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Anybody been wondering where I've been for last couple of weeks? Oh well, I'm going to tell you anyway. "The Distracted Blogger
~ JT
         Good morning, all! I have been working on a book for the past couple of months. A single alpha-reader has been assisting me greatly with keeping things straight, and now that I'm six chapters in, I've decided to post the first five and see if I get any additional feedback. It's not ready for formal reviews yet (although, if you're inclined...), but if you see anything that doesn't work for you I'd be grateful for a nudge. Also, of course, if anyone would like to join as an alpha-reader, there's room for anyone willing to help!
The Orphan Princess  (18+)
An adventure ripped from the pages of the Borderland Diaries

*Pirateflag* Jack
         Americans take note. Today, August 5th, is NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY!
         Seriously? Do we need this? Is there a subclass of rebellious citizens who are steadfastly refusing to wear underwear? How about a NATIONAL MASK DAY, America?

         Moving on to weightier matters, Dreamweaver Bar & Grill is holding its monthly contest awarding GPs, Icons, Merit Badges and more. Details at
The Dreamweaver Lounge  (13+)
A forum for members and friends of the "Dreamweaver Bar & Grill" Group.
#2211867 by Richard ~ RL Bites!

         Another contest aimed at newbies is open at
The Fox's Socks  (E)
Welcome WdC Newbies! Come on in and check out the challenges to win prizes!
#2225985 by 🐾GeminiGem 🐾

         A contest normally for newbies, but open to all WdC members this month is
Newbie Contest Challenge!!  (13+)
Contest Open To Newbie's Only.
#2219272 by Richard ~ RL Bites!

         Looks like a good time to put your pens to work to win prizes! Let's make August International Win Some Prizes Month!
Jayne and I thank you for the mention of our forum!

I want to reassure folks that the foxes over at The Fox's Socks do not bite. We are friendly foxes *Laugh*, so stop by and say hi, check out our current challenge.
Thank you for the shout-out!

🐾GeminiGem 🐾 I'm not allowed to bite? I don't recall seeing such information in the terms and conditions.

I dunno, folks. We maybe, probably, sometimes do not bite. That's all I'm sayin'. *Smile*
My shots are all up to date, Jayne, so if I do bite there's at least that.
August 1st, lovelies; time for "Talk of the Flight Deck, July 2020

*Compass* Jack
         Good morning, friends and followers. Just taking a moment to let you know that after many moths of indecision, I've finally gotten Dreamweaver's group anthology launched and running:

Fireside Tales  (18+)
A sampler of works by the members of Dreamweaver Bar & Grill

         Please consider this your invitation to drop by and get to know us, and maybe if you're moved enough, to join us. We're getting our projects lined up and launched over there, and we'd love to welcome you to our fraternity. Drop me a line to find out how!

*RibbonB* Jack
Ooo, that’s awesome!
Gather 'round, friends, and listen close, 'cause I only chew my cabbage once! I have just announced a monthly contest with a set of interconnected prizes, including some for simple participation. First read "Tick... tick... tick... tick..."  . Note that this contest is for members of "Dreamweaver Bar & Grill only, so if this looks like something you'd like to be involved in, drop me an email requesting membership, and I'll add you to the fold.

Hope to see you there!
*TeaO* Jack
Good morning. I'm at it again. Today I offer a contest. Read the particulars at "Speedwriting Challenge."  , then if you'd care to enter, join "Dreamweaver Bar & Grill, and get busy! Don't overlook this last step, as membership in the group is a requirement for entry.

Best of luck,
*Pirateflag* Jack
Good morning, friends. Another blog entry awaits your perusal: "Anchor Baby

*Pirateflag* Jack
Hi, guys! New blog post today, "Portal Fiction

Indulge me at your leisure.
*Skunk* Jack
         Good morning! I've added an entry to "Riding the Blimp in which I try to sort out and clarify all the conflicting information I've been giving out lately. Come get the straight story at "Discipline.

*Heart* Jack
For those who may be interested, I've started a new project called
Stingaree  (18+)
An alternate-history story of a steampunk-era San Diego
I have been working on it off and on for a couple of years, and have about half of it completed in MSWord. I have begun transcribing it here for my friends on WdC. It is my "B" project that I will work on as a change of pace from "The Orphan Princess. I invite you all to click the link, read the introduction, and if it seems like something that might interest you, pull up a chair and enjoy the ride! I expect to finish it by year's end, and the wonderful people at WdC will be the first ones to see it.

*Die1* *Die1* Jack
         Morning, glories! See, what I did there? Morning glories are flowers, and saying... All right, never mind. What I came by to tell you is that I've posted an essay on one of the pitfalls of reviewing over at

The Dreamweaver Lounge  (13+)
A forum for members and friends of the "Dreamweaver Bar & Grill" Group.

         It's the sort of essay that would have appeared on my blog in the past, but I'll be doing my blogging there for the foreseeable future in the hopes of breathing new life into a fairly quiet (too quiet} group. The forum is public access, so drop by and see what we have on offer. If you enjoy your visit, consider joining the group; we'd love to see what you have to bring!

*Pirateflag* Jack