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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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Looking for entries before WDC's birthday bash starts. *Delight*
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Will do. This weekend I will be madly writing, re-writing, and submitting.
I've added the last six Chapters to my Novel for those that have been reading it. Shoo, Finally ! *Bigsmile*

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I'm the judge for this week's Weekly Quickie. *Delight*

Come and tell me about your most unusual place. Or use your imagination. *Wink*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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Let's have your entries! *Bigsmile*
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Looks good, I will come up with something new for the prompt. *Smile*
I remember someone saying here a while ago, that they mark or save in some way a story, if they don't have time to read and review it when they first see it.

Can anyone tell me how this is done?
I have an item in my port in which I store things I want to come back and read so I don't clog up my favourites *Smile*
Like the previous commentators have suggested; either open a Review Tool at the bottom of the story; at first, you only need to put in a couple of words like, "Hi Cherry" then save for later editing. To get back to the Review Tool, go to "My Account" on the LHS of the screen, then open "My Review Tools."

Like Lost Ghost says, you can have a separate item in your favourites; I have one that I call "Reviews To Do" where I store stuff I think I'd like to review. Trouble is, it seems to get bigger rather than smaller!
I do mine as a favorite and have a folder marked for authors or items to check out. Course, I probably have so many in there, and I rarely get back to them. But some day, when things aren't quite so hectic, I still hope to do so.
You won the highest bid in my donation for "Sisco's GOOD DEED Annual Pirate Auction! [E], when you decide which shops you'd like your images from (for yourself and a friend), let me know. If you need a list of shops I can help with that also.

I don't have them all listed, but I do have quite a few.

Also, which merit badge have you had your eye on?
Hi, just to let you guys know I am attempting my very first Contest. "Invalid Item

Hope to see you there. *Smile*
Sounds great already!
Wonderful, best wishes for your new contest.
WDC Anthology - I've just been advised that for me to get the book posted to me in South Africa will be $ 37.00 which is very high (The Nano t-shirt postage is $6.95)
Can anyone who ordered a book tell me (a)what city it was shipped from, (b) how much it weighs and (c) how much postage did you pay?
That's standard US Priority pricing ... You don't need to know the location -- http://www.usps.gov/ and do the pricing calculator from the US to South Africa. City of departure doesn't matter with international postage. You COULD ask if she'll ship it via airmail, which is a little cheaper. The problem for shippers in the US is the different packing material they need for the different shipping types. WDC ourselves only offers priority mail cause it's a hassle. *Frown*
I posted my story for Horror Inc - the Daily Slice - which doesn't do reviews.

Please can you let me know if it makes sense. My daughter wanted to know WHY it happened, and I couldn't answer her.

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Congratulation on your promotion! You case looks great in the new attire! *Smile*
Thank you Arpita. I appreciate your comment. *Smile*
You are most welcome! *Smile*
*Balloony* Congratulations on your promotion! *Balloony*
Thanks so much. Your Congrats means a lot. *Smile*
Congratulations, Cherry! Looking good in yellow! *Smile*
Thanks Inker. Í like your pic in yours. *Smile*
Congrads on your promotion, you look good in yellow. *CoffeeY**CupcakeY*
Thanks so much - and thanks for the coffee and cupcake! *Smile*
Congratulations on your promotion to Preferred Author! *Delight* *Balloony*
Thanks so much - I am sure you had something to do with it. *Bigsmile*
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