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I was hoping that 2017 would be a healthier year for me... finally feeling alive after getting a bad flu *Sick* Still have the flu but I actually feel alive for the first time in weeks!!

Lots to catch up with, after the day job... plus it's the start of my weekend. Hope to be actively working towards my goals *Smile*

I know there is more I should say/update but my shift starts soon... hope you all have a fantastic day

*Heart* CJ
Happy TueSaturday WdC peeps!

I know, I know, I never got back on here over the weekend... ended up working on some other projects as I forgot to bring some things *RollEyes*

Lots to do today, won't have any free time until tonight - hope I can keep the creative energy burning until then *Bigsmile* I may even get time to post to my *Camera* Instagram page... has been awhile since I last updated it

Hope you all have a shiny day

*Coffeep* CJ
Happy Monday WdC peeps!!

Well, Friday for me *Inlove2* I've attempted to catch up with my to-do list... Every time I've gotten close to checking off a task, 10 more suddenly appear on the list *Rolleyes* I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, need to focus on my goals and I should have everything ready to post by the end of the week *Shock2*

That's the goal thus far, I found a way to salvage the main project but I need to focus on other things first. It's going to take some work and extend the time frame, it will be worth it.

Need to get my stuff packed and ready to go home, then the day job... hope my productive morning translates to a nice, quick shift *Inlove2* Can't wait to get home, want to get a head start on the to-do list. I may even get a blog or two posted...

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

*Heart* CJ

I'm kind of back... about to start the day job. Plan on the writing catch up tonight. Been sick, finally feel alive and energetic *Happycry*

Hope you have all been well
I have a sneaking feeling I have been "volunteered" to do one of the Aunt/Uncle's a 'favour' but I won't know for sure until Monday.... because they can't just ask me they have to tell everyone I'm doing so first and then "ask" me *Rolleyes* (this has happened before in very similar ways, hence my suspicion)

Garenteed it will be something that will be inconvenient/out of the way to/for me, but Dad & Mum will be up in arms that I don't just drop everything and do it because they've all discussed the issue and decided for me.

I really wish people would just come out and ask me instead of all this cloak and dagger BS *Rolleyes* especially since it's already been decided for me that I'm doing it.

I really hope I'm wrong,
You could say "So, anything going on?"
My weekend is almost here!!! Can't wait, didn't get much done the past few days. Headaches and exhaustion *Sick*

Hope you are all having a fabulous Monday
*Inlove2* CJ

Day job done for the day *Bigsmile* decided to get Burger Urge for dinner tonight... looks like I'm at the tail end of the rush, so have no idea how long the wait is going to be... hope not too long...

Going to watch a movie and get some writing done... depending how long I'm going to be waiting for dinner. Decides this way as the bro won't be home, he went to a mates place for dinner and the football, so I can eat in peace without him "helping" me eat my food.

Been a weird day, not bad, just weird. Hope you all had a fabulous day

*Inlove2* CJ
Happy Friday WdC peeps!

Spent the past few days trying to catch up... turns out what I wanted to do is taking much longer than I thought it would, I didn't realize how much I had to do *Blush* Still a bit to do, hope to do a mass release in my Portfolio/blogspot/instagram... and possibly some other projects/places...I'm thinking Monday, but depending how I go perhaps Sunday or even Tuesday.

I guess we shall see how it all goes...

Need to get ready for the day job soon, can't wait for tonight *Inlove* Will be working on some projects and editing... Doing what I want to do, not what others think/want me to do - love when I can stick to my own plans without being distracted by the wishes of others.

Just finished purchasing some more crystals online (yeah, I have a problem *Pthb*) and I have some due for delivery Monday/Tuesday. The ones I found today are from a place in Byron Bay I found on instagram... and they have AfterPay - very dangerous *Worry**Inlove2* However, it will be my last purchase for awhile - want to get a head start on saving for a crystal healing course. If I can't do the Hibiscus Moon course, then I'm going to try and get into the one held here in Aus. I believe they take students in June, I guess it's possible I could save $2000 by June... maybe...

Happy writing...
*Inlove2* CJ
*Yawn* Late start... only time to shower before the day job - I had planned to get a blog entry or two posted... It's Easter Monday, it can be a lazy morning *Heart*

I guess it shall have to wait until tonight... or tomorrow - depends how dead I am after the day job, hope it is a quick shift, also plan to get some pictures of my new crystals and get some other things done

... yeah, lots of plans, and little to no action as yet #workinprogress *Inlove2*

There's an Easter Monday? *Laugh*
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You've never heard it called Easter Monday? Friday through Monday are all public holidays in Aus... best pay week of the year
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Reallllllllly? I know that in Aussie, they have Monday holidays so that there's this long weekends. I just didn't know it's called Easter Monday. *Rolling*
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Happy Sunday WdC peeps!

Just a quick pop in before the day job... and sneaking in a quick coffee too! *Coffeep**Bigsmile*

Spent a little over $200 on crystals at the Good Friday markets... I'm broke until payday, but unlike the past few weeks of broke-ness I'm fine with it *Inlove* It was my own doing, for something I wanted to do and not because of someone else/cleaning up their messes *Rolleyes*. Besides, I paid all the bills first, I was responsible before my market spending spree!

Besides, I have all day yesterday and today's shift in my pay this coming week (plus Monday in the following weeks'), will be awesome, I love working this Public Holiday weekend - made more fun now that Easter Sunday is now classed as a Public Holiday *Shock2* Only bummer is ... no more markets I can attend soon, probably a good thing *Wink* I do have some plans, need to restock some supplies (only online & in the US/Canada) plus get some more wire so I can get creating!! So many ideas to work on... plus need to see if my brilliant idea of a glue fix works *BigSmile*

Haven't heard who has won the Certified Crystal Healer seats, I thought it was being announced on Friday but I must have been mistaken ... keep your fingers crossed for me!

*Inlove2* CJ
Happy TueSunday WdC peeps!!

Super late start to the day, I've only just finished the chores *Blush* Debating on where to start, I've got two projects I want to post tonight... plus a blog entry or two *Bigsmile*

So I probably should not be procrastinating here right now *Wink* do I'm off to set up for a long writing session.

Have fun creating today!

*Inlove2* CJ
Eek! *Shock2* It's almost time to get ready for the day job and I haven't got anything packed to go home yet. Luckily that no energy thing means I didn't unpack much...

Where did the morning go?!

Guess I've had a slight change of plans for this morning *Laugh*

*Shield7* CJ
Happy Monday WdC!!

Yes, it is Monday here in sunny Australia *Wink* Which means only one thing... It's my Friday *Inlove2* Quite a bit to catch up with but first:

A huge *Hug1**hug**Hug2* to all those who have sent me love the past couple days - the energy boost is appreciated *Heart* That's what I'm putting it down to, had a huge energy shift on Sunday. I'm still tired but not completely exhausted.

*Heart* to all who liked my entry in the instagram contest (see "Note: I need HUGE favour Wd...") to win a free seat in a Certified Crystal Healer course. I have no where near as many likes as some of the other beautiful entries, but there is still a chance for me *Inlove2* it may be picked by the judges for the 2nd free seat *Inlove2* I was playing around with the filters on my tablet's camera and the instagram filters; came up with this to thank my likers (*Confused* is that even a word?)

Would really love to attend, as it takes place exactly when some other projects will end, and would be a great time to start study. If I don't win, I'm still going to save up the money to do the course - I might get lucky, there could still be a seat available close to start date. If not, there is a certified Crystal Healer course here in Aus that costs $2000 (about the same, after currency exchange). I believe they take students mid-year... either way, I'm going to become a certified Crystal Healer this year (or well on the way, the Aus course takes 10mths)

I'm more determined than every, since Dad's performance. I'd debated telling him about the contest/course, he has a habit of being horrid when anything positive/exciting is happening to someone else. Yes, he is rather insane. Won't make that mistake again, I'll go back to not sharing my goals with him *Rolleyes*

In the meantime, I will be completing that Reiki 1,2 & Master course & the Crystal Reiki course through Udemy.com - go with what you can afford *Wink* Creating the contest entry took a planned day of study away, you would not believe how long it took to set up/get a shot I liked *Rolling* And I couldn't really focus after Friday's events... good thing it's a take as long as you like to start/complete format (you get lifetime access to course/materials and even updates *Shock*)

Busy 'weekend' ahead for me, it's all good... and super shiny *Cool*

Can't wait!
*Heart* CJ
*Sick* Have felt completely exhusted since Friday night, I don't know how I made it through my shift yesterday... luckily it's a short shift today. Have a blog entry or two mapped out in my head, I had planned to write/post last night but I didn't have the energy for it.

With luck I'll get it done today, after the day job. I should be receiving the cover for my tablet this week (or next week - no tracking so it's guess-work here). Then I can bring the tablet with me and sneak in some writing/note taking in my breaks.

Don't forget to vote/like my entry at instagram so I can be in the running for a scholarship to become a certified Crystal Healer (and don't forget to share it with people that you know!) https://www.instagram.com/p/BSiFHpIlWXH

See "Note: I need HUGE favour Wd..." for more details *Smile*