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Happy WedneSunday WdC peeps!

Uber late start today... and after my no work yesterday, I need to get started soon *FacePalm* And get a decent plan of attack going *Smirk2* Need to organise some pictures for listings over at zibbet, as well as finish a project or two (that have been on my to-do list for awhile)... not sure if I will get those projects finished and listed as well today, should be in the next couple days at the most... *Worry* Or perhaps I'll finish/photograph them and list them over the weekend... oh, decisions... we can burn that bridge when we cross it... Wait! Is that right? *Confused*

Still haven't got those emails sent, need to finish up a couple things before I start them...

Hope to get a couple blog entries written today, for here and blogspot *Bigsmile* Have the urge to do more writing, but the to-do list is quite large already... perhaps I can pencil it in for the weekend, do have a couple projects to start but nothing too time consuming - unless I get stuck into said projects. Only going to take the necessities with me, want to be productive in the right areas *Wink*

Happy Monday WdC!!

Huge To-Do list for today, got a head start but won't be able to finish until tonight... hopefully!! With luck the day job will fly by and I can keep my energy/motivation for tonight *Starstruck* If the past couple of weeks are anything to go by, the day job will go quickly - it's been so good since the change, I'm actually enjoying the job *Shock2*

Managed to get myself side-tracked from my listing goals at zibbet *Rolleyes* ... plus side is it was for my store, just other aspects of set up *Wink* I hope to fix a few pages tomorrow. Have updated my blogspot pages (and my bio here!) *Inlove* very happy with how they are looking now... although, my WdC bio could probably do with a refresh *adds to To-Do list*

Got a few surprises I'm working on... hope to hear back on a couple aspects by Wednesday, so I can share with everyone *Shock2*

I should probably start getting ready for said day job shift now... I so want to be working on my store! So many ideas, thoughts and things to do - why wasn't it this easy a couple months ago?! And why do I never have enough time to do things!!

Hope you all have a shiny and inspired day!
*Inlove2* CJ
*Facepalm* totally forgot to send some emails before the day job.
Happy Thursday WdC!

I'm off to a great start. Went to do the shopping/bill paying and discovered $130 missing from my account *Angry**Shock2*

Seems there was a charge to my card yesterday, as I made no online purchases and was at home all day, something fishy is happening... so my card has been cancelled and a new one ordered... now I have to go into the bank and fill out a dispute form to see my money returned. I can start today BUT the process won't actually start until the transaction clears (that 3 day wait on credit purchases). So it will next week before they do anything. Also, it's unknown how long the process will take before I see my money *Sob*

I'll be able to pay one bill out of my spending money, but the other will have to wait ... and I had such a nice budget out on paper too.

Need to get ready for the day job now, as no idea how long the bank dealings will take *Rolleyes*

Hope you all have a better start to the day
CJ *Fairy2*
Check your records. It is possible that your card was charged twice somewhere, likely on a $65 purchase or bill. That had happened to me on many occasions and I had to fight to get it back. That is why I save all of my receipts.
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I pay most bills manually, definitely not that today... sould have been an easy fix.

Bank says it was one amount, name attached to the transaction looks like it is a suss one (lady at counter has seen it before in similar fraudulent deductions)...we looked back at her suggestion and seems they have made three other transactions in Feb two for about $5 and one for $1 (at the time I questioned I was told I made that purchase, I didn't *Rolleyes* if I had been listened to this bigger trans would have never gone thru)

Just a waiting game now... luckily I have some cash, so I'm not broke. Thankfully
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*inklove* *Left* THAT would be an awesome emoticon *Inlove* What a happy typo from my last post (fixed at the time but had to share *Heart*)

Have not got to the project side of the day *Facepalm* Have been busy getting other things done. Much slower than I would like but give me a break! I have barely used Blogger, and just found Zibbet... I'm still getting used to things here... Seriously, it took me a couple of hours to get the pages right in Blogger - who new html was so hard to get right *Shock2* I couldn't get the Snappy Checkout buttons to work *Facepalm*

All is right now *Inlove2* ... I hope it's working... *Worry*

I've also had to do a few other bits and pieces, not store or writing related. It has been a rather productive day. Actually, I'm very happy with what has been achieved so far. And kind of unnerved about how easily things are being accomplished after all those months of nothing but problems *Rolleyes*

Anywoo ... sharing a little something

Are you all sitting down?


Something odd has happened to the pages *Confused* They don't look right...

         *snaps fingers*

That's it! The pages have content!! *Shock2* *Rolling*

As promised, I will give any WdC member a discount up to 50% off *Inlove2* To get a discount code simply IM or email me CJ & Muse with the discount amount you would like, between 5-50%. Codes will be available to use until June 30. This is being done on an honesty basis, pay what you can... If you would like to purchase multiple reiki sessions and use the full 50% off you may. I'm unable to give a discount on my Blogspot page (as I don't know how), sorry!

*Heart* Proceeds from reiki sessions will go towards buying supplies to make more art *Heart*


I'll leave you all with one of my niece's favourite songs to sing in the bath... on a repeated loop (the lalala's are in tune that equates to two lines of song - a mix between the two songs *Laugh*).

*Music2* Shot through the heart *Music1*
*Music2* And I'm so vain *Music1*
*Music2* La La La Lala... *Music2*

*Laugh* *Inlove2* CJ
I love how you snapped your fingers. So original.
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OMG! I love your blog. So inspiring.
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Thanks! I hope to update it at least once a week *Heart*

And with posts about crystals *Wink*
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Happy WedneSunday WdC peeps!!

Finally got to sleep, after 2am...and woke up just after 7am *Facepalm* *Yawn* Actually, I don't feel too tired - still pumped I found a new site for my online store *StarStruck*

I did forget to mention in "Note: after spendin..." that there is one fee (besides monthly plan) and that is the card processing fee (that you would pay regardless using paypal or card processor of choice). The no fees thing is you don't get charged commission or for listing or selling an item, your profits stay with you *Inlove*

I'm thinking all my issues and stops and starts have been for my benefit, in the long run - though I did notice they have this feature where, if you do have an Etsy store they will copy your listings so you don't have to manually re-list all your items *Shock2*

... By the sounds of the neighbourhood dogs, Mum is back from the shop with eggs. So I'm off to have some breakfast. Then it is onto finishing one of my projects (or two) and onto launching my Zibbet store (going to have to get used to that, so used to typing"Etsy")

Hope you all have an inspired day!

CJ *Fairy2*
*Insert Happy Dance here* "Note: after spendin..." has got a solution! Read my last comment for the update *Bigsmile*

My next update about it will be sometime tomorrow, with launch info *Shock2* Does require some reorganisation of various things, not sure on a time line but will definitely be before dinner *PartyHatP* *ConfettiP* *ConfettiG*

*Yawn* I'm off to try and sleep... the stress then excitement seem to have totally thrown my into insomnia mode. It's 1am, I might be able to nod off...

*Headbang* *Sob* *Headbang* *Sob* *Headbang* after spending all day re-drafting my listing entries, starting to upload them... I have discovered Etsy have updated their policies and will not allow listings for Distant Reiki because it is "metaphysical" in nature *Shock2* BUT they will allow you to sell Tarot Readings on the condition you send a follow up email on the reading *Confused**Headbang*

You can also sell crystals/gemstones and give their metaphysical/healing properties *Confused* It's not exactly clear if I can sell my art pieces the way I want (reiki infused)... it doesn't look promising *Facepalm*

Anyone know a good store front site/service? ...

I was thinking maybe Etsy is trying to go back to being craft only but if that was the case, they wouldn't still offer Tarot readings.

Go fig...
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Amyaurora Etsy is currently annoying a LOT of sellers, while asking my own questions about this issue I noticed Etsy have made the announcement they will take their fees out at point of sale (if sale doesn't cover, they will continue to take from each sale until paid) instead of billing monthly like most sites

Every post to the thread was people not happy their ability to pay their own bills has been taken away (most say it will ruin their bookwork, especially non-US as no record of conversion rates)
*Heart* UPDATE: I think I found my new shop home in Zibbit.com, they have a specific category for Reiki *Inlove2* and no listing fees, hidden costs *Shock2*

There is a monthly fee between $4-$10 depending on the plan I choose... all plans you get your own 'website' plus a 'marketplace' site page that auto update themselves/run together so you can advertise 'your' page and Zibbet shoppers can find you on the zibbet market (similar to Etsy set up there)...

I hope that sentence made sense *Confused* I really should be in bed but I can't make my brain shutdown ... I'm so excited I found somewhere suitable, going to try the sleep thing again *Yawn*

New plan for tomorrow, finish one of the projects after breakfast so I can list something besides Distant Reiki sessions *Laugh*
On a happier, more positive (but possibly equally as stressful *Worry*) note:

I am going to start learning Gaelic next week *Shock2**Inlove*

It's an online class through Udemy (yeah, they really cover every topic *Laugh*). After I learn a little, I'm going to surprise the family friend down the street. I'm learning for myself, I want to learn an "old" language, but found out he speaks it too, so I can see how well the learning is going ...

*Rolling* I'll also know what one of my fav wrestlers, Finn Balor, says when he speaks Gaelic *Rolling*

I really need to do something completely different. At the moment things seem to solely revolve around the day job and the Etsy online store. I need something else to keep my sanity.

Hope you all have a shiny Tuesday evening... or day for those of you on the opposite side of the world to me *Inlove2*

OMG! I want to learn Gaelic as well! I'd have to find something free online, though. I'll have to have a look around. Hopefully you'll bring what you learn back here as well!
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QPdoll Oh, I'll try... perhaps in my Newsfeed post greetings or something - I'd say a poem or two now and then but I think that is a ways off *Laugh*

On a side note, Udemy usually have very decent sales, most courses I've got through them I've only paid $15-20 (for courses worth $200-300 when not on sale). Well worth the look if, like me, are on a budget. You also get lifetime access to the course, so long as you don't delete your account.
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Udemy is awesome :) I combine a Russian course from that site, a subscription to Babbel, and duoLingo for my Russian 'class'.
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Eeep! *Blush* How long do sites block you from using the wrong password too many times?? *Blush*

While I have access to my account at Etsy, it is not allowing me to change my email at this time *Blush* I just realised I have an OLD (non-active) email as the contact address but when it came to updating I blanked on the password, after a couple attempts I went to 'forgot password' and sorted out a new one... and still wouldn't allow the password... turns out auto-fill was changing the password when I entered the new email *Facepalm*

Now I have "changed email" too many times and I'm to try again "later" *FacePalm* Whenever that is...


While not as productive as I'd like to have been the last couple days, I am seeing progress *Happycry* Not entirely sure how long things will take - my estimates have been way off. Taking it step by step, things will happen when they happen. This new attitude has taken away a lot of stress I was putting myself under, which has been a good thing - don't think I would have handled the above so well if I was still stressed out.

Hope to finish a couple of projects off tomorrow... with pictures!!! Kind of excited about that, it's been a long time coming. Need to maintain focus, although in saying that, it is time to break for lunch. Hopefully I will be able to fix the email issue soon... *Worry* Otherwise it may be problematic to run my shop...

CJ *Fairy2*
To market, to market to buy... lots and lots of crystals *Bigsmile*

The niece is coming too *StarStruck*

Then it's back home to finish some projects and launch my Etsy store *Happycry*

Have a shiny Sunday!

*Heart* CJ
Aaaand we have been distracted by the "jump jump"

Have not passed a crystal store yet... Soon, soon my pretties *Laugh*
All day shift at the day job, then it is FOUR DAYS OFF!!!

Sorry, tad excited there *BigSmile*

Going to the Markets tomorrow morning... hope to get some supplies of the crystal/gemstone variety... perhaps a couple other things. Have more money than the Good Friday markets, so hope to pick up some bargins.

Just hope today's shift goes quickly *Heart*

Hit a couple of snags last night, good news is I shall be able to finish a couple of things after the day job... such a shame I have to wait until tonight before I get to finish *Frown* ...

Super excited, just want to be on the other side of my shift *Wink**Inlove2*

Hope to finish a few bonus projects too... will totally depend on how long it takes me to finish the priority tasks... and possibly how late I wish to stay up...

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday

CJ *Fairy2*