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I've added yet another entry to my blog, "Riding the Blimp. Join me as I tie up some loose ends and air my issues in
"杂 碎: Chop Suey ("miscellaneous leftovers")

*Hotair2* Jack
I've added a new entry to my blog, "Riding the Blimp. Today I discuss those annoying phone calls that you only get to hear one side of in ""Hello ... Who's this?". Swing by and see what's up when you get a few moments. I'd love to hear from you!
*Spider* Jack
Wow, thanks again. And just when I thought I had everything figured out ... I guess it's true what they say; it's what you learn after you know it all that counts!
If the horror is somehow otherworldly, we would definitely welcome it for review exchange. We don't get a lot of horror, but we do love all kinds of speculative fiction. And it doesn't have to be a novel; we exchange reviews on short stories as well.

Thanks for the mention, NW!
Nope, sorry, just ordinary, routine, earth-based horror. Thanks for taking the time, though. I'll keep you in mind for future reference.
         Just a quick note for those who have been with me for a while: I've made what I think will be my final handle change at last. Most of you know that I've transitioned from steampunk, where I made what little name I have as an author, to horror, and have been searching high and low for a handle that smacks of my new endeavor.
         But what I didn't expect to find is that over the near-decade that I have been using the sobriquet that my early fans gave me, I have become as attached to it as my real name, and am no more eager to change it than I would be to give up Jack in the real world. So, as Blimprider I have been known, and as Blimprider shall I continue. And with that distraction off my plate, perhaps I can move on to some actual, you know, writing.
         So, thank you for your patience. The old aerographer is finally home.

*Hotair2* Jack
Yes, sir, I did, but if memory serves, you were changing a classic and memorable real name to something ordinary and forgettable. A handle is just a handle, and many of them change daily to reflect where an author is at the moment. Where I'm at is at home on the deck of my beloved Kestrel, star of "Beyond the Rails, and my handle now reflects it. Thanks for the reminder, though!

*CaptainWheel* Jack
Thank you, The Dark Faery 🐾 . I'm going to assume you mean Blimprider, because I don't need any more second thoughts about that!

*CaptainWheel* Jack
You should never have left Jack
My deepest thanks to Schnujo Won NaNo! for the awesome AwardIcon now gracing my blog. Nothing I do here is done for personal recognition, but when it comes, it is both humbling and gratifying, in this case being one of WdC's top awards and by far the most prestigious I have ever received. My only goal with "Riding the Blimp and my reviews is to be helpful, and it's wonderful to know that it's working!

Read well, and write better,
*Spider* Jack
Your blog has amazing and amazingly important information in it! This is a writing site and most folks at least dream of publishing. You help point us in that direction. Thank you!
Good morning, gang, and welcome to December. My first order of business each month is to award the "Talk of the Flight Deck to the most moving, engaging, or dynamic piece that I reviewed during the previous month. November provided a fine crop and this month there was a fair bit of poetry in the mix. Even surprised myself with this group. Honorable mentions in item number order were:
         "Savvy Economics
         "First poem
         "Uncontrollable Journey and
         "My Writing Place
Ultimately, I had to go with a piece of writing so powerful that I was tempted to place the writer on a suicide watch. Take a moment to experience the chilling

seven, actually  (13+)
stream of consciousness about turning off your emotions
#2204238 by Charlie Carrol

And all the rest of them, of course. We are blessed to have some fine writers among us. Here is a ready-made anthology of the best! Enjoy...
*Spider* Jack
For anything you loved that was written in 2019, don't forget to consider nominating it for a Quill.

2019 Nomination Form for Quill Awards  (E)
Nominate someone for a Quill!
#2145930 by Elle
I've just added a new entry to my recently renamed blog, "Riding the Blimp. It chronicles my recent interactions with a relatively new small publisher, and offers details on how your work could find a home there as well. If you don't read anything else I write, don't miss "On Pins and Needles!
*Spider* Jack
I am behind you jack I hope they see your brilliance
As do I, but there's really no wrong answer here. Once they make their decision, I will either be a paid professional horror writer, or an unpaid amateur Xbox player, and both are equally attractive...
Jack is my hero now.
Good morning! Just a note to let people know that I've changed the theme of my port and blog to Springheeled Jack and "Riding the Blimp respectively. I'm still looking for a new look that describes where I am literarily, so if you have any strong opinions, pro or con, drop me a line, an old shoe, or perhaps a dead cat, and let me know what you think.

Thanks as always,
*Pentagram* Jack
Hi, gang! One of the writers I follow is Jerry Jenkins, author of the Left Behind series. On his blog today he talks about the method that raised him from a struggling midlist writer to a 21-time best seller. Make of it what you will, but if it helps you, that's why we're all here.


*Skull* Jack
Thanks for sharing! *Heart*
Always a pleasure.
Good morning, all! Today I take the Blimp in search of that most difficult of all characters, the Confidant. Want to take a ride? The ship is now boarding at the port side gangway.
         "Ready Character Three

*Hotair2* Jack
I've just added a new entry to my blog, "Riding the Blimp:
         "A Free Book, an Award Winner, and More
This one isn't about me, so it may be worth reading this time!

*Skull* Jack