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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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Check this out and let me know what you honestly think about it I am still making changes to it as to sound as if coming from a third person.
Started volunteering at a local community center as well as going to church again. Also will be updating book regarding domestic violence as soon as I finish the draft that I am working on for you all to read over and give your thoughts before publishing.
Update domestic violence book.
Here are the links for my fiancés and my books.

#1 In trouble & not even knowing it - The unexpected suprise

#2 The journey a young woman endured

Will post the other two links for the second and third book of In trouble and not even knowing it once updates finalize. :)
Thinking of publishing all my poetry as well helping someone else as to get published. Because I want to publish a book that is not just that of a single poet but of many so if anyone is interested please text me at 209-689-7052 with your name and a weblink for me to look at your work. By the way its open for all forms of poems not just one. :) talk to you all soon :)
Got novel published each chapter is now its own individual book. This being my oldest sons idea since chapter 4 was taking my fiance and me so long to write. It is available through Amazon Kindle. Please email me at christina.l.fechner@gmail.com for exact book number and information as to look it up. Now to remove my novel from here
How can I get badges??? & what are they for again??
If you are talking about Merit Badges, they are award to members for doing various things. For example, winning a raffle drawing, placing in a contest, and sometimes, just because someone feels like giving you on.

They are basically bragging rights, collectibles, and pretty things to look at.

Check your inbox now! *Heart**Wink*
Just trying to make new members feel welcomed Fangus
OMG!! found my password!!! Thank God!!
Question what is a good way to promote a blog ???
A blog on this site?
For a offsite blog things have changed a bit since I had my "big" offsite one. (I say big because the one I have now is small and personal) Back then I had plugboards, topsites, BlogDumps, BlogsByWomen, etc.
Some like BlogsByWomen are still around. Others like Blogcatalog have turned into clickbait blogs. (Just links and articles)

So that best way...I suggest starting out with a link here on your profile, many here do that. And if you follow any other wordpress blogs, check out the places they are linked in.

Also if you are reading other wordpress blogs, commenting will increase return reads.

I wish I could say what the "best" way was. Just that as I google, so much as changed in the last five or six years since I tried to promote a blog.
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Check out my novels new look and tell me what you think :)
Holly Jesus, I think I finished chapter 3!!! *Delight*
Awesome!!! :D
Going to update novel as well as give it completely new titles that fit each chapter with since of having an urgency to continue reading each following chapter. Ill email my table of contents for the novel for all of my interested readers.