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Good day to you, Nightstory6. I'm dashing around WDC greeting new faces while I'm on a lightning trip from Wonderland. While I'm here I'm bringing 'tarts given to you by the Knave of Hearts' - invisible but delicious.
Hello there NightStory6!

I'm hoping around different notebooks and ports today thanks to a challenge I took on to bring me one step closer to White/Red Queen/King *Cheshire*. It's great to meet you! Also, I love your cat on your port picture. *Cat*
I was just passing through on my way to Wonderland (which is an activity happening all month long full of madness and strange, scavenger like activities by a group of mad and maddening writers), because the latest activity is to share a messege with someone new. When I saw you standing there, I thought you could use something sweet.

Here are some tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts. No, that's not me. At least, I didn't think I was a knave when I woke up this morning, but so much has happened since then that I'm not sure quite what I am anymore. Take them with my good wishes.

And welcome to Writing.com
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/charlotte666