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Happy Birthday! Enjoy, and celebrate all the good stuff ... like cake! *CakeB*

It's just after 1pm and I'm still in my pjs *Shock2* It's my birthday and I'll dress how I want to *Pthb*

Got no work done at all yesterday, we were in town longer than planned. So the trinkets I told you about yesterday are not ready yet *Blush*. In my defence, it is still October 19 in some places to the east of my current location... *Pthb*

About to cook some lunch, will get onto trinket making after that... need to take a picture or two as well, or the trinkets will be very plain...

I don't think I'll change from my pjs though, they're too comfy *InLove2*

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday

*CupcakeV* CJ
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Wizard CJ & Wicked Muse O'West !!!!!!!! Heart
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Okay, we are not going quite yet... in the meantime we get to put up with Dad's foul mood (yay us) *Rolleyes* Nothing makes him happy like criticizing and hating on others.

So double checking the budget, shopping list... and trying to justify visiting the local crystal shop - want to get some more Shunite. It is on the way to the bro's house, I know Mum wants to visit him today. Might happen *Wink* Guess it will mostly depend on how much I spend at the other shops.

Don't let them dull your sparkle!

*Inlove2* CJ
Woke up this morning to this lovely Merit Badge from Danse-iKïyå§amaCabre

Merit Badge in Inner Beauty
[Click For More Info]

Everyone is different; each one of us choosing to deal with whatever personal demons we are confronted with in our lifetimes as best we can. 
To most, our experiences might be considered 'shameful', and so we choose to remain in silence or to 'move on' and not give 'them' the power. 
Whatever choice you've made, I hope we can all continue to remember our self-worth. We are more than what 'they' try to make of us. We are strong. We are beautiful. We WILL survive. 

Thanks so much *Heart*

Lots to do today, need to go into town - having lunch with Mum and Nana today. Then it is straight into some projects for tomorrow. It's my birthday, so I'm hoping to make some Trinkets and such for you all *Bigsmile*

Need to get started organising bits and pieces for my Christmas gift making. If I don't get started on the weekend, Monday will be the day *Blush* I'll get it all done before I go back to the dayjob in November - been enjoying some time off everything the past couple days - was totally needed *Angelic* honestly!

So much more to write but will have to wait until tonight

Have a fantastic Thursday!

*Inlove2* CJ
One day job shift to go.... heading out as soon as I do my hair and get my shoes... going to be a super quick and delightful shift *BigSmile*
*Jackolantern* Happy WedneSunday WdC peeps!! *Jackolantern*

I haven't got much done the past few days, been totally exhausted this morning and yesterday... hope I'm not coming down with another flu *Temp**Worry*

Don't think I shall get much done on the writing/editing front... really want to get a head start on the Christmas/Halloween thing. Take stock of what I have, what I need and also what I want to do with it all. Not only do I have last years' left over Halloween stuff to sort (I've also put a bunch of Halloween things on layby too - $150 worth to be exact *Shock2*), I also have to sort my crystals, beads and such from my (ever forthcoming) store. Only have the basic naughty/nice list... hopefully I can get an updated list by the end of the month...

I know I will have three and a half weeks of day job-free time coming up, I really want to focus on making things - goal is to make Christmas presents, lots of 'presents', way more than I require ... the excess will become store stock so that I can open my Etsy store *Smirk2* The past few attempts of making things for my store have been blocked by various Real Life distractions... I figure doing it this way is probably the best and easiest way to get my dreams off the ground.

Imagine... in a couple of weeks I could open the doors to my store, possibly even selling an item or two *Shock**Inlove2* Still not 100% on a store name, so I'll be sticking with my blog title "The Crystal Journey" (still waiting to upload the blog - I'm having image issues, need to find my editing software, laptop program is not cutting it). I'm open to suggestion on a store name - email me if you wish to know more about the store and what it's all about... may not be able to pay much, but I could make you something ... perhaps even a Merit Badge *Thinker* I really hate naming things, the Muse has always been lacking in that department *Rolleyes*

Oh, and quick question for Writing.Com Support or others in the know... in the WritingML Help guide; why is *Mars* & *Saturn* in the Supernatural category?? Shouldn't they be in the Places and Travel category like the *Earth*? Or did I miss a memo on them no longer being planets/existing? *Confused*

Hope you all have a shiny and creative day

Scifi aliens' home worlds, perhaps.

Note that if you want to ask a site question, it's likely to be seen faster if you post it in "Technical Support Forum.
*Jackolantern* Happy TueSaturday WdC peeps! *Jackolantern*

What do you think of my handle? Needs some work... I totally suck at titles *Rolleyes* I always struggle to name poems, stories, projects... Hence why I'm always open to suggestions. Would probably explain why my projects are always work-in-progresses *Martian*

It's October - which means it's HALLOWEEN!!! My favourite time of year... October is the best month; it starts with my niece's birthday, then Friday the 13th (this year), followed by my birthday and ends with Halloween (actually, Beltaine for us in the the Southern Hemishpere). It also marks the time of year that I can watch
The Nightmare Before Christmas guilt free *Inlove2* Here's the opening scenes & song *Music2*

Work is paying me to stay home today, so I can write and work on some projects *Bigsmile* It's the Queen's Birthday public holiday, but I like my way of thinking better *Wink* Do need to get a few things done first, but it is connected to my projects so I guess it can be counted ...

Need to update a few outside projects too - hope I get time to do it all *Inlove*

Woke up in the early am to find it raining... it's been ages. Wasn't raining when I first got up but it's been raining on and off for the last hour or so. A nice downpour right now - I'm tempted to go back to bed and read a good book *Geek* ... Really is tempting - I guess we shall see how it goes ...

Hope you all have a fantastic day

*Shock* Netflix has removed The Nightmare Before Christmas!! *Cry* *runs to find dvd*
Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite movies! Smile
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Hanging out the laundry and I heard this from next door....

Poppy: "Don't lock Poppy outside"

Miss3/4: "But Poppy it's fun!"

Once upon a time my daughter locked herself in her bedroom when she was around 3-4 years old. Luckily she unlocked it by turning the knob, but after that, we took the knob off the door. Still haven't put it back on after 15 years. LOL
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Last day of the day job week. Super busy 'weekend', hope to get everything done for a change... would be nice

*InLove2* CJ
Happy Friday WdC peeps!

Soon to be day job bound. Have partially planned tonight, some writing included. Want to do some study tonight (finally started my Reiki course! *InLove2*) and possibly a blog entry...just a matter of fitting it all in. Have an all day shift tomorrow and then the Markets *Starstruck* hope to find something nice, even inspiring. Something completely different. Last Market I went to didn't have many stalls (did get some shiny crystals though). It shall be a surprise, markets in this area are hit and miss, one can never know for sure.

Day job was quite nice, was busy though. I expected chaos, how it usually is when I come back from time off. Hope it's nice again today (though not quite as busy *Wink*).

Hope to get work done on my 'crystal journey' blog over at blogspot - want to have it open by the end of the month. Not as far ahead as I'd hoped, confident I'll get there. An entry or two is all I really need... that way I can easily maintain a goal of one or two entries a week. Still working on layout. Haven't found one I'm happy with yet.

Back to the day job today, wish I still had time off as I haven't got as much as I wanted done. But there is improvement and progress so not an entire loss. I have a couple weeks work and then I'm on some long service leave *InLove2*

I can totally make it ... I hope *Worry**Pthb*

Giving myself some extra time to get ready, haven't straightened my hair for the past week, may take some extra wrangling. I washed it last night, so is extra curly today *Rolleyes*

Didn't get much writing done yeasterday, too many outside distractions... wish I got more done over the time off, guess we shall see how I go over the next couple weeks...

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!

*Facepalm* Remember "Note: my account is like s..."?? Yeah, well, *Blush* a bill I forgot about came out of the saved money AND I totally forgot about taking Mum to the Markets for her b'day when I did up my budget last week *Facepalm* and this week is my short week *Facepalm**Facepalm* so I'm short again this week... unless my tax return comes in (still waiting on it).

Good news is, if tax money doesn't come, I'll have the rest of the money next week (honestly The ScaryMaster *Angelic*). Bad news is I will only have $80 to spend at the Markets, less if the liquorice guy is there (5 straps for $15 is a bargin! It's the only nice liquorice in the area). So, I probably won't get any/many new crystals. I actually planned to just look around and get some ideas for Christmas - I'll be going to these Markets again in October and the BAM markets in November (where I should most definitely have tax money for spending *Wink*).

Have spent the whole morning on the phone sorting out my internet bill - went to extend the bill from this week to next week and found that they have only charged me for my phone usage (VOIP) which is $0 as we don't use it, there's no internet charge *Confused* They are still unable to tell me when I will be invoiced (normal due date is Friday) and the only way to ensure my account won't be billed before next week was to remove my billing details from the account, with me promising to pay/re-give billing details next week *Shock2*. I'm sure someone once said technology made life easier *Rolleyes*

Plans for yesterday got put on hold; first Dad's new mobility scooter arrived, so he was all worked up and had to get it put together. Luckily Al was available to help out as Dad didn't want to read the instructions because "he knew how to do it" *RollEyes* Al managed to direct the assembly so it worked first time *Wink* I took the headache-free option and let them build it *Laugh* Other unaccounted for distraction was a friend called, as we haven't seen each other for awhile, we took our time *CoffeeP**Phone*

I will get to my writing ... at some point *Bigsmile*

On the plus side, as I've ticked off many of the other tasks from my To-Do list I should be able to focus on my projects, distraction free *InLove2*

Happy Monday WdC peeps!!

I actually had a lazy Sunday *Shock*
on a Sunday!! *Shock2* Can't remember the last time that happened... so, yeah, I'm a little behind schedule now *Blush**BigSmile* it was a much needed break, honestly. This Sunday coming I'm going to the Calliope markets *InLove2* (taking Mum for her b'day). I hope there is more there than last month. Mum said it was mostly empty as most stall holders went to a bigger Market in Rocky.

Still working on my writing updates, some serious editing is required (again *FacePalm*). To be fair, some editing is to remove the confusion - how the hell I missed all this, I have no idea. And then there's the edits required because something else was edited *RollEyes* Seems like a never ending process.

Only a couple days left on my time off the day job *Cry* My room is *
finally* sorted to the point of no clutter *HappyCry* well, three shelfs need sorting/organising, they are being sorted today. I am still waiting for my wall shelves to go up - need a second set of hands and everyone is too busy, so hopefully they will go up in October when I have a few weeks off. Then I can do the last of my unpacking and get my room finished. So one goal this time off not entirely complete but at least my room is tidy now.

Haven't even got a look at my 3rd goal: Sorting my craft supplies and organising my Christmas supplies. Goal for my time off in October/November is to make Christmas gifts and get a start on stock for my Etsy store - still think sneaking store items in is the best way to successfully get it started, others will distract less if it is for Christmas... I hope *Worry*. Three and a half weeks should be plenty of time to get things done - or at the very least, give me a decent head start for Christmas *InLove2*

No study done as yet, but I am planning a study schedule for the next few weeks (plus my time off next month). I should be able to make progress with it over the coming weeks *Starstruck* Time will tell, I guess, I shall keep you all updated.

Time to get moving, coffee is almost finished, which means it's time to be productive *Martian*

*Facepalm* my account is like $3 short of renewing my WdC membership *FacePalm*

Now I have to wait until Wednesday to renew it *RollEyes*

Various projects have taken longer then expected to complete... so I'm a little behind schedule, I'm confident I'll get everything done by Wednesday.

Back to it, I'm close to crossing an item off the to-do list forever *Inlove2*

*Heartg* CJ