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Problems come as a result of activities performed by a person facing it (problem). Problem comes with nature and it adheres willingly when called upon without bearing or carrying any grudge. Problem(s) comes in different categories, it can either be a massive one (this happens to countries especially but can also happen to companies facing bankruptcy) or minor one (this happens mainly to individuals, though individuals of some standards do face massive problems at time).

U.S.A as at now are facing torrential flood in one of its states (Houston Particularly). It’s really a pitiable site to behold for the electricity and communication cables there has been caught out to prevent electrocution of any living thing. Though as they are known as one of the G-8 they are trying their bit to prevent what was to be a total massacre to the “Fourth” largest state in U.S.A

Individual mainly face family and financial problems. As a Husband: Concerning Family problems they mainly come from the “wife” or the relatives. It is either the relatives are too demanding and the wife of cause the wife is a temperamental one. As a Wife: It is either the Husband is a dependent one or the mother-in-law is expectant of you providing grand children for her. All this accumulates to having mental break down or problem at work places.

The world is facing problems everywhere; there is no country without problems as at present. There are even countries who decide to cause problem. North Korea is causing problems with the consistent testing of their acclaimed missiles. Most Nigerians here wants division and those at the helm of affairs are not obliging. Biafra, Ododuwa, Niger Delta, Bendel are all ready or to say willing to make themselves a “REPUBLIC WITH ONLY the Northern part willing to stay and remain as Nigeria.

Problems come to stay in one’s life or in a place if solution is not provided almost immediately. People in the present day world have chosen to stay or live with there problems due to laziness or unwillingness to solve it.

An Italian philosopher once said that it does not matter how you made it what matters is how you end. Though this has come under criticism as at recent due to the impacts of the words, but this still remains a focal point in one’s life. Your source does not matter until you are questioned. You are not a thief until you are caught. You are not a prisoner until you are sentenced to prison by a certified court.

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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/chuksofomata