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I wish I could have a good breakfast. I get the creeps from this stepfather of mine, though. He's just not good anymore to live with. I thought I could stay with him but I'm going to have to find another place to live. I'm just not able to do it. Financially unable to.
I hope you find a place soon. Stay safe *Heart*
What do you think of using an old fashioned typewriter for your writing projects?
graybabe and Sorji I am so drawn into the tech of this present world! I still don't understand alot of it but I want to! All of it! Muuuwahhahaha! *StarStruck*
I'm kind of drawn to the typewriter for some reason. I saw this guy who's some author somewhere working on his writing with a typewriter. I know that it's easier to email your Word docs or PDFs to people to review it or edit, or even publish it. I've done too. But I'm trying to be more conservative with my electronic stuff. I might be getting hacked, or at least, I feel a bit naked writing on my computer. It's just one of these fears I need to get over, I guess.
Tom Hanks has a fun book of stories called 'Uncommon Type' . Each story has a typewriter featured in it somehow. I like the ease of a computer for editing and saving, and then sharing with others.
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Knee pain is better. Thanks for the prayers.
Terrible knee pain. I think it's due to a change in Rx meds and it caused a joint issue. I wish to ask for your prayers. I am bad at suffering pain like this. Thank YOu. Mary


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Can't wait to be with my Muse Colin.
Feeling tortured. By ghosts.
I added another chapter to my newest novel (scifi/urbanfantasy) named The Sequel (The Last One: JFK Returns series). Feeling ok - no thoughts of being harassed by the bad thought police, haha.
I've added a new entry to my book, "Mary Faderan's Blog:
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A short play about God, His Whore, His Former Lover Aga and His Current Lover, Manhood
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