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Hey - look there - I'm #4 in the scoreboard! How did that happen? *FacePalm* Must've been a mistake......LOL.
This is my official 10,000th review on this website -

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Wow, congratulations!! That is an awesome accomplishment!
That's the one Lilli!
Bubblegum Jones. Are you from Nevada? If so, have you heard of a little place called Jackpot near the state line with Idaho. If you are, or have heard of Jackpot, I have written a piece about a guy from Jackpot. Funny and weird story. But then most of my pieces are. I'll only post it you know the place. I will visit your site, but not now. It's 1.42 in the morning here in Victoria, Australia. I searched Nevada for a one-horse town, and found a quirky name. I love lonely forgotten places. Like Upper Volta , once a country in Africa. My favourite.
What's the title of the story?
Since trinkets are popping up on again the news-feed, I thought throw my little trinket out there to see if I get any new bites

Been there, clicked that! Thank you!
I thought that I would post my trinket one more time in the news-feed so that I can finally reach that magical number of 300. Have a good day, Bubblegum Jones

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I finally reached 300, Thanks to everyone who helped me make it!

This will be my seventh trinket collected in just under a year-and-a-half.
         For those of you who do not know, Bubblegum Jones is the trustee of an extensive story collection based on a simple unifying idea -- fill in the blanks. He has gathered together over five hundred pieces representing an amazing range of writers and a variety of stories, mostly short pieces, that run the gamut from diminutive diamond to tiny turd.
         My own experience writing for him was as rewarding as doing the little promos for Schnujo 's fund-raising. Sheer fun, no work at all. I'm numbers 337 & 338. If you want to do one thing on this site that will be remembered after you keel over or win the lottery, offer him an entry.
         I collect this trinket happily, and with pride. Thanks, Bubblegum Jones.

I only need 5 more people to collect my trinket, so that I can reach that magic number of 300, so if you already don't have one please grab one up. Thanks Bubblegum Jones

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Thank you!
I just need four more people now.
I just need 3 more folks now.
Since everybody is posting trinkets, I'm going to post mine again. I only need 8 more people to collect it for me to reach that big number of 300. Thanks, Bubblegum Jones

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Thank you. *Heart*
Everybody else lately has been posting something on the news-feed, so I figured that I'd take a turn. Here's my little trinket, and I only need 16 more people for it to hit the magical golden number of 300. So if you don't already have this free trinket please take a moment and collect it. Thanks for your time and keep on writing, Bubblegum Jones

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OOh I already have number 38 *BigSmile*

He only needs 10 more!
I only need nine more people now to collect my trinket to get to the magical number of 300.

Happy Anniversary!
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