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I have returned!

Between the two jobs, the burnout, and a serious illness I was off the map for well over a year. But I missed all my wonderful friends here each day that I was gone.

I have returned better rested and ready to reconnect *HeartBl*
Great to see you back *Hearto*
Welcome back, Cat! It' good to see you *Heartv*
Oh, Cat it's so good to hear from you! Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better.
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy birthday!! *Delight*
Happy 7th Writing.com Anniversary!!

I hope you have a fantastic day and receive lots of well-wishes!

*Lightning3* *Egg7* *UmbrellaY* *SuitSpade* Happy 7th WDC Anniversary, Cat! *Lightning3* *Egg7* *UmbrellaY* *SuitSpade*

I hope you have a fantastic day! *Heart*
I'm not on here nearly enough anymore with all the craziness in the world these days. I miss everyone here, and I hope you're all staying safe and well *Heart*
I've added a new entry to my book, "The Writing Writer:
         "Verbose, Sorrowful, and Optimistic
You guys know that tabletop gaming podcast I'm always talking about that I wanted to adapt into a story? Well guess what?

Adaptation achieved!

Adventures! Arc 1 Cover  (13+)
Artwork for a collaboration, done by my friend Alan Johnson.
#2218359 by Cat Voleur

Since it's a quirky project, it's being released in a quirky way: one illustrated chapter at a time. It's a strange project, probably not for everyone, but it would mean the world to me if you guys would go check it out. *HeartG*

Adventures! A Story  

(And if you do like it, it would really help me out if you could click the like button for the posts, because that helps the site get visibility.)

I've had versions of this on my portfolio on and off for over 2 years now, and it's a long time in the making. I really just can't express how excited I am to finally be releasing a final version.
New Blog Entry/Rant:

"This Rant Got Away from Me, and Other Exciting News

And just a big thank you to everyone here. I love this community so much. *HeartBl*
Dropping by to promote a quick, non WdC thing I wrote (in case anyone might be interested.) It's a compare and contrast article about serial killer H. H. Holmes and fictional American Horror Story killer James Patrick March. I got to write it for work and I'm pretty pleased with it.

American Horror History: H. H. Holmes  

It also links out to my other American Horror History articles if anyone watches the show or is just interested in true crime articles.
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Cool! Thanks for sharing! I may take a look, but with my brain injury, I don't enjoy reading anymore. But for this, I might make an exception. It sounds really interesting!
I seem to be having technical issues with a review request that I received. I accepted the request find, but there's no review button at the bottom of the item....

Thoughts? Suggestions?

They'd be much appreciated.
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Is it a book item with no entries? Sometimes people don't understand how a book item works. If they ONLY put their words into the body of the item, there will be no option to write a review. A book item needs entries for the option to review to be there.

I've added a new entry to my book, "The Writing Writer:
         "Writing from a New Tablet
I vanished again guys, but I have returned... again.

2019 was not a good year for me personally or health-wise.

I'm still recovering from a cold technically, but one of my 2020 New Year's Resolutions is to be more consistent/reliable/available, so I have returned to kick things off right!
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Sorry you had a bad year last year, but welcome back! *Hug* Feel better soon!
Hey guys! *Heartbl*

I just wanted to share some exciting news with you. My first true crime article was recently published on TheDeadWalk.Online AND the series was picked up! So I get to write more of them, covering a wide variety of true crime topics that inspired episodes or arcs on American Horror Story.

The first one is linked below if anyone is interested:

American Horror History: The Black Dahlia  

That’s fantastic, Cat! I’m so happy for you.
Dang, Cat!
No words can express my happiness for you!
You go, girl!
*Heart* *ThumbsUpL*

Congratulations! Hugs!
So excited to finally be starting the "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon

*HeartBl* Go black team! *HeartBl*
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