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Happy Sunday WdC peeps!!

One problem working retail at Christmas... it is exhausting!!! Completely dead after yesterday and Friday's shifts *Sick* no energy at all, in fact yesterday when I got home I barely had energy to shower and make a coffee *Shock* by the time I felt better it was time for bed!

Hoping today is different, I finish just after lunch so I should miss out on the super busy part *Wink*

Need to make a few things plus I want to start making some cupcakes for Christmas day... but I might leave them for tonight, when it cools down.

Hope you all have a pleasant Sunday


You too CJ *Smile* *Heart*
Oh, great, dad is on the warpath. The bro didn't drop everything to come down and help him mow today, so instead of organising for a different day he's out mowing today, coming in for breaks yelling at us about how if he drops dead it's all our fault and then we will be up the creek because he won't be around to do it *Rolleyes*

Will not accept help from either Mum or me, because that won't fit in with his rant, in fact he never bothered to ask me for help, I'd go out to help but that will cause more arguments either because "he doesn't need my help/pity" but mostly because it doesn't fit the story/argument in his head.

I so need to earn more money so I can get out of here permanently...

Hehe, CJ,

I knew first off without checking the bio page that you were down under because we're not mowing the grass this side of the yard. But don't worry about dad, mowing is our therapy. We guys complain about doing it. But the truth is unlike many things in our lives, it's something that has instant gratification for our efforts. Your dad is like all us dads it's an easy rant without a lot of consequences if we win or lose the arguments.

I love mowing now, (though, I did buy a new John Deere this last spring.) it's one of my many chores that help keep me focused. With that said, I too, complain about doing it to my family. Yet, neither do I let them climb on my mower.

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I have met people like that in my time. They rant and rave that they get no help and deny help if it is offered. Also, if you just help without asking, you are not doing it right. *RollEyes* Yeah, I know where you are coming from.

My mother is just the opposite. She apologizes for everything when there is nothing to apologize for. She will not ask for help and when we ask her why she says she does not wish to be a burden. It can be frustrating at times. I keep telling her, "Don't be afraid to speak up if you need or want something. We don't bite."

I honestly do not know why she is like this; she has been this way since we lost dad.
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Happy WedneSundayWdC peeps!

Didn't get much done yesterday... hoping to make the best of my time today *Bigsmile* Having a "morning meeting" with myself to try and organise my day... it could work, besides, I need to do something while I have my coffee *CoffeeP*

After spending more time then planned, I completed my Reiki 2 qualifications yesterday *Shock2**Inlove2* I wanted to be confident in practicing before I did the quiz, which I got 100% on. Being sick the other week put me behind schedule but I'm happy with my progress. Doing a couple of Reiki projects for Christmas, that aren't part of the making - I purchased various crystals for people and I'm charging them with Reiki energy *Inlove*. I am, of course, planing to Reiki charge what I make for people too - though I need to finish said making first *Rolleyes**Pthb*

Not sure if I will complete the writing for my Etsy store today - probably going to be my Thurs/Friday night project. Time will tell, but I hope to have it completed by Sunday. #goals

I also want to get a blog or two updated today, will be leaving that until tonight. Want to get other things completed today *Wink*

So much to do! Better get a move on if I'm going to get things done *Bigsmile* Keep an eye out on "The Snail Mail Auction!! Something very cool is going on auction from yours truly *Angelic**Whistle*

Have a productive day!
Happy TueSaturday WdC peeps!

Super late sleep in today but it's okay, I'm planning a super late night... so need to catch up on my Christmas making, have so little done, I need to do something drastic like a super late night/all-nighter to get back on track... if I do now, I won't be forced to do it Christmas eve *Rolleyes* like the past few years. I want to have some energy on the day, for once *Wink*

A little birdy told me it's The StoryMaster's birthday!! Happy birthday!! Hope you have a fabulously shiny day! *Cake*

Making myself accountable this week in "Weekly Goals with "CJ's Goals 11-15/12"   Really hope I can get myself organised and back on track... I'll keep you all posted *Bigsmile*

I do have more updates, but I really want to get a move on... it's going on 12pm and all I've accomplished thus far is breakfast *Rolleyes*

Why is it I only seem to want to write when I don't have time to write, like before an appointment or the day job *Rolleyes*

Super inspired with my projects right now, hope to give more details over the next day or two... I also hope to make progress withthe Christmas making too. Have just finished unpacking some supplies, so it is out and ready to go. I don't have that kind of room at home *Cry* sad, but hope to work something out in the new year. My main focus for now is getting stuff made for Christmas and hopefully a couple extra for my store... we shall have to see how far my supplies stretch out *Wink*

Have a fabulous Friday!

*Inlove2* CJ
That happens to me all the time. It's the reason I keep a note book and pen with me at all times because inspiration hits at the most unusual times.
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It's the same for me. It's not challenging enough if we done write when we are busy
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Got a weird question ... does anybody here know of or can recomend a scheduling program/site?

Preferably one that allows your client to book in their timezone (so no math/timezone headache for anyone). I found acuityscheduling.com (through one of my udemy courses), and while it does offer the time zone option, you have to pay US$15 for that feature... I was impressed with it when I used it to book my Reiki attunements, just thought I'd see if anyone knew of another option, always best to shop around first *Wink*

Been a bad 'week' at the day job, so glad it is my Friday. I will be venting about it in one of my blogs later, I need to get it out of my head. Have done absolutely zilch for my making Christmas gifts, spent all my "down time" recovering from the day job shifts.

On a more happy note:
My one Christmas wish this year is some cash for start up of my Etsy store, seriously running low on supplies. I know my family won't help out, so I'm putting this out here, in case anyone wants to grant a random Christmas wish ... or pitch in, every bit helps *Wink*

If you have some spare cash and wish to help out visit paypal.me/cjruddell to add some funds to my store.

*Facepalm* Just ignore the typo in my name on the page, somehow missed it when I was setting up the account, stupid headaches. It shall be fixed in the next day or two... *Facepalm*

I'm still going to semi-open my store before Christmas to offer Distant Reiki sessions, I'd hoped to do that tomorrow or Wednesday but we shall see how I go with the Christmas making catchup *Rolleyes* If I don't get it done this week, it shall be on the top of my list next week...

Time to get day job ready, with luck I can see the manager about my issue/s there, or at least talk to the union rep... but I'm not sure if she is on today.

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday
*Inlove2* CJ
Happy TueSaturday WdC peeps!!!

Feeling fantastic today, still have a slight headache but I'm sure it will go once I get moving. Super excited, look what just arrived in the mail!! *Bigsmile*

250 business cards! They look pretty cool, if I say so myself *Wink* Slightly more than I need for Christmas, but leaves plenty for my store launch, which won't be until January *Wink* Though I will say, if I get extra items made, I'll do a pre-launch launch *Confused* does that make sense? I'm also contemplating opening up some Distant Reiki sessions, if you are interested in some for yourself or as a gift for someone for Christmas let me know - I'll make you a custom order w/ a super sweet WdC discount price (if it is a gift let me know & I'll create a little gift certificate in Word for you to print *Santahat*) ... will post more in "The Not So Secret Santa soon (have a bit of catch up to do from the weekend... stupid migraine)

"Reiki Art by CJ" is a temporary name, still have no clue but I feel this is right for when I do eventually expand, it can be the motto (not the right word but all I can think of, kind of like the Unique Selling Point), so it is helping build the brand, so to speak... I hope *Pthb*

Totally forgot to buy a Christmas card for The StoryMistress's "Note: I need your help! ..." *Blush* And the little general store/post office here didn't have any, so it will have to wait until I go to town on Thursday *Blush* Sorry! But on the plus side, I saw Mum (who collects coins too) about about this year's special release coin for the Aus children's book 'Possum Magic'. She immediately went to her collection and grabbed one of her double ups *Inlove* We don't know any kids who collect coins, I think she has a soft spot *Laugh*

This work is not going to get itself done, best get a move on if I'm to get back on track with the Christmas thing (lucky for me the shopping portion is done! Just wrapping and making to go *Shock2*) Really should organise my space a bit first... not much room for movement/spreading out projects...

Hope you all have a shiny day!
*Inlove2* CJ
*Sick* I've had a migraine ALL weekend... is still hanging about but I'm feeling much better... I hope. Have the day job to go to, guess we shall see how it goes.

Had hoped to have heard from the bank on Friday about my new account, nothing until this morning at 8am when I recieved a "no reply" email saying that 'at my request' they have withdrawn my request for an account *Confused* As I did no such thing, I have to go into the branch on my way to the day job and get them to explain why I got this email. Considering on Thursday when I went in, they said they would complete the process and call me with my account number and such.

I hope they can fix this/give satisfactory explaination, this bank came highly recommended and the branch is at a convenient locarion for me. Fingers crossed.

Got zero work done for the Christmas thing, stupid headache, so going to be super busy the next couple of days, really need to make some progress with it. Otherwise, it will be like every other year with me up until 3am Christmas morning finishing off gifts and wrapping *Rolleyes**Worry*

Hope you are having a better day
*Inlove2* CJ
Quick update... got to the bank and everything was set, they gave my account number straight away. They think the email may have been the system reacting to the fact it was started online and finished in the branch.

Now if only the Christmas stuff was so easy to sort
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*Facepalm**Facepalm* Tried to open a new bank account online on Wednesday, was told my licence was not valid ID... get an email today telling me to go to the Post Office and show my licence to prove my ID *Confused**Facepalm* That is after I deciphered the email - was completely filled with lines like ||| at the start, middle and end of lines and line breaks, did not look right AND the application number given in the email is different to the first one they gave me *FacePalm*

As the branch is at my day job I'll just go in early to see them *RollEyes* so much for simple.

Need to come into town early tomorrow as well, need to do an early vote as I'm working all day Saturday, and don't want to waste my lunch break getting it done.

Not sure if I'll get much more done today, just the last of the supply stocktake I didn't do yesterday. Kept getting called away, so gave it a rest.

Hope you all have a productive day

*Inlove2* CJ
*Confused* Turkey day? I'm in Australia...
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Yes....turkey day....AKA:Thanksgiving.
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Didn't realise it's Thanksgiving this week for you guys, for some reason I kept thinking it was next week
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Happy WedneSunday WdC peeps!

Hope you are all having a fantastic week, been busy working on my Christmas projects... will update "The Not So Secret Santa sometime over the next few days. I've almost finished the stocktake, the weekend (or mid-work week for me) I'm going to go through the crystals and gemstones I have and plan which ones I'm going to use for who, as well as what I want to make with them.

I've decided to make Christmas is my main focus for now - only 33 days to go and I haven't made a single thing!! The delays do have a silver lining, it's allowed me to get super clear on what I want to do and how I want to present everything. As I am opening my Etsy store soon, I've decided some business cards could help with the launch, I know a couple of my Aunts would love to have some (one has been hanging out for my business to get off the ground since I first had the idea to open it *Inlove2*).

I need some help/opinions! What do you think of this business card design? I'm happy with the back (plain green with one of the 'heart people') I was going to have a "Thank You" message but I think hand writing one myself would be better. The part I'm not sure about is the "Healing Crystal Art//Distant Reiki Healing" part. It's okay that healing is in there twice, right? As it's listing the services I provide... I'm also unsure of where to place my email address, there are two options: underneath my etsy address or above my blogspot link (which is going live on Sunday *StarStruck*). I'm leaning towards under the Etsy address, as the email I'm using is thecrystaljourney[at]gmail.com.

What do you guys think? I'm off to continue my stocktake, I'm determined to finish today. I want to get the rest of the planning done this week, so I can start making gifts on Tues/Wed next week *Wink*

*Inlove2* CJ
Oh, and yes I know I haven't finished Reiki 2 yet, I'm completing it on Sunday *Wink* I'm getting organised early, a pleasant change for me *Laugh*

Also, under my name has changed, it now says 'Crystal Reiki Artist & Practitioner' *Heart*
Happy Sunday WdC peeps!!

So happy! I just finished my Reiki Level 1 course *Happycry**Starstruck* It was not as difficult as I expected, did not need to do the read through of the manual I could have taken the test after watching the lectures. I enjoyed the read though, all that matters *Wink* plus, I got 100% on the quiz!

Now onto Reiki 2!! *Inlove*

Been a crazy week at the day job, I think I've handled it well. Better then I would have before my time off last month. Tomorrow is my Friday, can't wait to finish up. Lots planned for the next couple days...

Have a few things to do before my weekend starts, though not sure how much I'll actually get done. Want to get it all done by Monday evening, as I want to spend my "weekend" on some Christmas present making - got lots of ideas, need to decide what I can do, what I can order things for, and what will have to wait until I have more funds to do properly. Almost finished my supply stocktake, once it is completed I can get started *Smile**Santahat*

Hope you have a shiny Sunday
*Inlove2* CJ
What is Reiki!
Brad J Shaw - 01 Oct 2017; Reiki is a healing technique rediscovered in Japan in the 1920's by Mikao Usui. It uses universal life force energy (qi or ki) to help stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself. It does not prescribe medicine or diagnose conditions, it is not a replacement to medical treatment instead it works in conjunction with it.

Basically, the Reiki practitioner conducts life force energy through their hands to the energy centers (chakras) of the body, this energy flows through the recipient's body to where it needs to go, allowing the body to heal itself.
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I really need to organise my mornings better *Rolleyes* No time to get anything else done. I did do a bit of work; unpacked/checked contents of a package of Xmas gifts that arrived this morning, straightened my hair, put all the bro's dirty dishes in the dish washer & threw out his rubbish (cause he is super lazy *Headbang*), made lunch for at the day job and done a self-treatment of Reiki *Inlove*

The Attunement yesterday was amazing. Will write more later, have to leave soon *Wink*

There was more I was going to write but I must get ready for the day job. Had some pleasant shifts last week, I'm hoping for the same this week *Inlove2*

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!