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Happy Birthday bookiemonster, your fan Tina.
Aw thank you!
Sorry I am late. Happy belated Birthday! Hope your day was great!
Thank you so much! *Delight*
*BalloonB* Happy Birthday Bookie! Long time no see! Thanks for bailing me out of jail!! *Smile*
Thank you! And you're welcome *Laugh*
happy birthday to you :)
Thank you!
Happy Bday! Have a great day! :)
Thank you! *Heart*
*GiftG* Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! *CakeP*
Thank you so much!
Happy Birthday Week! I hope you'll have the best week ever! *Smile*
Thank you! *Delight*
Happy Birthday. Oh, wonderful day! I do love a birthday; when it's not my own; when everyone's happy; and when the birthday boy smiles. So smile. It's your birthday. Be it wonderful.
lol Thank you!
This is so cool! Great idea! *Delight*
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same here ^_^ it's just a lot better then facebook
Hi: I see you are a member of the WDC Reviewers. Nice to meet you. Always: Megan

Hi! Nice to meet you too!
Congratulations on Winning!
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Thank you! *Delight* I cannot believe that I won! *Delight*
Hey bookie! How are you? Coming to the raid on Friday? *Star*
*Sun* How are you bookie? What are you up to?*Smile*
Happy Raiding bookie! *ButterflyB*

Thanks eyestar! But sadly I am going to be pretty busy today, so my reveiwing will take a while *Cry*
Hey, I see you wrote a steampunk item.. have you heard of the "The Steampunk Authors' Guild ? *Gingerbread*
Yes I have, I'm still deciding whether or not I want to join though. I've entered my story in The Pressure Valve competition. Wish me luck! =)
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