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"The Daily Poem
I am SO confused. How do I submit my poem?
I don't understand.
Directions for entering a contest are on the contest page.

In the rules on this contest page, it says: Your entry should be posted in {bitem:xxxxxxxx} or {entry:xxxxxxxx} format.

Your item [#2154987] "An alphabetical Poem could be submitted by creating a new post in the forum that includes a b-item link to YOUR item as the directions say:


Which is parsed as:

 An alphabetical Poem  (E)
an alphabetical poem.
#2154987 by Lassie

To edit your existing post, view your post and click on the Edit option in the post's tool bar, and then make the edits and click Complete the Edit.
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New postings: Skippy the Squirrel, My Parrot Gizmo. Plus essays on Oedipus and Robert Frost's poem, The Aim Was Song.
Made some changes to the Adventures of Gizmo Chapter 2. Working on Chapter 3.
"Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will get you everywhere." -Albert Einstein-
So to request a review you need to use 1,000 points?
The lowest amount that it can be set to is 900.

It’s that or you can post a link to your item here and ask people to do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

You can also put items on the Plug Page for people to find.
I think what you are looking at is the auto rewards addon feature. Yes that costs GPs that are paid out to reviewers. It is not required. "Auto-Rewards.

These are two of the many free ways to get reviews. "Please Review and "The Shameless "Plug" Page
I haven't been here long but I am already in LOVE with Writing dot com.
It's a great community to be part of, isn't it Lassie? *Smile*
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I was just notified that I got the puppy I wanted. He is 3 weeks old right now. I will be bringing him home around the first of May. They are currently calling him Mark. His name is going to be Sir Laddie. He is a sable and white rough collie. (I have OCD, Obsessive Collie Disorder--LOL) I am so excited I don't know if I am going to be able to sleep tonight.
Once something is posted is it possible to edit what was posted? I have posted a short story I would like to make changes in but don't know how.
No problem. Open your item, then look for a gear shaped icon on the top right of the page. Click that and one of the options is "edit".
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Trying to figure this place out still. Went to the newbie feed which is set up good but clicking on the links brings up another confusing page and I don't know where to go from there. Lost. Frustrated. How am I supposed to exit and save this post?
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