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Does anyone know what a Shit Barometer is?

It measures the shit pressure in the air.

I can feel it in the air. The shit winds are coming.
I haven't had a cigarette since Monday afternoon! I think I am actually going to succeed this time at quitting.
one day at a time! you got this!
I am feeling weak frequently. The only reason I haven't broken over is I am afraid it would put me back at the beginning. Otherwise, I would have already broken down. Today has been especially difficult.

I quit cold turkey at 31, 1973, when my son was born because the problem with second hand smoke was just becoming an issue, and they’d gone to $0.50 a pack and I was to cheap to pay that. The first 2 weeks was an hour by hour fight, then a daily one for a couple more then weekly for a few months. At about a year it was every couple months and the time between “I’D KILL FOR A CIGARETTE RIGHT NOW!” Has stretched to every decade or two after 45 years.

Get on here when you’re feeling weak and we’ll encourage you. At least the non smokers will.

YOU ARE A STRONG PERSON! DO NOT LET THEM WIN! If you do they’re running your life, not you, do you want that?
Happy Anniversary! Have a great day.
Thanks, Funny how fast it goes when you're having fun.
Is there any way to display math in an article without having to use TeX markup. I don't even know if TeX markup is available on here. I just posted an article on Fractions but none of the math showed up. I tried a PDF but cannot upload PDF's. Uploaded MS Word document but the math doesn't show.
 Fractions Are Not That Bad - Really!  (E)
An overview of basic fractions.
#2179538 by Lassie
This sort of question belongs in "Technical Support Forum.

That said --

WDC doesn't have TeX markup.

If you can't type the math with regular characters, your only option is to do screenshots or create graphics and make image items to embed in your text.