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If there’s anyone that takes interest in talking about the grey extraterrestrials, e-mail me and let’s chat.
Is anyone working on writing a book?
Aren't we all? *Wink*
Yes, I am now! I joined the novel-writing challenge that started yesterday. Not too late if ya'll still want to join.

The Novel-Writing Challenge  (ASR)
Pursue progress, not perfection. Writing a novel is a long journey. Always pace yourself.
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I’m doing one for Camp NaNoWriMo.
I am finished writing all three of my book series! I just have to edit them now! I'm editing them on something different, so what you read on this site won't be edited.

This is the book I just finished:

 The 7 Unicorns of Wisdom (book series 3)  (E)
About 7 unicorns that teach different children their own wisdom Merlin sends out to to do.
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If anyone reads any of my books, I'll read and will something in your folder of your choice in return.
Welcome! And So Sorry to say you are CAPTURED! I am "one step closer to White/Red Queen/King in the Wonderland Challenge". I pray you are healthy and well during the battle we all are waging. Now you are to stay in your castle until the siege is announced over.

That is all. Queen Norma has spoken. Carry on.

2 more chapters to go!
I'm 3 chapters away from finishing a 3 book series! Have any of you been writing since the corona virus got you laid off?
         So, how many of you have been laid off from work due to the coronavirus? I have been laid off. How many of you are taking advantage of this and are writing your stories or book? I've been writing a book with the time I get to have now! Let me know!
I did not use the time the previous days for writing because there was still a hard requirement for school 😢. I did made small chapters on-site and off-site, though and will continue writing tomorrow (PS: It's 9:21 PM here)
I'm working on my novella in progress. I'm not laid off, just been working from home this last week but that has given me a lot more time for writing and school stuff. And binge watching Netflix of course. *Rolling*
This whole thing has had the opposite effect on my life. I'm disabled and haven't been working steadily at anything for about two years. Just doing odd things as needed. Well, since all the schools and daycares have closed, and there are certain folks who can't be laid off...folks who work in the emergency services, at the hospitals, things like that, they still have to show up for work. I've suddenly found myself the care provider for 5 children. I would have had more, but I had to turn folks down cos I live in a small two-bedroom house and kids need space to play.

That is maybe something folks who have been laid off could consider. Watching kids of folks who still must attend work. I'd limit the number of kids of course, but a few would not hurt...and you'd still make a bit so your not completely without an income.
*BookStack2* What’s your favorite book to read or have read?
Game of thrones
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Call of the Wild was the very best!
Hi (: I thought your Blue Flowers were based on Novalis, the poet.
Hello there! I'm running around WDC to give you these “tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts”. *Suitheart*

Don't mind me as I scurry away!
         Create a creature, any kind of one, and write a short story based on it. It can be any gender or not even have a gender. Give it a name too. Anyone who does this and submits their story to me, I’ll review something you wrote of your choice and I’ll give you some gps. This is for fun, so have fun creating your story!