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We love you and miss you, Cheri!
R.I.P. my friend!

*Heartg* *Heart* *Heartb*

I've added a new entry to my book, "My Newbie is Showing...Part 3:
         "Consider for a Moment
*CakeP* Happy Birthday, Cheri *CakeP*

*ConfettiB* *ConfettiB* *ConfettiB* Happy Birthday Cheri *CakeP* *ConfettiB* *ConfettiB* *ConfettiB*
"Invalid Item will start Spring Quarter in the middle of April. I just completed the exploratory workshop and recommend it to everyone who wants and desires more structure to their writing. Check it out.
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It’s a great course, isn’t it!
do you need some nonsense in your day? Check out "Three Word Mayhem!
Quick question just because I am curious. Is there a search tool to see if any of my stuff got mentioned in a newsletter? Sometimes, reviewers will so note, but that's the only way I can think of. Anyone else know of something more, better different?
Put the item (or entry) ID number in the search box in the newsletter archives.

If it's a 6-digit ID number, you might get more hits than just your own item.

Skol Vikings, let's win this game,
Skol Vikings, honor your name,
Go get that first down,
Then get a touchdown.
Rock 'em . . . Sock 'em
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Go Vikings, run up the score,
You'll hear us yell for more. . .
Skol, Vikings, let's go!

A game is not won or lost on a single play, but that last score was a beauty...
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Eowyn  (E)
Love note to my grandbaby
-- actually I just added that I Won "The Not-So-Daily Poem contest for that day. Yahoo! Give it a shot. It's fun.
{user:wordsmitty@Writing.Com}, Thank you for the nod in the Blogging Bliss Newsletter. Gives me the warm fuzzies.
P.s. Maybe one day I will figure out tags. It's so much easier on facebook.
Wordsmitty ✍️ is all you need for a tag Cheri! *Wink* Have a happy day!
{suser:wordsmitty} forgot to double bracket so you could see. *Facepalm*
So absolutely psyched. Took first place in two contests in the same week. That’s a first for me. Happy dance.
Zechariah 2:8  (E)
Poetic interpretation of the Lord's promise in Ovillejo style
#2140518 by Cheri Annemos
in "The Lighthouse Poetry Contests } and
Forgiveness  (18+)
No forgiveness this time.
#2140508 by Cheri Annemos
in "No Dialogue Contest-On Hiatus
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Congratulations, Cheri. Very well-deserved wins.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Soul Mates  (13+)
Practicing Dialogue. Does the dialogue sound like something a guy would say.
When I wrote this, I did not do a good job of delineating time periods. This edit should take care of that problem.
I am contemplating taking the James Patterson Master Class. Has anyone taken it, heard about it, want to take it...you know? Like that. I would like a thumbs up or down to help me make a decision. Thank you...
*BurstP* Happy Anniversary *BurstP*
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