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What's new with The Blimpster? Funny you should ask!
         "The Craft according to Mickey

*Skull* Jack
Keep swinging, slugger! Griffin's Blade is a tale I eagerly follow. Add at least one to your fan club!

Thank you, John Little . I cherish every one!

*Cool* Jack
         This has been in the works for a while, but today it became official: Beginning April 1st, I, the legendary Blimprider, will be teaching a course on basic steampunk at

WDC Writers University  (ASR)
writing classes offered exclusively to WDC members... a 2020 Quill Award Nominee
#2223767 by Jim: "Happy St. Patty's Day!"

         I will be accepting signups from now until March 31st, so take a look at the course intro, and if you think it's for you, email me to sign up. I'll be looking forward to working with you!

The Elements of Steampunk, Introduction  (E)
Course intro
#2233532 by Blimprider

*Hotair2* Jack
Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville , Reading my book would certainly be appreciated, but I'd hardly hold anyone to it. Air pirates, alcohol fuel, Taiwan throwing off Japanese occupiers... All fine steampunk elements! If you're uncertain about April, I'd recommend you sign up. Payment isn't due until the end of March, and if April isn't good, just drop out. Not that I wouldn't refund your tuition anyway if you couldn't attend. You seem to have an ear for this, and I'd love to read that story!

Elycia Lee ☮ Chap Goh Mei , if you've ever seen any of those old Disney adaptations of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Master of the World, or Mysterious Island, those are very steampunky... Or you can read Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville 's comment above! Steampunk is hard to explain. I usually go with "Victorian science fiction told today as if it had actually happened." Well, that probably made it worse. You could read one of the stories from "Beyond the Rails 1 as an example. I'll tell you what, sign up and start the course, and after the second lesson, if it isn't your deal, un-enroll, and I'll refund your tuition. No special treatment, it's the guarantee printed in the intro material.

Thanks for taking the time, folks,
*Traincar2gr* Jack
*Rabbit2*Hopping about on the chessboard so the Queen won't keep shouting "off with her head! Not to mention trying to avoid the Jabberwockey. Landing in your square here has brought me one step closer to the White/Red Queen! Thanks for being a member of WDC. *Heart*

Wow! This is an amazing way to share your talent. I did not know steampunk was a genre til a few years ago here. and I even had read books that are steampunk! So now more folks can be in the know! Thanks for all you do to contribute to our community. And glad to see you are following your goal to get your next scene done; "Griffin's Blade! *Salute*

Have a *Strawberry* tart for your magic! Don't tell the Queen of Hearts who is still seeking the thief with her *Ax*.*Whistle*

eyestar from the Looking Glass in "Wonderland! *Heart*
         Good morning, eyestar~ , and thank you for giving of your time! Actually, I make a case that steampunk isn't a genre at all, but something completely different. Come join us if you want to become knowledgeable in its subtleties.

         Nice subtitle on Wonderland: "A nonsensical writing activity." One misstep, and that's where Griffin's Blade might end up!

Keep safe, and write lots,
*Hotair2* Jack
Finally! for those following "Griffin's Blade as it happens, I've shaken off yesterday's headache and gotten scene ten posted.

*Sword2r* Jack
Greetings! There has been a bit of confusion, much of it spread by me (you're welcome!) about a certain course I will be teaching in April. This is the latest, and anything you may have heard previously is superseded by it:
         "Steampunk 101

Sorry for any confusion, but come on, you know you love it!
*Hotair2* Jack
*SuitSpade*You are Invited to "A Trip to Wonderland*SuitSpade*

You are welcome to join the rabbit hole for a cup of tea whenever you wish.*Smile* *TeaGr*

p.s. I know it's late, but you can still join anytime
Eight scenes!
7468 words!
Part one of Griffin's Blade is complete! With twelve scenes left, this is the story that got me writing again. I know a few of you are reading as it's being composed, so this is for you, and anyone else who might like to join in. Come on in!

Roswell Avenue  (13+)
Not every criminal is ordinary, nor is every detective.
#2238330 by Blimprider

*Radioactive* "The Blimpster"
Glad to read that you are making progress. I'm dog-paddling at the moment.
Dog paddling??! — S.P.C.A. on line one!

No, really, I hope you get back to it soon. The feeling is indescribable!
Good California evening! I've a new blog post up where I talk about "Gratitude. Drop by for a chat when you have a few minutes...

*Goggles* Jack
I sold a book today! I sold a book! 42¢ in royalties! Now I can take that cruise I've been dreaming about. Woooo Hoooo!

Okay, back to the grindstone that is "Griffin's Blade.

Read well, and write better...
*Wink* Jack
Awesome! When I grow up, I want to be just like him!
You are staple of the community jack and we are all the richer for knowing you.
Wow, Jolan, you must have French-kissed the Blarney Stone! That's incredibly decent of you to say, and reminds me of something I need to do, so thanks for everything.
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I've wracked my brain trying to figure out what to get you!

I can't send candy, 'cause I don't know where you live...

I won't send flowers, 'cause you have to watch them die...

Then it came to me; I'm talking with a bunch of writers; I'll offer you membership in one of the coolest groups I know! Behold:

Dreamweaver Bar & Grill  (13+)
An idea factory, an inspiration pool, a place where creativity can soar.
#2211862 by Richard Is Very Thankful!

Membership brings access to enjoyable conversation, knowledgeable discussions, and a unique contest offering the usual Gift Points and Merit Badges, plus inclusion in this often-promoted anthology composed of the best of the best stories and poems our members produce.

Fireside Tales  (E)
A sampler of works by the members of Dreamweaver Bar & Grill

Check it out, and if you'd like to start hangin' out with the cool kids, email me, or Richard Is Very Thankful! , T.J.Gunn , Sumojo , or John Little , and ask for your very own membership today!

Can't wait to lift a glass to your health!

Hi, Jack, this was inspired.😍 I love it !
Why, thank you, Sue! Now, if only it works...
Good day, my loves, and I hope it finds you well. Having my youngest grandson's birthday celebration later today (he's 14), and have to get busy getting the house ready, but I just wanted to let those who may be interested know that I've posted scene 5 of "Griffin's Blade in which our still-in-the-dark hero is introduced to the main distraction. This is scene five of a projected twenty, and at 5,114 words, it's right where I want it to be sizewise; my "sweet spot" is the novella, and this one feels as sweet as any I've taken on in a while!

*Radioactive* Jack