If you can't be Emily Dickinson, at least try to be Ogden Nash.
For those slogging away at NaNoWriMo, you're doing great! No matter where you are, how far behind or how far ahead, you're doing fine. Don't let this be a cudgel to beat yourself with, but a walking stick to help you move forward.
Nice to see you back, Ben... *BigSmile*