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A new weekly Free Verse contest
running from Friday morning
to the next Friday night

My Word  (13+)
A weekly contest for Free Verse poets painting a photo prompt into words.
#2207742 by Bob's HollerDaze

Visualize a photo into Free Verse filled with emotion, color, nuance, and powerful description using as many of the five senses as you can.
Who's been naughty and nice?

Psst. Only you know. Santa needs your help. Who in the land of the great WdC should be added to Mister Claus's 'Naughty and Nice' list . . . don't forget to write down why.

He'll be peeking in here soon. So hurry up and don't be late, now's your chance to get even for what Santa did (or didn't) bring you last year.

Read the list and just maybe you'll figure out why.
I love that idea, Bob!! Pretty brilliant. Thanks!
Can 🎅JollyStBrad ⚓ be on both the naughty and nice list? He made me lose interest in my NaNo Prep idea by the 10th day, though I continued prepping it the rest of the month. But he inspired me for my actual NaNo project and I "won" with almost 70k words. *Bigsmile*
Schnujo should get something nice this year. She is one of the most supportive and welcoming people on this site. The only person I know who worries about answering every email she gets from anyone
Where are all the ornaments
on our tree?

Where are all the ornaments?

Help add some, good authors.
Decorate writers contest entries
with honest flattering email
not in a series of five-star reviews

*Remember* reviews are meant
to prod writers into unwrapping
better skills not polishing shiny smiles
Please pardon me for not understanding what you mean by honest emails. As far as reviews go, I have written several pieces on how to review correctly, and I have seen that others have done the same. Of course, we realize that it is very difficult to transform a sow's ear into a silk purse. I always try to be kind with reviews. I do, however, find no worth in junk reviews. For example, you write a story about your grandmother making pies for Christmas. The person who reviews your story writes that they made an apple pie once, and that is their review. Those reviews just leave me shaking my head.
Thanks, Crow. Hope the edit helps erase the confusion of what I meant.
All right,
which one of you's
did our upcoming WdC
Holiday party this snow job?
yeah, right
Lookin' good, Bob... chilly but good. *Laugh*
A cheery holiday season to you.

Need a little break and booster charge?

"A New Holiday Tradition

and for those who need more than a jump start, may I suggest:

Christmas Cheer  (13+)
Short stories to bring the spirit of the holiday back into your heart.
#2206085 by Bob's HollerDaze
Thanks, Anonymous.
You brought Christmas early
Frosty the Snowman
Hey, you turkeys
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Time to ham it up
"? Why ? Why Not ?

You been prompted.
Check it out,
put your itchy little fingers
to your keyboard
and cook up a feast
for our eyes.

All options are on the table
posts made now count towards
December's Contest.
One entry does not a contest make.

I had such fun writing this one   I had to share it here, where the tale might be fed more curious glances. You know how that is. One's new baby is often shown off to reluctant visitors.

I wonder if you will pause and become one.
Oh, no! I should have entered this one, so that there would be a contest! Den of predators was such a good prompt too. I read your story, and I love the gruesomely vivid little prison-break tale. ;)
Two more entries into Beacon45-Shining-On⚓️ 's "Haunted Houses Short Story Contest by the end of the month and one of the four will win an MB and a 10k awardicon. *ThumbsUpL*

Make your *Ghost*ly spirits bright, come and support this hauntingly good contest and its host. (It's a great way to shiver off a few of those turkey pounds and stuffing from Thanksgiving.)
Count me in.
I'll try, but no promises!
I’m in!
Hey, you.

Time for a Nano or contest break.

Put some fun in your writing life

Click here   and let your imagination go wild.

Psst. You'll be supporting HikerAngel , a three-month-old new member, keep her interest and involvement up, meet new friends, and I just betcha' find some warm fuzzies along the way.
HikerAngel hangs her head in embarrassment and shyly kicks stones into the pond. She then considers whistling Dixie as she avoids meeting Bob's eyes...