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*Facepalm* Why is it I always have the need to write, when I literally don't have the time to write?!

I hope I can keep the desire to write until after the day job - is my short shift so hopefully!!!

*Star* CJ
That happens to all writers. This is why I carry a notebook and pen everywhere I go.
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Happy Friday WdC peeps!

Got a rare morning to myself, so going against the trend and taking it easy. I do have some writing planned for tonight, once I'm finished at the day job... hope to organise my blogs tonight, or at least start to organise them...

Catching up on Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix - love the show ... might grab another coffee and a snack/early lunch...

Have a shiny day!

CJ *Fairy2*
I think my email is caught up... well, all the important stuff - if you are expecting email from me and haven't got anything, give me a reminder *Wink*

Now if only my other catch up work was so easy *Rolleyes*

Need to re-do some written work for my Etsy store... files I thought were fine were messed up in the last computer meltdown. Most is alright, just some of the newer edits missing... they went back to a previous version/save point *Confused*

Got completely involved in catch up for the main online course I'm doing, turns out what was accepted as "previous recognition in learning" was not actually for this course, so I had to crash course some lectures in order to know what's going on in this one. They were really nice about it, gave me access to videos/material. Just a lot for the brain to take in, in a small amount of time *Geek*

Hope to update here in the next couple days... *fingers crossed*

Taking a quick break, need some coffee and something to munch *Coffee**Cupcakev*
I smell coffee... *Mugbr*
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Halfway caught up with my email *Happycry*

Now off to get the last of the laundry started and a couple other chores before I go back to even more catch-up stuff

Hope everyone is well *Heart*

CJ *Fairy2*
Happy WedneSunday WdC peeps!!

In the middle of editing things to be uploaded to various places...

Have been trying to figure out how to use Acuity Scheduler properly... for some reason it's not cooperating with what I want to do for clients who pay via Etsy. It should work, but it's not. In the meantime I have created a page for people who may come across my Acuity Schedule page by chance, or popped up in search engine or something (not sure, but a possibility)... So, if anyone comes across the page they can book a session right there! *Shock2*

https://ReikiArtByCJ.as.me or https://ReikiArtByCJ.as.me/BookReiki

All I have to do now is figure out this other page and I can get going on my Etsy store pages *Starstruck*

Don't fret! I'm still going to do the 10 sessions for $100, it's an Etsy special... I had hoped to finalise stuff there today, there is still time; technically (it's 5:30pm). Won't hold my breath... if not tonight, then there tomorrow night after the day job (fingers crossed).

If I don't get this page sorted soon, I'm moving to other project updates *Inlove2* Let's get moving!! I want to be somewhat productive today *Wink*

CJ *Fairy2*
Running completely late today... about to start the 1st lesson of a course I started today, actually I'm starting a couple courses today. Then it will be off to run some errands and back home to catch up here and my etsy store
Well, I've got a couple items off my to-do list... still a long way to go.

I'm hoping for a better update after I do some things on Saturday - after the day job, time is the issue...

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday

Super quick note to say I'll be back online after the day job today... if I remember I got my laptop working properly again *Rolleyes*

Lots of updates/things to do... hope to be back to regular online-ness by Monday (plan to spent the weekend doing some major updates)
Still having internet issues, well connection issues. When I finish the day job today I'll get the cord and manually hook the computer to the internet. Bro is asleep so can't do it righf now.

First up on the to-do list is a couple things here at WdC that I thought I already did but didn't *Blush* *FacePalm*

Then it is onto my Etsy store and finish up a few things *InLove2* So close! I do have to go back and re-do some of my previous work *RollEyes* Not sure if I'll get things finished but will get a big chunk done... if I'm not interrupted every five minutes... *fingers crossed*

I'm going to finish breakfast and get day job ready... is my short shift (yay!) So hope it is nice and quick - need it after yesterday's shift *RollEyes*

Have a Happy Sunday!

CJ *Fairy2*
Really, REALLY needed more time off the day job. Came in fine, half way mark I was as stressed and annoyed with the place/people as before my time away *Cry*

Seriously need to get things sorted and get a better/decent day job... may look into a transfer to the grocery side of the company... others have done so with minimum stress after transferring...
I was in your position once only in the fast food industry. *Cry* A lot of stress and annoyance; walking home trapped between crying and screaming. *Rant* It's not healthy; I say go for the transfer or find another job. *Smile* There are other places, other opportunities. I hung in my job for 25 years... *Sick* It was NOT worth it. *Sick* Sometimes it is just better to start over.
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Got zero work done yesterday. Some connection issues but mostly the bro would not shut up... had to constantly stop what I was doing so he had my full attention *Rolleyes* Every time I though he was done, back he came to chat some more or pull me to his computer to show me memes and stuff.

I will get to things here after the day job shift... it's my long day, so please bear with me
Quick update, so much to catch up on!

Been sick and super busy with RL stuff and have not been able to get online.

Will catch up with emails after Ive had some breakfast, so if you are waiting on a response, I'll be with it soon.

So much more I have to do but this is my #1 priority today

Hope you have all had a less hectic time

Happy Wednesday WdC peeps!

Just looked at the clock and realised it is almost 12pm!! *Shock2* I have literally done nothing, all morning - except have breakfast and this weeks budget (which, to be honest, was only done so I could give Mum a shopping list before she went to town today).

I have things I NEED to do today... and it seems my body automatically went into WedneSunday mode. It's my chill day, even when on holiday from the day job *Laugh*

So I guess it is... lunch then starting my day *Confused* Yeah, I'm weird... but you all knew that, didn't you? *Golucky*

CJ *Fairy2*
It's nearly 9:30 PM in my neck of the woods. I'm looking forward to a good night's rest and a day off tomorrow minus a doctor visit for my mom.

We all have those days where we need to get a lot done but the day moves too fast for us to do it all. On those days, I do what absolutely needs to be done and have the rest wait. There is always the next day.

Several items have NO BIDS!!!

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