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I was reading some of my older chapters in Monstr the other day and began wondering what would've happened if I steered those stories down a different path. This in turn led me to wonder, to those who've read and/or contributed to the interactive, what alternate paths would you like to see explored among the existing romantic adventures? Perhaps I can add a few chapters to the most popular choice. Leave your favorites down below or send me a mail. I'm curious to hear your ideas.
It's depressing how "pay to use" this site has become.
Hmm, perhaps I've not made it clear enough. I'm not lamenting the inability to add more choices. I'm wondering how the stories would've panned out if I had picked one of the alternate choices already there, extending that question to other readers to see if there's perhaps a popular choice among them.
Then try something. Might be surprised.
For anyone wondering what happened to the two most recent additions to Monstr, the writer was dissatisfied with them and politely requested a do-over.
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That's fine! If he thinks he can do better, and wants to do it, we need to respect him.

By the way, I'm not personally into death chapters, but I really like the way you write everything else. I even check here daily if you added something, mainly in S at home with SS. Keep it up, you are awesome!
A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Halloween event for https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/2183298-Monstr-the-latest... Thanks to all your wonderful additions the interactive is now over 250 chapters strong. Here's to hoping for (and personally working on) many more in the future.
The Halloween event is currently live on https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/2183298-Monstr-the-latest... 2000 points to all new additions except one sentence choice chapters. This will remain active until Nov. 1st.
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Useful to know.
Hey everyone,

in less than two weeks time Halloween will be upon us. The day that monsters roam the streets causing mayhem and mischief. To celebrate this occasion any additions made to my monster-themed interactive (https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/2183298-Monstr-the-latest...) will be given 2000 points. The only exclusion to these rewards will be quick one sentence choice chapters.

This will run from Oct 25th until Nov 1st.
I've been writing interactive chapters for well over a year here, so I figure it's high time I started and interactive story of my own. What if apps like Tinder could get you in touch with more than just humans? Discover what happens when humans and monsters start dating:
Monstr, the latest dating revolution  (GC)
Adventurous humans and lonely monsters looking for love

A number of chapters have already been made to provide a little reading material, but I welcome everyone to add their own. There's few limits to what crazy adventures these dates can lead into.

(Fair warning, this does go to some pretty 18+ places. It's still a story about dating after all.)
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Oh damn, a interactive from cheesey boy? This I have to see.
Thank you very much to the kind soul that provided me with a customicon, allowing me to add some cheese to the cheese.
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This post is quite cheesy.
Hearty thanks to the anonymous benefactor that gifted me fancy costumicons. Whoever you are out there, keep being awesome.
Very fitting that they sent a cheese one too. hahaha.
Yep, they've got one for everyone it seems.
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