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Just popped in to say halo Chuck. I moved to a new apartment in May and have been so busy it took me away from my writing. I have just come back to WDC and hope to get some writing done.
I haven't found Pay pal any trouble.
Hope you settle in to your new community and are happy there.
Alexi Mason*Smile*
Busy now with newly completed house in adult community here in Rio Vista California.

Until pay pal becomes more user friendly I will not join again. I tried unsuccessfully twice.

Writer Chuck
I'm still working on the house in San Leandro. We are getting close to putting up the for sale sign. Just a few more things to do. Stress is building, but I think this kind of stress is good for the body, at least I sleep well. asleep in my chair, asleep in my thoughts. Well its time to go to bed again.

Until next time I hope you all are enjoying yourselves.

I'm still working on my house getting ready to put it on the market. The task seems to large at times. When I feel the pressure of dealing with contractors and their schedules not messing with mine I just take a deep breath and ask God to help me understand the process.

Back to work now.


Hi Everyone,

I have been busy. We sold our house in the Sierra mountains. Just after Christmas we bought a new home Solano County California. Now we are racing to get our house in San Leandro California on the market. Talk about self inflicted stress! If we survive I'll keep you posted.
Times are strange in America. If we like our health care policy we can keep it, if we like our doctor we can keep him or her; maybe not. It seems that our president is less than truthful, He will say anything to get what he wants.
Pixie J

I like this piece as it is simple and yet not easy to attain.
Fathers, teach your children about honesty, yes it is the best policy. If you want your children to succeed there is only one lasting way. Right living and the pursuit of God's wisdom is the way to lasting achievement.

Thank you Alexi.

You are encouraging and a good friend.

To all.

Take time to know your wives and children. enjoy your friends one on one. Don't spend so much time mesmerized by todays technology, and remember it is here to serve you.

Men, step up and encourage your children! They are waiting for your direction.

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Excellent! Training children in the way they shall go and they will remember it for the rest of there lives*Heart*
Well done on your promotion Chuck,
I was promoted today also.
[r:sun}shine from the UK.
Alexi Mason*Sun*

Nice accomplishment, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

Thank you, We both did well*Smile*
I hate change. It was bad enough when my written description of myself was changed without my consent, but now those that can't leave well enough alone are butting in again. The next thing you know they'll be changing my poems and articles. What's next?
Change is always uncomfortable. Life goes on.
*Balloony* Congratulations on your promotion! *Balloony*

Thank you! Recognition is always good.
*Balloony*Do you feel sick? You're looking a little YELLOW today. Oh wait, it's your shiny new Yellow suitcase! Congratulations on your promotion!*Balloony* *Smile*
Thank you! Its always nice to be recognized.

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