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Made a new story, called Will You Wait For Me?
It's a work in progress, with only the beginning published. It's sort of the prologue.
I've just finished an item in my portfolio:
Indigo's Passage  (E)
Something's wrong with the abandoned East side of Indigo. (Snippet of previous works.)

It's actually a snippet from a full story I am writing at the moment, but I just wanted to put the most exciting part of the story in to test my skills at writing tense or nerve-racking moments.
My story Accidental Accent is being... well, it is being "put on hold" while I work on another project, mostly for practice. If reviews go well I'll probably continue Accidental Accent after the new project is finished. :)
That's okay. I still haven't read Accidental Accent 1,2 or 3 yet but I should get to it soon!
Yeah, she's a friend I know IRL. Her idea... lol I don't mind though, it's sorta cool.
Oh i didn't even realize that I did that! sorry Elaine! But the real name it stands for is Eliana Jolee but that still sounds sort of the same but yeah sorry i totally didn't mean that
Hello, Elaine!

Welcome to WDC!

I hope you enjoy your time here and really grow in your writing.

Best wishes,

Bob *Bigsmile*

Accidental Accent 3 is now finished. The fourth will be ready soon. :)
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.

and it is officially finished! Now onto the third...
I just edited the Accidental Accent 2 to add some to it, but it might take a little longer because someone recommended that I make longer chapters, which is something I've sort of been trying to get at. Hope you like it! (By the way it'll alternate between Lisa, Bennett, and Gracie's perspectives.)
So apparently I wrote almost half of my story and absentmindedly clicked my email because there was a notification... and the whole story disappeared. Is there any way to get it back?
Unfortunately, that's the nature of typing online. Sometimes the back button in the browser will remember what was there before.

The site recommends the Lazarus add-on for browsers. That can help recover from this kind of situation if it's already installed.

The site also recommends composing on your computer and copy/pasting or uploading to the site, or at least using save & edit frequently with the item set to private access until it's finished.
No. I started writing it on the page originally. But that's okay, because I have found a way to prevent that from happening again. :) Thanks!
Hi! I am new to writing. com, and so far it's pretty cool! Let's hope all goes well... ;)

Elaine, if you want to delete your duplicate note, just click on the arrow at the top right corner of the note. It will give you the option to edit or delete. *Smile*

I OFTEN use that feature! *Wink*

So, I am new to writing.com, and so far it looks really cool! Hope everything goes well on here....
Thanks! I fanned you. That sounds weird... lol I wrote this note twice. Oops.
Thanks! I joined it, as well. Didn't know you knew Amily lol
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