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I have recently added to my Blog, the first time in at least two years. I notice that I have made some comments about the disappearance of names, such as “Terry”, “Russell”, “Pamela” and “Rosemary, and possibly, “George.”, although the birth of a certain British prince may have changed that.

BTAIM, I wanted to say that if anyone of a certain age ventured to read my Blog, please don’r be offended by my comments. They are intended as a reflection on the inevitability of change, and certainly not on the value of particular names.
What’s your blog called?
Here it is, Sumojo .
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A blog not so much for daily activities but to reflect on my past & my experiences.
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Oddly, an acquaintance of mine used Russell as a middle name for one of her twin boys.
Compliments of the Season to one and all.

Christmas greetings from down under
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Odd pieces of incomplete poetry awaiting completion
. Poetry (well, I think so!) but it’s a bit messy.
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