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What a month. We decided to take the new camper and drive to Seattle, hop a plane and meet Mt. Denali in person. The day before we were to leave Alaska, my Mother-in-law passed away. She was the mom who made my wedding dress, my baptism dress, and everything between for the last 38 years. She even made curtains for my classroom in May. We wasn't sick. We were devastated and 3000 miles were between us and the funeral. We drove like mad, and even stayed all night in a parking lot in Chicago. That was scary. We couldn't just fly back without the camper and the truck. We made it with hours to spare. The house was full of grand kids and kids. While we were gone, our main water pipe broke, but our house sitter called, and my brother-in-law came and turned off the water. I have a week on Math training next week and then we will have our 38th wedding anniversary. On top of everything else, I was taking an on-line class from Marshall during the whole ordeal, but I managed to pull out an "A" anyway. What a bad summer. I miss her so much.
Here is my new story at midlife collage. I need as many friends to read it, as the winner is the one with the most stars. since i got my start writing right here, I thought it might be appropriate to share.
We had a very bad storm travel through. 80 mile winds. Powerlines are hanging on the ground. It took 3 hours to get through the gas line to buy gas for the generator. It affected the whole state. I though our WV hills were pretty much protected from this kind of storm. I've never seen one quite like it.
Take care hun, I hope you're all doing okay. We had only a terrible thunderstorm the other day and though it only lasted for an hour there was chaos for days.
And now I have just lost cell phone service. Looks like Writing.com is my only connection to the world.
I wonder if Wal Mart is open. I don't know if they have a generator. Most businesses are closed. Lowe's has a generator but they don't have any food.
Wv is in a State of emergency. Power will be out at least a week. There was a 40-foot tree on my front porch and that was just the top of it. 50 people were waiting in line for gas. No electricity means no gas pumps. We had 10 gallon on reserve but I don't think it is enough. the phone is out, too.
Hope you're okay! What caused the power outage?
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Lucky we are resilient mountain people. My mother-in-law owns a wood burtner so we can cook.I hope my college professor is understanding. I have assignments to turn in but I can only blog until the cell tower loses juice. Our 4th of July will be spent cleaning up. The air is fraught with generators and chain saws.
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