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Watching the NASA live stream on the mars rover Persiverence.
My friend asked me to share this: #justiceforjasko http://chng.it/yxB24YFgYT
Happy Anniversary!
Thank you!
You're very welcome!
Happy Anniversary.
Thank you!
It's final! I've changed my name from worker1398 to ClearDiamond
So glad to see you back! Yay on the name change!
Ive added a GTS CNote to "My First CNote Item for all you GTS fans out there!
That catnip one is really cool!
Good Night Everyone!
"My First CNote Item has been updated with 2 more memes
and while im busy with life during my busy life until December if anything changes or happens to effect me coming back i anyway i will be sure to make time to get on to announce it. so don't worry about that! :)
my CNote item has been updated! "My First CNote Item Enjoy!
update about the current ballance of my name change fund it has been granted by a wonderful soul Tina Stone who gave 80k gp to let me change my name! so now that goal has been reached. i will be changing it in December, when im done with my stuff in my life. Thank You Tina!
lol, just my way of making SURE you come back Mr! We need you around WDC...so don't stay away too long my friend!
Remember: when I get enough gp to change my name on here my port url and suser tag will be changed and all my emails will be lost so if you like my port and or we talk via email on here i suggest you favorite/fan 1 of my items so you can still get to my port when i change the name. Right now I only have 23k/100k gp saved up for the name change. Just so everyone knows. you can donate to this group if you have the gp to spare for my cause: "Clear Diamond's Group