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Just finished uploading Chapter Two of the Mirror Lake Murders.
 Chapter Two The Mirror Lake Murders  (18+)
Witness testimony begins.
#2141595 by Rogue Writer

This is the first time I've used the News Feed and would like to announce a rewrite of one of my pieces. The original version had a decent readership.
 Mirror Lake Murders Chapter One  (18+)
First murder and First day of the Trial - Latest update 5-1-20
#2141033 by Rogue Writer

If you liked or disliked it, I would appreciate it if you might try it again. I tried to smooth out its rough edges and correct some story line errors that I missed. I am in the process of working on the second Chapter.
Thank You
I have not been able to get involved with WDC for a while. I hope to become more active soon.
I deeply respect Alfred Hitchcock for film writing and direction. He was a genius for the macabre. He set aside all the taboos of his time and created a new branch of the horror genre. Unfortunately I recently discovered that he was not the gentleman he portrayed to the public. It could have been his fame and fortune that corrupted him, but in the end he was a bitter personality.
SoCalScribe; Talking about penalties. I lived in NY and in the five boroughs, the tab is $105 for the first offense. On top of that, if you forget and don't pay, they tow your car.
Is anyone thinking, abbreviated Face Book?
I was thinking the same thing lol.
*Smile* Something for you> *Balloonb*
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