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Nearing the close
near South Ogden, Utah
of this month's
"Your Better Nature Contest

Don't let yourself get lost in the dark
Enter now while your thinking about it
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Benny's Saw   (GC)
A prison escape ends in death. Or, does it? (Screams Contest win)
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"Your Better Nature Contest
Today's last winning entry for the SCREAMS!!! contest (Site going into a period of hiatus) after an amazing long run by dedicated judges and talented writers. Compliments and well wishes for an equally rewarding, yet to be announced return.

One year later after writing this and still asking the same question. Are we really intelligent life?

Third Time's A Charm  (18+)
Are we really intelligent life?
#2228742 by Bob'n Around
A woman is reading a paperback on a plane when she notices her male companion was also a reading enthusiast.

"Done?" She asked. "How did it end?"

With a groan the man pointed to his Kindle reader, shook it and replied, "Don't know. The battery died."
I have had that happen to me. It's frustrating.
Paperbacks Rule OK *Peace2*

Who's the cat? I had a Siamese many years ago. I miss Susie, an awesomely wonderful cat.

Service dogs are super animals.

Safe travels and many blessings.
Aliens landing on earth.

Approaching for human contact.

"We buy distressed properties. How much do you want for this planet?"

'Better Nature' Message Forum   (E)
A place for sharing ways you care about this island Earth.
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Why not petal your flowery thoughts
at the
at 'The Better Nature' contest
"Your Better Nature Contest

How do you care for our planet?

This is the world's seventh mass extinction. Two-thirds of recently living species no longer exist. Not do to a giant meteor or massive volcanic eruptions,. Most of our scientists who study the matter agree that it is due to a major influence by ourselves.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts, for or against. "'Better Nature' Message Forum

Latest in my series of eleven love tales inspired by Jim Hall's "Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest Reviews, email and comments appreciated.

The Ghost Hunter  (18+)
What was he searching for?
#2248227 by Bob'n Around
Say Hello To Spring
Add a little color to your life
Black and white winter photos
no longer on display

Fresh color blooms
with vivid scents

warming smiles
on sunny faces

Indoor haunts
give birth to the outdoors

Come celebrate with us

"'Better Nature' Message Forum
"Your Better Nature Contest
Hey there Bob n around. Hope you have a great birthday.