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I'm Just A Bit Overwhelmed To Have Been Nominated for;

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A Big Thank You To Jayne and Elle For The Great Job They Do Putting The Quills Together!
Congratulations Richard Is Very Thankful! for your nominations. That's so, awesome!
I Love Road Trips!

Planned or Unplanned There's Nothing Like A Pleasant Car Ride, Filled With Scenery And Wonderful Destinations.
(Of course that means that I need to start the trip at two in the morning to get past the New York City Traffic!)

This one is Soooo right up my alley, so much so that I had to make it into a trinket – # 3 in the OINY Series.

Wha...? No moonlight walks in Golden Gate Park? No strolling along Fisherman's Wharf?

It .... it was all just ... a one-night stand?!

I feel so cheap.

Thanks a lot!
*Rabbit2*Oh ! Oh! The queen of hearts might LOVE this dessert. It will distract her from seeking the thief of her tarts. I am hopping about on the chessboard so the Queen won't keep shouting "off with her head! Not to mention trying to avoid the Jabberwocky. Landing in your square here has brought me one step closer to the White/Red Queen!

Thanks for your creativity and inspiration as a member of WDC. *Heart* YOu are becoming a trinket master. *Laugh* Who wouldn't trade cold weather for desserts. I am ready for nice weather. Winter has been long. *Snow2*

Never been to New York but I agree a Road trip would be a pleasant change for isolation. Do I even remember what a road trip is? *Confused* down here in the Looking Glass world, we forget things and...well...things are topsey turvey...or wiat maybe that is the way in this world right now? *Facepalm* Such madness.

Stay sane and have a *Strawberry* tart. I am sure the Queen of Hearts won't think You stole it as she brandishes her *Ax*. *Rolling*

eyestar from the Looking Glass in "Wonderland! *Heart*
So while we aren't having the wildly out-of-character weather that many other parts of the country are experiencing, we have been on a sort of storm train. Every two to three days we get a storm that drops anywhere from a coating to 10 or so inches of snow. We have already had more snow than we did for the last several years, with more expected tomorrow.

Not complaining, I know many people have it far worse, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in bad weathers path.

Stay Warm, Stay Dry, And Stay Safe!
I miss my snowblower. Toro. 8HP. 2-stage. Bright orange. Me and the parka and layered like ol' native son Chuck Brown and the muck lucks and the Dickies brown overalls and a pair of humongous fleece-lined rough leather mittens that covered my entire forearm and the prerequisite full-face ski mask — 20 years old and it still runs. Neighbors taking turns clearing the curb for the mail truck; waving to the snowplow driver so they know, 'no hard feelings, dude!'; re-clearing the four foot drift; idling it down when neighbors come walking their dogs so we can chat about the 30-40 below wind chill.

Moved south; didn't take it with. Didn't need to. Till now.

Sweet memories: trinket QUITE appreciated.

Thank you.
Round these parts yesterday's snow?? If that's what it was, came down the same consistency of a snow cone.

Today you can walk across what looks to be a fine powder but then sink an inch into crackling ice with every step.

It's certainly interesting! Particularly while walking the dog. Haha!

And awesome trinket. :)
As you may or may not know, I am a Music Teacher and my major instrument is the Trombone.

So from time to time and not to detract from the excellent job Same Ol' Sum1 does keeping us amused I will be posting a bit of musical humor with particular attention to that most majestic of instruments —
The Trombone. (As if just the word "trombone" isn't funny in and of itself)

I thought I start off with a bit of Charlie Brown Trivia;

Answer By Email at Richard Is Very Thankful!

Tapping my pencil on the music stand —

For A Spiffy New Trinket,

First, the easy, obvious part.

Who Can Tell Me How The Voices Of The Adults Are Portrayed On The Charlie Brown TV Specials?

Then, the toughy.

And, For A 500 GP Bonus What Technique Is The Player Employing To Mimic A Human Voice?
You Must Answer This Question Before You Get The Trinket To Receive The Bonus.

Limited Time Offer — There are only Thirty Trinkets Available!

Answer By Email at Richard Is Very Thankful!

As Always — there is an "easy" 500 Gift Points to be made for sharing this Newsfeed Item on your Newsfeed!!
Whaattt. Okay you were right. How'd I overlook that?
You're a Good Man, Richard!

Fivesixer and SilverMoon-DD --

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The punctuation marks on the outside of writingml are called braces { }, not brackets [ ].

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Just In Case You Missed This

So after a brief hiatus to catch his banana breath Anon-Y-Monkey is back once again, looking over my shoulder as I type this — It seems he built a crossword based on the titles of one of his favorite Crooners, Frank Sinatra!

Sinatra Love Songs  (E)
A Valentine's Day Puzzle, Featuring The Titles Of Sinatra Love Songs. Fill in the Blanks
#2243766 by Richard Is Very Thankful!

If you complete his puzzle Anon-Y-Monkey will send you 250 Gift Points!

If you submit a Review of 150 words or more, including a list of the twenty-three featured titles you'll get 500 gifts points, and this little gem —

Merit Badge in Brennus as Cupid
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Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

Now I'm Not Sure Why, But Anon-Y-Monkey Just Handed Me A Hugh Shopping List — It Looks Like He's Planning On Baking An Awful Lot Of Banana Cream Pies.

You Have Been Warned!!

If You Pass This Along On Your Newsfeeds (Again) So That Everyone Has A Chance To Play, Anon-Y-Monkey Will Send You A Nice Trinket And 1000 Gift Points For Your Trouble!! – Thanks!!
Oh this crossword was so fun! Haven't reviewed as I am down a rabbit hole and it's getting late!! LOL
I've added a new entry to my book, "I'm Only the Trombone Player:

A Little Music Theory Discussion — You might want to make note of!

         "The Musical Note B# Sent Me A Message ---
Apparently Our Local Porsche Dealer Feels I Must Be Experiencing A Mid-Life Crisis.

Their email frequency has increased to one per day,
and I just now received a phone call from a young lady with a very sultry voice offering a test drive.
Any word on what she wants you to test drive? *Wink*
Alas Blimprider, I fear both would be too fast for me — *Angelic*
Go for the test drive! People pay big money to drive those things. *Pthb*
Meanwhile over at "The Dreamweaver Lounge

Blimprider has put up some interesting prompts for February's "Dreamweaver Anthology Project"

         "Good morning, Loungers, and welcome to round seven of the Dreamweaver Anthology Project. You will, as always, be asked to write about whatever you feel like, as long as it follows the prompts. The prompts that follow are, as always, random draws from the Storymatic® Card Decks that have been showing up in ads embedded in the newsletters lately. Here are those for February:

CHARACTER: A homeless person.
SITUATION: A language barrier.

No genre, style, or tone is specified. It can be a story, poem, song, or screenplay. To clarify, the Character needn't be the protagonist but must be a major player, at least the antagonist or confidant. Likewise, the Language Barrier must figure prominently, and in this case, involve the protagonist."

There are some rules — you can review them here "Anthology Project, Round 7"  

And, I am going to add some special twists of my own to the mix!

First Twist: Every Entry This Month Receives 5,000 Gift Points!

Second Twist: Every Entry That Receives 4 Stars Or More From Blimprider Receives An Addition 5,000 Gift Points!

Last Twist: Sorry, This One Is A Doozy! If You Can Wrangle Your Story, Poem, Song, or Screenplay To Honor This Month's Made Up Holiday "Valentine's Day", You Will Receive Yet Another 5,000 Points!

And This Handsome Little Fellow — A "Brennus As Cupid Merit Badge"

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