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I've added much better readability to my site so you can flip through sample chapters of my upcoming book with ease and comfort: http://www.cindilee.com/read_5.html
Set to release my ebook "The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past" in March. ^_^ If this were facebook, I'd personally LIKE this announcement. *Wink*
Glad that my ebook "The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past" will be released soon. ^_^ This is the place to find out some more: http://cindilee.com/upcoming_books_2.html
When you step out onto a new plane of undiscovered land, some may try to discourage you. Some may remind you of the battle ahead. Some will tell you you can't do it. Sometimes the most powerful voice discouraging you will be your own. But trek on ahead anyway. If you fall, get up. If your clothes get sullied, brush them off. You treasure things so much more when you've had to fight for them. Never say never.
I just launched my author website CindiLee.com yesterday and have had 657 hits. I am humbled by the response. Thank you very much! And my youtube ebook trailer isn't so shabby either *Wink* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KldidJiZ3k0
Finally created a youtube trailer for my upcoming ebook, but geeze my website isn't "live" yet. Oh well, the trailer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KldidJiZ3k0
Today's lesson: When life hands you lemons, beat the heck out of life and persevere *Bigsmile*
I am humbled that someone would consider me for a gift of upgraded membership. Thank you very much Mr./Mrs. anonymous. You have made my day! *Bigsmile*
^_^ Today I updated very old posts of chapters from "The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past", book one of "The Mirrors of Fate" mini series. Why did I update? Because since the old posts, the manuscripts have been professionally edited, officially copyrighted, and I'm currently in the process of making it into an e-book that will be available for multiple platforms. I'm also working on an author website. ^_^ My passion for the written word is RENEWED! *Bigsmile*
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/braindamage