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Long time no see, going well ? crazi over here ... best for the new year -
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy WDC Anniversary!! *Bigsmile*
*Smile* *Heart* Happy 8th WDC Anniversary! *Heart* *Smile*

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Wishing you a fantastic Writing.com Birthday!

*Balloonp* *Balloonb* *Balloong* *Balloony* *Balloono* Happy March Account Birthday, Christine ! *Balloono* *Balloony* *Balloong* *Balloonb* *Balloonp*

I have thought long and hard before writing this,just as I thought long and hard about if I should renew my membership here. I have not used this page much over the last three years. Some of that was personal and professional reasons but, in all honesty, most of it was because I have found this page increasingly uncomfortable. I have watched it become increasingly more narrow minded, illiberal and religiously extreme.

I once loved this group, thought it a valuable source for constructive criticism of my writing. Two of my novels have changed, improved significantly through interaction with people here. I have made good friends and I thank the forum for this opportunity. At the same time, I suspect this will be my last year on here. I am sorry for that.

This makes me sad to see. I don't even know Geoff I felt the same way reading his comment. While I will say I see what you speak of on FB also, I tend to just ignore/hide things that make me angry there or I unfollow the people/defriend if necessary those that don't share my worldview. It depends on the severity of the disagreement. However, here is different for me. This is my quiet place. I have not been very active the last couple years and I am trying to change that. At the same time, I have a lot more control over who I associate with here and who I surround myself with and listen to. This place should be our sanctuary. I want to make Wdc a place of solace I can retreat to when I want to relax and enjoy myself. I'm still working on creating that atmosphere, one not full of responsibilities and tasks I must complete. While I understand where you're coming from, I hope you don't leave. There are people here, like myself, that truly enjoy your presence and feel a kinship (although quietly) with your views and contributions. Instead of people like us leaving, we should band together and communicate more. We should make this place one we look forward to going to, full of people we enjoy engaging with and those who inspire us (Jeff ! ). I think the problem is not there is more of 'them' than us, is that those people are louder so they seem more powerful. That's my two cents anyway. I think you're a very talented author and intelligent person. We need more of 'you', not less. If you have suggestions of how we can make this community better, share! I will be right beside you to do what I can to make this a place of harmony that you will enjoy visiting. *Heart*
I am sorry to here that you are thinking of leaving Christine. I hope you change your mind.
Life and people are so different. Take for instance me, I love to keep my garden immaculate to the point I weed more than others. I have neighbors who are not so fussy about their garden and some who don't bother at all.*Smile*
They are different and have different reasons for their choices. *Grass*
People come in all shapes and sizes, some excel in school and life and some don't. I never judge a book by it's cover as the contents might just surprise one.
Editing is the best way to avoid dissapointment and create better roads to walk on.
I once sat on a bench with a... not very well educated young mother who had a couple of children running riot on the grass opposite us. We talked for a while and I found out that her life was one long list of sadness and tragedy. I gave her some money to by food as she was in dire need.

A couple of weeks later she came towards me as I sat on the same bench pondering life. Her children gave me a hand written card coloured with rainbow coloured crayons. The words drew a tear from my eye.
It said, "Thank you lovely lady for feeding us when we were hungry." and they signed it love with a heart and kisses.
That card meant more to me and I still have it, than any others I have.

Please remember that we are all different and that's just the way it is. We all share the same planet.

I hope you stay.

Every now and then, it seems that narrow-mindedness sweeps through any community. The US and UK members make up a large portion of WDC, and both are going through some less-than-ideal stuff at the moment. Not that it excuses the behaviors you're talking about.

I tend to surround myself with people who are likewise liberal... many atheists as well. The site is full of them. You just need to block or manually ignore those who you find less than desirable, love. That's what the feature is for, after all. And hey, if you want some more liberal and non-trad, non-religious-freak types to talk to around here, hit me up. I know lots of them.

Geoff Hey, I'll try to make more frequent appearances. You know... to do my part in representing the chill among us. *Wink* Miss you, love!
How can such a small body contain so many bodily fluids that "overflow"? On the plus side he found it very funny.
Haha, as a father of four, I have experienced many different (how did you say it?) "overflows." Having both male and female children, I thought I had seen it all. Then I got a new grandson, who seems to possess the immortal power to poop at will, and thinks it funny to wait until after I have started changing his diaper.

As a side note, I am writing to the diaper companies to complain. I don't care what it says on the box, their diapers fall off; long before they have reached the posted weight load.
Welcome to raising LITTLE children *Heart* But aren't they just adorable little stinkers? *Heart* Then one day... They grow up to ask for things like phones, cars, computers *groans at own teen*
teeth - i am glad i do not remember getting them. And 4 at once
You are getting teeth and my third son lost 4 of his teeth in a weekend. That was fun and rich for him.
Are you getting any sleep?
Quick question (story related): How does one become a paralegal in the US? Is there a form of on-the-job training?
There are correspondence courses available through the web and mail you can take. Stratford Career Institute out of Vermont. Other schools include Ashworth College in Georgia. They each have payment plans you can make or you pay for the full tuition in one payment. The full payments are around 500.00 for the full course you get at least a diploma possibly an associates. This is probably more information than you wanted or needed. I hope it helps.
Ex was one twenty'ish years ago, so things may have changed in that time here in the US, but...

You take courses on the college level. Classes on research, legal procedure, I don't remember the others right now. There is only limited amount of extra courses per each legal speciality since a paralegal's work type is pretty much the same across all specialities. But it helps to know the differences between immigration, corporate, criminal, etc. etc..

There is a certification process to get your certification to work as a paralegal that ends in a licensing fee. I know ex was also a notary to help with her paralegal duties, but I don't think it was mandatory to being a paralegal.
So, Christmas .... can we please do this only every second year?
How come this develops into a diplomatic minefield as soon as you have a child.
ahahahahahahaah, so agree, now that my son is over 18, ahahahaah. The truly only good thing about xmas is the smiles on the kid's faces. After that... *shudders* Though I miss the family days back in the day...
I hate Christmas leftovers and presents I can't use. I won two black slim candlesticks and the nursing sister at Father's home said she would have loved them.... She now owns them.
'Christmas is out of control and has lost it's meaning.' Might be a good title for a story/poem. Mmm.
People are left penniless, deflated and burnt out. *Shock2*
Summary of the day: the heater seems to be on the fritz (which means we are cold) and the fridge is broken (so at least the food is warm). Not my day.
What do I do when life throws me challenges?
*Music2* Stand back from the situation and....
*Music2* Always look on the bright side of life*Music2*
Going for a walk is better than being in a cold room.
Or... A hot water bottle and blanket, your favourite book and there's always...
Phone a friend and get them to take you for a meal in a warm place.
I once had a candle on bare floor boards in a cold flat, a small cup of wine and two friends sharing one hot piece of fish and some chips. The laughs we shared in that echo filled cold room remain in my memory to this day.
Just trying to take your thoughts away from the real situation and make you feel loved.
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