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Is there any way to display math in an article without having to use TeX markup. I don't even know if TeX markup is available on here. I just posted an article on Fractions but none of the math showed up. I tried a PDF but cannot upload PDF's. Uploaded MS Word document but the math doesn't show.
 Fractions Are Not That Bad - Really!  (E)
An overview of basic fractions.
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This sort of question belongs in "Technical Support Forum.

That said --

WDC doesn't have TeX markup.

If you can't type the math with regular characters, your only option is to do screenshots or create graphics and make image items to embed in your text.
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."
---Mark Twain
That is soooooooooooo true.
My membership has expired and my items have been locked over the 10. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay for the paid membership and have requested the generosity of ROAK but apparently didn't qualify.

Have a happy and healthy 2019 and maybe someday in the future I will be able to once again join. This will be my last login here.
Thank you to everyone.
Check your inbox. Happy New Year.
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Happy Birthday! Have a great day.
When copying and pasting something is there anyway to keep the formatting? I am also having trouble with the formatting in general. If I do indents they disappear once saved. Am I missing something?
For indents, you have to use the indent button above the text box (arrow pointing at a paragraph). Otherwise, it doesn't show up. It takes time to figure it all out, but you can do all of your spacing through those buttons.

It is not my favorite thing about putting items in my portfolio. *Think*
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So, I take it if we scan stuff into a PDF we also can't upload like a word document.
Questions about how to use the site belong in "Technical Support Forum, which is linked as Need Help? at the upper right, and also as Writing.Com Tools/Help: Technical in the left nav menu.

That said --

The standard format for online reading is not the same as for a printed page. For online, no indents are used for paragraphs. Instead you leave a blank line between paragraphs. There's an option to double space paragraphs in the Advance section of the create/edit page.

If you want to keep the indent formatting for some reason, change the Spacing option in the Advanced section of the create/edit page to Preserve Spacing.

If you want to keep formating like italic and bold, use the drag & drop option to create the item. See How To Upload Writing from Writing.Com 101 .

With a Premium+ membership, PDFs and Word documents can be uploaded as Document items. PDFs cannot be drag & dropped into a Static item or Book entry.
When creating characters, what is the best way to decide what their "fears" are? I have twenty characters in my current novel I am working on and I have fears listed such as, fear of losing financial means, fear of loosing someone they are emotionally attached too, and fear of being alone. Are these considered acceptable fears or do a characters fears need to be things like a fear of snakes, spiders, or heights? Do the fears need to be tied to the novels themes? Is it best to have their fears tied to the novels themes?

Also, how many of you when writing something have their character's completely filled out into people before writing or do you continually keep building your characters as you write? I seem to keep going back and working on my characters more.
Good afternoon, Lassie,

A cursory look at your portfolio indicates that you are familiar with the Bible. It's a good guide for many character elements.
         The character of a young person is qualified by a search for purpose. The division is between those young people who seek challenge and those who evade it. Thereafter, the division is between those who reason well and persevere and those who indulge in wishful thinking and shirk.
         And, as you well know, the character of an adult is based on the outcome of their choices and of the commitments they have accepted.
         The Bible tells small stories of individual triumph and suffering. Stories of larger groups usually boil down to the actions of a few. The larger stories of congregations, populations, peoples and nations grow out of these stories. Even if you could coherently discuss twenty characters in a single narrative, your readers would want to take them as did Noah -- two by two.
         Okay, life is a lot more complex than storytelling. So don't try to create life. Just create a story.
         Belatedly, welcome to the site.
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A character's fears can have different functions in a story. For example:

Sometimes a fear is only there to differentiate one character from another.
Sometimes a fear must be faced because the plot makes use of it as an obstacle.
Sometimes a fear results in taking a different path in order to not face it.
Sometimes a fear is used as an obstacle for someone else.
Sometimes a fear is used for comic relief.
Sometimes a fear is part of the inner conflict a character must overcome in order to reach their external story goal/solve their external story problem.

How it's going to be used determines what kind of fear to choose. The more ways a fear can be woven into the story, the more important it becomes, and the better its fit for the character and the story need to be.

If your story explores a theme, you might find John Truby's Anatomy of Story a helpful read in designing your characters. A closely related book with a slightly different approach is Lisa Cron's Story Genius. Check the 808 section of your local library.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I just purchased Lisa Cron's Story Genius on Kindle for a mere 1.99 and found a 66-page outline to John Truby's Anatomy of Story for free. If the outline helps I will probably buy the book after reading Lisa Cron's.
I could really use some tips/suggestions. My novel has twenty characters and many scenes. I am having trouble keeping everything in logical order. I need a better way (I have an outline) to keep track of scenes, including who is in each scene and what is going on in each scene. The outline is too long to keep flipping pages and isn't straightforward and easy to use.

I have tried Writer's Cafe but using the software is like banging your head against the wall. It inserts cards where I don't want them, It is clumsy switching between chapters and scenes. Basically, it's very difficult to use. I am looking for a more simple method that is easy to use.

I have looked at numerous other writing software programs and either they cost too much or don't seem to be any better than Writer's Cafe.
After searching the internet I found yWriter that looks like it might be good. It is free and looks like what I need. I need to get used to using this before NaNoWriMo.
I have pulled up the statistics on my articles in my portfolio but can't remember how I did it. How do I pull up the statistics on my articles?
Click on the gear looking thing at the upper right-hand side of your post. Scroll down and click on Statistics. 😃
Whoopie! Another 3,599 words done today. Looking at my outline, my book may end up to be more than 90,000 words by the time I am done with it.

I took off from writing yesterday. I think I emptied my brain the two days before. Plus, I took my 5.5-month-old collie to the parks yesterday. *Smile*
Really good day. I got 23,000 words written on my novel today. Of course, that's the initial rough draft I am working on but I feel like I got something done today.
I should have my character profiles completed a long time ago. Unfortunately, I am still working on them. My outline is only two-thirds done which also should have been completed this week.

All week has been a struggle to get anything done between the hubby, an Amazon parrot, and 5-month-old collie. The hubby is constantly grumpy, the collie is either knawing on me, biting me on the thighs or laying on my work. The parrot has been irritable and squawky (noisy) which makes the hubby grumpier, to the point I could scream.

Of course, the New Moon is tomorrow. That has a lot to do with it. I used to work in a nursing home and the cycle of the moon effects everything....believe me! I've seen it over and over again. It was extremely obvious in the nursing home.
Trying to get my character profiles done is grueling. *Frown* I have all but 5 done out of 20 and then I STILL have to go back over every one of them to double check all of the information and fill in the blanks..