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Senior quote idea!

School? You mean prison, graduating is a jailbreak. I successfully escaped jail, did it better the El Chapo. And I was in solitary confinement.
"The fatter you are the harder it is to be kidnapped. Eat more cake." *Spider*
Heyy... So I'm a senior this year and I need a senior quote. So help? I don't know what to put that will be appropriate but I want something funny. Any suggestions?
"If you want to get anything done, you have to get started on it. Today, I'm getting started on the rest of my life - or treating myself to the biggest sundae they can build at Dairy Queen. Whichever comes first."
"I don't need no degree to be a clothing hanger"
Hi, Brooke! It’s good to meet you. How are you? I’ve read some of your works, and I like your style. You definitely have potential and I absolutely cannot wait to read more. *Smile*

This site has helped me in more ways than one; I’m sure it’ll be there for whatever you need, even if it isn’t writing related.

Cutie pie puppy loves chasing its own tail. Can't tell this puppy to stop.

Hey there, Brooke!

Really pleased to meet you! Welcome to WDC! I've looked through your portfolio and loved your enthusiasm. When I first joined WDC, I was 18 and now I'm in my 30s. I can assure you, you are definitely in for an adventure. Well, an online adventure. *Wink*

Feel free to poke around and if you are not sure about anything, holler in the newsfeed. You might want to start from the community tab first before you start building on your list of friends and fans. I see you've already fanned someone! *Laugh*

Thank you for sharing your writing with us. We can't wait to get to know you better. You'll find that this is more than a community of writers over time.

Beware! We can get really crazy out there! *Laugh*

Take care and stay safe!


Elycia Lee

P/S: I'll come by and chat with you again sometime real soon.

P/P/S: Btw, that is my virtual pet, Baby. He always looks like he's mocking me. I can never quite tell what he's thinking. I guess he wanted to welcome you here as well seeing how he showed up here.

Thank you very much
Hi! Thanks for Fanning me! Welcome to WdC! What made you want to join?
I joined because I love writing and I wanted to share my work with others.
Awesome! Well, I hope you have a blast here it's a great place for writers!
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