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Happy late acoount anniversary.
A fellow power reviewer.
Copenator out!
*Star*Congrats on becoming a Rising Star!*Starstruck* Have fun!
e:CupcakeP}*Star*Happy Account Birthday.~On behalf"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group*CupcakeP**Star*
*BalloonP*I hope you had another fulfilling year at WDC and will carry on for many more!*CakeB*Keep shining and write on! *Star*

Hey where have you been anyway? Haven't seen you on the Power deck in a while. Hope you are still having fun. *Smile*
*UmbrellaR*Happy Spring! Hope to see you at the WDC Power Raid on the weekend. And hey , you have a nature poem for us!! Shh! I'll put the word out! *Star*
HI EYESTAR- don't know if that was a generic msg or specifically 4 me? nature poem? i hav started to review a bit, lately (new job, new home, new island, have kept me tooo busy for the last few months


i put a request if you find time to read, rate and review my three items' portfolio. i shall be obliged at this act of kindness.

plz ignore if you have already done it.

You're a powerful mind.

I wish your intensity. Any advice?

I'm captivated by the twisted inch of our souls. The dark one.

I became a fan of your writing. I can relate it to a very close friend of mine.

Thank you for inspire me.

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