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Characters + conflict = plot
If only more people would remember this option >_>
When referring to dialogue, try to refrain from using he/she (insert verb). This comes off as immature. Instead, indicate the character through an action, such as: She pointed to the hill "It's just over the rise" or Brina sighed. "I'll never get through this, will I?"
Though not so much immature as weak writing that could be improved in editing. Which editing itself requires having the self-awareness as an author that "I am not perfect."
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If you want an active statement, find active verbs. The moment you find yourself relying on adverbs, you should start looking for more descriptive verbs. Instead of "John threw the ball angrily," try "John chucked the ball."
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/brina1203