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And Happy Birthday to you too, Beautiful Candy!
*StockingR* *StockingR* I hope you had and have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year's, Candy! *Stockingr**StockingR*
Hanna, thank you for the greeting! I hope you had a merry Christmas, too.

It has been a long time. I'm sorry for not being around here.
Of course, Candy! Aww, thank you.

It's okay. I haven't been around here much either for months.
My dearest bestie, Whatas Offly-Iffy TeeHee ,

Enjoy your birthday, my dear!! Thank you for being such a kind, sweet and thoughtful friend to me. I love you!!!

This is all I can get you. I hope you like my birthday greeting. *HeartP*

Oh my goodness, you made me a Birthday video! How sweet, how inventive, how utterly embarrassing but in a good way *Laugh* THANK YOU BESTIE *Heart* I'm watching it again. How cool! I love the kitties and flowers and balloons wow you have oh butterflies, too! Best ever. Ah shucks my cheeks might be a bit red *Ha*
I'm glad you like it. You're pretty, Adrie. I love the video, too. *HeartP*
Made just for YOU Bestie! Hope you have a great day today *Smile*

Thank you, bestie. Such an adorable greeting card. ❀️
I still love this card lollll my favorite background that pink *Whistle*

Oh, guess whata? I FINALLY am done with the two year contract on our satellite service for the wi fi internet! I get dialup speeds *Meh* but pay for 5mbps *Angry* I found a service down the street from us! No contracts. Only $60 a month for speeds of 5mbps upload AND download, and you don't run out! As much as you want, you pay for the speed. They install a special antennae on the roof of my mom's house and it picks up wireless signals from their sites.

Only thing is, the installation is $125 which is reasonable, but if they have to climb a tree to place the antennae THAT's another $100. Plus first month it could be as much as $285 for install and first month. I know, but I paid off BOTH my iPads AND my iPhone this month (am only paying for my mother's ipad that I bought her 'cause hers was only 32gb). Plus, the fee I pay NOW for satellite is $160. Per month! So I will save more money! After the first month.

I take my internet seriously, and truly besides my mortgage it is my biggest monthly bill. And all the healthcare costs *Think* POINT IS I will be able to work more images at a much faster wi fi speed. It's a handicap as you well know. Hey, priorities. It really bothers me to pay so much for something that runs out of higher speeds in five days... my mom watches a LOT of utube!

I hijacked your post here. A lil gift of mine *Heart*
Thank you, bestie Whatas Offly-Iffy TeeHee for the anniversary greeting. What a gorgeous merit badge:
Merit Badge in Whata CatOnACloud
[Click For More Info]

I can't believe you don't have this badge! Whata happened THERE? Don't know. Well now you do! Happy FIVE YEAR WdC Anniversary, bestie Connie *^*Heart*^* Wow. You were here over a year before me. Don't forget to login to your 'achievements' and get your 5 year badge *^*Bigsmile*^* I'm always glad you're here, even when away for a while (working girl and all). I'm so grateful we met in the NAG! *^*hug*^*~Adrie

Yeah, I didn't know that there's this Whata CatOnCloud merit badge. It shows that I haven't been around the site. Sworry!!

Thank you also, WDC community. Despite being inactive, you send me this anniversary token. I am thrilled thinking that this had traveled from the US to the Philippines. Thank you!!

A gift received from WDC
Very kewl I love getting my coupon and calendar too! *GiftB*

Yeah my first Custom badge! Glad you like it.

Still on my morning coffee. Can't sleep much but I did okay last night!

I still can't believe it was five years ago today you found WdC. In a way it seems I've known you much longer than the 3 1/2 years since I joined. Happy days!
Happy Birthday Candy!!!
Thank you for the greeting, Geoff!
*Heart* Happy 4th WDC Anniversary, Candy. *Heart*

After a long long time, I hope I can continue writing again. "Blog?!:
         "I Must Have Done Something Good
Happy Birthday, Candy!
Thank you for the greeting, River.
Happy Bithday bestie *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

It’s still the 21st in Oregon *Pthb*
It's good thing celebrating the 21st twice. *BigSmile*

Thank you, Bestie, for all your help and support. I always pray for you.
WDC friends, Please pray for my bestie, Whatas Offly-Iffy TeeHee .

She has been in the hospital since Monday. Her entire right lung involved Pulmonary Embolism. Just a while ago, she told me that there's a little one on her left lung too. She said that she has the stamina of a turtle. *Sad*

We need your prayers.

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