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In the news:

Coca-Cola just announced a new paperboard packaging system that replaces plastic rings on multipacks.

Why did it take so long to figure this out? I've been saying for years, just put six-packs in paperboard boxes, like twelve-packs and cases.

Another thought to ponder:

Here’s How Ford Just Reinvented The Steering Wheel: Reserved for the new Ford Tourneo and Transit vans, the modified steering wheels can tilt to form a flat surface. With the use of a plastic cover, it transforms into a nifty table that can be used to comfortably place a laptop and even have a healthy meal on the road.

How nice. Now we won't just have drivers looking down at phones, but using their laptops and eating dinner as they speed down our highways and bi-ways.

Behold, before and after table top steering wheels...
I've just created an item in my portfolio:
 The Art of Writing  (E)
Written for Express It In Eight; my insight on writing.
I don't often advertise my writing here, except my blog, but I felt this little poem was worthy of sharing.

I hope you enjoy it.
I've added some jibberish a new entry to my blog, "Perpetual Ruminations:
         "What Was "Mother" Thinking
Is it New Word Wednesday? I have one, bliting: Blog writing, to write in one's blog.

(Actually, I coined that term on Monday. Don't believe me, look at Monday's blite [blog-write, aka entry]. So, was it bliten, or blited?)

I'll see myself out...
Thank you...

Merit Badge in Poetry
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Thank you for being a fan. Have a wonderful day.
I've added a new entry to my book, "Perpetual Ruminations:
         "What A Pain In The @$$

We are back home and it feels good to sit in my chair and use my laptop. We had a wonderful time and it has been requested that this be a new tradition for Thanksgiving.

I posted earlier my view of Lake Superior from our hotel this morning, here's one taken right before we checked out.

My view this morning...
Road trip! Went to Bentleyville, hopefully spelled correctly, then back to the hotel to enjoy the pool and hot tub, next a visit to Old Chicago for dinner. Now getting ready for bed. I hope everyone had a pleasant day.
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Sounds like fun!
I shall not be around much tomorrow, and what time I do get to enjoy here will most likely be from my phone. Therefore I want to wish you:

Happy Thanksgiving

If you celebrate the said day, then so be it, but for those who do not, please no offense from my post. To you I wish the day to be filled with happiness and good fortune and will say:

Happy Thursday

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*Cornucopia* Happy Thanksgiving! *Turkey*
I've just added a new item to my portfolio:
The Coming Storm  (E)
Observations of a winter storm moving in.
In the text box I see, "Share what's happening with you...". Well, I have been doing that. So now, after roaming around in my favorites and seeing little activity in so many of them, I'm wondering, what's happening with you?

More accurately, what's happened to them? The last entries were posted in July, August, or September.

Is it just me, or is it just too damn quiet around here?
I've added a new entry to my blog about the last day I had with my faithful friend and companion, Hannah. Warning, it's sad, but I needed to get this out. "Perpetual Ruminations:

I wasn't around much yesterday; I was up all night with my canine companion Hannah, trying to comfort her and make her departure as easy as possible. She departed at 4:35 yesterday morning and is greatly missed by all of us.
Hannah surely felt your love. My heart goes out to you on your loss of her earthly self. *Hug1**Frown**Hug2*
Sorry about your dog. Losing a pet and animals dying breaks my heart more then anything. Hanna knows you loved her and she had a good life.
I’m so sorry for your loss.
What can I say, it's been a few months since I visited the site. It's been quite a summer and fall, and despite good intentions to stay more active here, it seems like time rushes past. A lot has happened over the past months, and I've been busy. There have been good things and some not-so-good, but that is life.

I'd like to say I'm going to be much more active here, but yet another problem has developed and I cannot say how things will play out. My companion since 2013 is not doing very well and seems to be near the end of her canine lifespan.

Tomorrow morning we will see the vet and find out if she will have a little more time for us to enjoy her company, or if she is departing from us.

My younger brother is also undergoing treatment for cancer, as is my friend and neighbor. In the days to come, we will find out if they are recovering or not.

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having battled cancer, I understand. I'm praying for you as I write.
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