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I mentioned writing.com on our blog cjrain.blogspot.com go check it out! *BigSmile*
Hey guys please keep my co-writer in your thoughts she is currently undergoing surgery and I would just like to say good luck to my best friend.

I love you Jean.
Hey guys I need a little help... Please? In my book I have this little girl about four or five years old, how do one write the words she says or exclaim her emotions as a child?

Please can you help me?
So how do you ladies feel about a bad boy beating the hell out of a date he doesn't like you seeing? he purposely goes to the restaurant you're in and takes a seat next to you ignoring your date and giving you suggestions on the menu. Would you be offended or turned on? And if your date says something insulting and bad boy punches him, would you still be mad, surprised or amused?
Hey guys Jean-Mari and I are such freaks... now we changed something really small and it came to be a huge change... aaaargh so much for writing 5 chapters before the end of FEB!!!!
Hey who said we can't finish five Chapters before end of February. Three down two to go... The problem is definitely that last two, so much to write so little time. The thing is we can write those chapters but in meantime we think of other scenarios and ideas and we have to write them down as well... It really tough having an overactive imagination... Tell me you can relate!!!
We definitely have a new goal!!! 5 chapters at the end of February... Do you think WE can do it? I definitely do. I think we can ACE ;) this.
Thank you sooo much
Got our first reviews these past few days, pretty excited about it all... can't believe you guys helping us so much... WE APPRECIATE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH.
Welcome to Writing.com! Glad you're getting some reviews for your work; hope you'll consider giving some reviews in return and spreading the love! WdC is a great community, especially when everyone's helping each other to improve their work!
Hey Jeff, thanks we will definitely 'spread the love'. Come visit us anytime and we'll return the favor. ;)
So there Jean-Mari and I was talking about our characters and we realized, tape recorders would do our world good. Did you ever have this running idea that keeps going but you can't type fast enough, that's what it feels like when we're brainstorming. All we need is a damn tape recorder and we could brainstorm so much better. Laughing now when we look at our notes (which is practically everywhere, books, loose papers, computer) we realized our stupid phones have tape recorder too.

An inexperienced Annabelle Clark, found herself in an experienced world, torn between her soul mate and a love no one expected. Is it worth fighting for if the saint becomes the sinner?

Bad boy Chazz Tucker, the leader of the pack and the most eligible bachelor in Chicago, is known for his unstoppable hard-core abilities to conclude any business deal, but failed to conclude the biggest deal of all, Love.

When Annabelle meets Mr Tucker, under not so normal circumstances, she soon realizes there is more to life than the straight and narrow she's used to and Chazz quickly loses control of what he believed.

Will Spike, the Joker and Chazz's brother, bound not by blood but by heart, know when to draw the line?

Will Chazz ever forgive himself and let Spike be the one to pick up the pieces after he left Annabelle all broken-hearted?

And when life throws a curveball, will Love conquer it all?
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