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Hi everyone,

I was asked to do the task of letting you know about Whata Optic Heck . She thought that you might be wondering how she was doing. Currently, she's dealing with finding more steroids as these are getting out of stock.

She wanted you to know that she was ok and would be around again... "i think theyre looking for me."-Whata Adrie
Happy 6th Writing.com Anniversary!!

I hope you have a great day and
receive lots of well-wishes!!

And Happy Birthday to you too, Beautiful Candy!
*StockingR* *StockingR* I hope you had and have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year's, Candy! *Stockingr**StockingR*
Hanna, thank you for the greeting! I hope you had a merry Christmas, too.

It has been a long time. I'm sorry for not being around here.
Of course, Candy! Aww, thank you.

It's okay. I haven't been around here much either for months.
My dearest bestie, Whata Optic Heck ,

Enjoy your birthday, my dear!! Thank you for being such a kind, sweet and thoughtful friend to me. I love you!!!

This is all I can get you. I hope you like my birthday greeting. *HeartP*

Oh my goodness, you made me a Birthday video! How sweet, how inventive, how utterly embarrassing but in a good way *Laugh* THANK YOU BESTIE *Heart* I'm watching it again. How cool! I love the kitties and flowers and balloons wow you have oh butterflies, too! Best ever. Ah shucks my cheeks might be a bit red *Ha*
I'm glad you like it. You're pretty, Adrie. I love the video, too. *HeartP*
Made just for YOU Bestie! Hope you have a great day today *Smile*

Thank you, bestie. Such an adorable greeting card. โค๏ธ
I still love this card lollll my favorite background that pink *Whistle*

Oh, guess whata? I FINALLY am done with the two year contract on our satellite service for the wi fi internet! I get dialup speeds *Meh* but pay for 5mbps *Angry* I found a service down the street from us! No contracts. Only $60 a month for speeds of 5mbps upload AND download, and you don't run out! As much as you want, you pay for the speed. They install a special antennae on the roof of my mom's house and it picks up wireless signals from their sites.

Only thing is, the installation is $125 which is reasonable, but if they have to climb a tree to place the antennae THAT's another $100. Plus first month it could be as much as $285 for install and first month. I know, but I paid off BOTH my iPads AND my iPhone this month (am only paying for my mother's ipad that I bought her 'cause hers was only 32gb). Plus, the fee I pay NOW for satellite is $160. Per month! So I will save more money! After the first month.

I take my internet seriously, and truly besides my mortgage it is my biggest monthly bill. And all the healthcare costs *Think* POINT IS I will be able to work more images at a much faster wi fi speed. It's a handicap as you well know. Hey, priorities. It really bothers me to pay so much for something that runs out of higher speeds in five days... my mom watches a LOT of utube!

I hijacked your post here. A lil gift of mine *Heart*
Thank you, bestie Whata Optic Heck for the anniversary greeting. What a gorgeous merit badge:
Merit Badge in Whata CatOnACloud
[Click For More Info]

I can't believe you don't have this badge! Whata happened THERE? Don't know. Well now you do! Happy FIVE YEAR WdC Anniversary, bestie Connie *^*Heart*^* Wow. You were here over a year before me. Don't forget to login to your 'achievements' and get your 5 year badge *^*Bigsmile*^* I'm always glad you're here, even when away for a while (working girl and all). I'm so grateful we met in the NAG! *^*hug*^*~Adrie

Yeah, I didn't know that there's this Whata CatOnCloud merit badge. It shows that I haven't been around the site. Sworry!!

Thank you also, WDC community. Despite being inactive, you send me this anniversary token. I am thrilled thinking that this had traveled from the US to the Philippines. Thank you!!

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Very kewl I love getting my coupon and calendar too! *GiftB*

Yeah my first Custom badge! Glad you like it.

Still on my morning coffee. Can't sleep much but I did okay last night!

I still can't believe it was five years ago today you found WdC. In a way it seems I've known you much longer than the 3 1/2 years since I joined. Happy days!
Happy Birthday Candy!!!
Thank you for the greeting, Geoff!
*Heart* Happy 4th WDC Anniversary, Candy. *Heart*

After a long long time, I hope I can continue writing again. "Invalid Item:
         "Invalid Entry
Happy Birthday, Candy!
Thank you for the greeting, River.