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Fun Fact for the day:

Sonic the hedgehog is canonically twenty nine years old
Gonna try to be more active and post more chapters in my stories

Also: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2211018-A-boy-vs-the-world/map/1

Made a new interactive, can you give it a look if you want to.
I'm glad to hear you're going to try to be more active! *Smile*

Thanks for posting a link. So many people don't, but ask folks to add to their interactive. *FacePalm*

In case you forgot how to link to items on WdC, here's how. Of course, you need the item number, which is found under the title, though if you edited or wrote it recently, it pops up automatically. *Wink*

{item:2211018} *Right* "A boy vs the world

{bitem:2211018} *Down*

 A boy vs the world   (18+)
Can Carl Ruiz become not the hero we need nor deserve. But the one we only got?
#2211018 by P O S T B O Y

Good luck! *Shamrock*
Here you go, ChocoHuf-flepuff
In honor of the new Pokemon generation and Ash finally fucking winning a league. I made a new interactive!


Hope guys add to it! :3

One of my favorite personalities for a female character is the girl is a socially awkward dorky nerd who doesn't know what the hell she is doing. Lol
That's my friend. *Laugh* But I love her for it. *Facepalm*
I'm pretty sure that's me. *Laugh*
I been having a mighty big weeb mood lately....expect more chapters based on various animes from me.

New interactive! Feel free to join and go on a digital adventure!
I'm back Bitches! :D I'll be writing some needed chapters for my two stories! So please add, I need the growth and ideas!

Good to be back!

Don't worry everyone! I'm still among the living! I'll post chapters to my stories and etc soon...ish. :v
Thanks for the update broski! Was worried you got sucked into an alternate dimension...and not the fun kind! D:
In the mood to do some chapters on Kirby,splatoon, and other cartoon-like series.
Really? well I do have a branch for inkling girl/agent 3 from splatoon 1 in my portal interactive if your interested?
Here's the link to the inkling branch if you need it : (https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2073211-The-portal/map/11433222221...) I should also point out that the inkling does have a name Jamie. & She can understand and speak english. Just wanted to make sure you knew that before you added where I left off. :)

To those who love feet and the cute females of touhou. This is for you!