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Hmmm, I have some GPs to donate to a worthy cause.... any ideas where I should send them?

I'm thinking a charity group or fundraiser type donation, not just give gps to random people *Wink*
"The Quill Awards! We need 6 million gps and we have less than a million.
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Happy Friday WdC peeps!

Lots planned for tonight... have a couple projects to plan out, some to update, and various other odds and ends. Haven't finished alls the updates, but super close to it. May roll some out tonight or tomorrow, we shall see how it goes.

Spent the past few days looking at a couple projects from different angles... things weren't exactly working in some areas, think I've got it sorted now. Need to make some structural changes to the main project; "Operation Global Domination. I may be able to do a launch (of sorts) soon. I'm thinking mid September or possibly October... still need to hash out the details, hope to give an update on that on Sunday *Bigsmile**Inlove2*

I'm off to get some prep done, if I start now I can turn things around and end the year successfully dispite the rough start. Found this awesome and inspiring picture to leave you all with (picture credit unknown, if you know who it is please let me know)

*Heart* CJ
Happy Monday Friday WdC peeps!

What a wild weekend, day job was crazy, was completely dead the entire time as I got flu-like symptoms (again!) so, yeah, no writing done (I'm determined not to give up!) ... oh, and it looks like our world leaders are serious about starting World War 3: Nuclear Edition *Rolleyes*

There is nothing I can do about the last point - one person sending loving energy into the world won't cause a global change... though it would be nice. If only governing bodies listened to their mothers' and played nicely with others the world would be in better place *Inlove2*

As for the flu-thing/whatever it is.... I may have found a fix. One of the kids at the day job has put me onto something her mother uses - liquid Vitamin C (Liposomal C) their family didn't get the flu like everyone else, and the one member who show symptoms of the flu only had it for one day *Shock2*. Took a dose yesterday after my shift (I was severely dead/no energy yesterday), woke up feeling a lot better this morning, still a stuffy nose and tired but not as bad as the past few days. So I am keeping up with the daily recommended dose. At AUD$40.95 a bottle, one wants to see improvement/stick with it. We shall see how I feel at the end of the week.

Honestly I think it is the day job making me sick, or at least their air-con. I never got sick before working there. Don't use air-con at home and places like the mall never clean out their filters/maintenance them. If this liquid Vitamin C works, will be well worth the cost *Smile*

Don't think I will be writing tonight - think an early night is in order but have penciled it in for TueSaturday... will even forego watching WWE raw to get it done (I must be serious)

On the plus side of the past few days, my hair has felt fantastic! I think the combination of the Kerotin supplements I started last Monday and the hair mask I used on Thursday are working fabulously *Inlove2* well worth the investment. There is a tiny amount of frizz but it is NOTHING compared to how it usually looks and feels. It's still soft and silky and doesn't look all oily and horrid this long after its last wash.

Anyway, enough from/about me... need to start getting ready for the day job. I hope it is a quick shift, I want my weekend!!

*Heart* CJ
Edited to fix double ups in sentences *Facepalm* sadly, going back to bed is not an option today *Yawn*
Not really much time to write before the day job commences... spent my weekend doing the exact opposite of what I wanted to *Rolleyes* It's all good though, caught up with some friends and took more notes for a project or two. Making progress, slowly. Hey! It's progress *Pthb*

Dare I say I plan to continue the type up over the next few days??? *Worry**Shock2* I guess we shall see how it goes

Hope you are all enjoying your week!

*Inlove2* CJ
Happy Monday Friday WdC peeps!!

Last day job shift of the 'week' about to start... pumped for my weekend *Bigsmile* Didn't get as much writing done yesterday as I'd hoped but did work out a couple issues I was having with flow/continuation... so not a total loss *Wink*

Plan on pulling an all-nighter either tonight or tomorrow. Not sure which, plan is to get everything finished so I can get started on the upload process *Happycry* I'm thinking tomorrow as I had a late night last night but we shall see how I feel after the day job.

Can't wait to get started!!

*Inlove2* CJ
Plan to do some serious writing after the day job. Wish me luck! I hope it is a nice quick shift, so I don't lose my motivation *Smile*
Happy Friday WdC!!

Lots to do, lots to catch up on and no time to do it *Rolleyes* No. I'm not surprised in the least. Need to re-type all my notes and such, my laptop blue screened just as I was about to back up everything to USB *Facepalm* I'm determined to Get stuff posted on Sunday, I am so tired of going round in circles... hoping that once I get these updates off my to-do list I can move forward with various projects.

Did manage to make a blog entry, not much but it's an entry *Pthb**Inlove2*

I've added a new entry to my book, "Taming the Muse:
"Birthday Planning

*Fairy2* CJ
Get a new laptop?
No, same laptop. Restarted fine except for the programs I had open at the time. Browser crashed and lost all open tabs, OneNote lost some entries, mixed others together and placed others in other workbooks. Did it before 1-2 years ago... not sure why then or now

I do need a new laptop but it is way down on the list at this time...
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We kind of have progress, but not enough to do a proper update *Rolleyes*

I also have to include laundry and some chores around the house - need to be a bit more productive than just writing today.... unfortunately. One does need to adult.... occasionally. *Laugh*

Hope you have a wonderful WedneSunday!!

*Inlove2* CJ
Happy TueSaturday WdC peeps!!

*Sob**Facepalm* Sorry about the disappearing act guys, I totally forgot about some real life commitments I made. I thought they weren't for a couple weeks, my fevered mind and inability to think straight from the never-ending flu/cold/whatever-it-was messed up my ability to track time/keep days straight *Rolleyes*

So I am spending my weekend typing up notes and updating projects. I may upload to here as I complete or, to avoid distractions, I may wait until I'm finished and upload it all tomorrow... perhaps a little of both ... who knows! It will be a surprise *Laugh*

*Fairy2* CJ
Thanks Anonymous!! *Heart* *Inlove2*
Morning WdC-land!!

Have some good news/bad news regarding my last post "Note: {popnote:"I am Groo..." ...

Good News: I have made progress - not fully complete, I'm happy with what I've completed *Inlove2*

Bad News: In order to make said progress, I worked with pen and paper not the computer with internet distractions *Rolleyes*

It's now the beginning of my work week, I won't get time to type/upload until Saturday or Sunday *Cry* Tonight I have to do some baking and Friday's I never seem to get much done. We shall see how it goes over the next couple days...

*Fairy2* CJ
Good luck!
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I am Groot!!

I've figured out where I've been going wrong... by publicly declaring what I want to do/achieve, I've left myself open to those with otherwise nefarious plans (ie distract me from making progress) *Wink* ... but they never seem to interrupt the laundry or other mundane tasks *Confused* go figure...

I've come up with an ingenious way to throw these evil villains off my tracks; I encrypted my to-do list:

*Box* I am groot
*Box* I am groot
*Box* I am groot
*Box* I am groot
*Box* I am groot

*Smirk2* Take that! What do you think? Might keep the bad guys at bay... for awhile *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling*

Lots to get done... including the laundry - that is if I can keep the cat from turning off the washing machine mid-cycle *Facepalm*

Until my next update, please enjoy the following song
*Inlove* CJ

Don't forget: I AM GROOT!
Elycia Lee ☮ Florent I do plan on 'translating' the list in my next update - or as I tick off tasks *Wink*
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*Rolling* I imagine you write: "I am Groot" at the 'Weekly Goals' item. That would BE interesting.
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Can't beat Tim Curry.
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Quick question.... which spelling looks better?

The Faerie Grove
The Faery Grove

I like the old spelling of fairy but have seen it both ways...

Thanks *Heart*
I always saw it as

Fairy - modern fairy tales/Disney view

Faery/ie - old world, folklore entities. Both light and dark.
I'm leaning towards "Faerie"...
For that title, I think it works better with the 'ie'.
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