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Alright, what's your favourite song?
Hard one. I would say... Stay Alive by the Hamilton Co
Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd.
Bamsies! New item~~
"Reruns every night, it's always the same fight and I think you should know

I hate your touch, I hate your mouth, I can't stand every single word that falls out, but you're all that I've been dreaming about, this is not another song about love"
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One of those is familiar, and yet I can’t place it. Oh well
As fine as I can be
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That’s as good as it can be sometimes. I’ll be here if you need someone to talk to
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Ah, brilliant band. But may I ask how you’re doing?
Favourite color?
Red or black
On what object? Blue isn't so appetizing if its on an orange? Much more goes into favorite colors, like texture, and shape, and I love oranges because oranges are the most honest food on the planet considering their name.

My favorite color changes from time to time depending upon what's surface is painted.
Pink. And let me tell you why. Maybe it's just my rods and cones, but when I compare blue and light blue the difference doesn't seem as great as red and pink. Even the difference between neon blue and navy blue is not as stark as red and neon pink. This fascinates me more than it should. I don't really wear any pink (might have a dress shirt somewhere,) but it is my favorite in the sense that I find it the most interesting.
Bams! new ittteeeem!!
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That’s great!
Oh....well...I suppose I have given my name out...XD..
Dazani is your name?
The name's Megan
Now you have your name out
New Item, Peoples!~
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Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out
I've posted something new to my portfolio
Criticisms that actually sounded really disrespectful, and really didn't have any tips for improvement.
Oh the person who gave you a review? Yikes! That sucks. A review should be respectful, and kind, especially when talking of what needs a little work.
My point exactly! Thank you!
Leave muh romance awone!!!
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What do you mean? *Confused*
Hi Dazani! Miranda here. How are you liking WDC so far? You’ll find some great people in this community, and make some wonderful friends. ¡Adíos, for now!

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I love it!~ Talk to you later~
I need friends XD. IM meeeee
Bam! Another add to my portfolio!
I've uploaded something new!

It's not too muches, but, it exists *Giggles quietly*
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