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Anyone know how to handle Facebook/Messenger hackers? My mom accidently got herself hacked and I'm trying to help her.
Change the password.
For those who write interactives would anyone like to add to some of the chapters I've written? I'm working on a chapter for someone else, but I'd love if I got replies to some of the others I've done, I like writing eith new people.

If DM is needed that's fine, but u can feel free to just reply to them to lol, I can work wirh whatever ^^
Getting close! Just gotta save up 30,000 more for that membership and the all mighty unlimited interactive viewing xd
What do you mean unlimited interactive viewing? You are only allowed to read so many interactives? I know you have to have at least a Basic membership to host an interactive, but I thought you could view as many as you wanted, even at the Free level.

Maybe I misunderstand what you mean. What level of membership are you trying to get and what are you trying to do?
Schnujo OOh sorry! Maybe i didnt explain it well enough

I mean like how, you can only go so many chapters into an interactive before it will sometimes cut you off for a bit because your a free member and all.
REALLY?!? I had no idea! That definitely sucks, for sure. *Pthb*
Got some writing done today!

It might seem petty but I do wish I could get more replies on my interactives from other people. I enjoy writing out stories with others, and it tends to add stuff to a story I woudnt have thought of getting another view

I DO get part of it is probaly because most aren't into the sort of things I write, but I guess I still wish I'd get some ya k ow?

Anyway, that's just my random ramblings for the day lol
I ran out of characters. lol

6. When sending GPs or cNotes, I suggest also asking people to click your Plus button. Once till they see the finger with the string is private and sets you as a Favorite of theirs. Twice makes them a Fan of yours and they see the megaphone. Depending on what your niche is, people my prefer to keep it private, but if they click it at least once, they can start seeing your Newsfeed posts, so that's helpful. You just won't know unless they comment or Like it. *Wink* A note about sending GPs through email, they only go to the 1st person on the list, so don't send them to more than 1 person through email. For cNotes, you can do a Search for them or go to Browse by Type on the left side and click Community Notes. There are probably a few dozen active cNote shops. Browse, look for something appropriate (maybe Thanks or something), and look for ones that are more affordable (I think 250 is the cheapest and they aren't as common) and that you can send to multiple people (maybe 250 ones can't be sent to more folks). Unless you have a lot of GPs, then just pick things you like. *Bigsmile*

7. Poach other people's fans. I mean, it sounds rude, but they can still post on the original one. *Wink* Anyway, find interactives similar to yours and find people who have posted on there. If you are going to send GPs or cNotes, be sure to check to see if they are active before spending money on them. *Wink* Then you can say something about you saw they had posted on another interactive and you really liked their chapter(s) and wanted to invite them to post on yours. Again, give a link(s). You can also ask them to click your Plus button and be sure to mention if you pay for chapter adds. *Wink*
8. Speaking of folks clicking your Plus button, I recommend you make it easy for them by giving it to them. To display the Plus button, you want to use the "user" way of tagging. (There are other ways such as huser and suser, but you want just user because it gives the most info, including your Plus button. *Wink*) To show your user link, you post {user:codyodum} and you will get Lamia . I even sometimes post an arrow showing where to click, but that's probably not needed. *Laugh* But if you want to know, it's {e:Left} which gives *Left*. BTW, those are braces, which are just above the brackets. They aren't parentheses, just in case they look like it. *Wink* Because people are on all sorts of different devices, you might consider putting your link and arrow on a separate line so they don't get separated and look dumb. I usually do this.
Feel free to Fan me by clicking my Plus button twice. (My folks don't usually mind it being non-private. lol)
Schnujo *Left*
You've already fanned me, so you don't see the Plus. You should see the megaphone. But you get the drift.

9. When people post on yours, respond quickly with thank you and a compliment on something you liked about it. *Smile* If you send GPs, send them quickly.

Okay, that's mostly all my advice for you. I hope some of it helps! Good luck!
Always hate when i miss a typo, specially since i mainly post in inter actives and cant edit it later >.<
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That definitely sucks! I didn't realize you can't edit interactives. *Pthb* I don't post on them much, so I never noticed. *Think*
OK this might be silly but I figure it could be fun to promote writing with others, which I've enjoyed doing when I've been able to do.

So! I'll give 300 points for responses to Interactive chapters I've written, even the option chapters, 600 if it's the Fate related chapters because I enjoy writing for them most.

The only rules persay are that they be of decent length for the points, not necerly super long (though that's very welcome, would likely tip that) just not 'they did x thing now what's next') and also that just adding more options doesn't count for them.

Again know it's silly, but I like writing with others, figure rewards for it would be a good incentive!
If I happen to not see it you can of course email me that you did so for the points ^^
Just so you know, not a lot of people will see your posts until you've gained a fair number of fans on this site, but I do wish you luck! Fans are people who have clicked your Plus Sign twice, though once (for Favorite) is also good enough to see posts, but it's private so you won't know they've clicked it unless they interact with you and even then, it could be like me, just trolling the Community Newsfeed. *Bigsmile*

Good luck with your writing plans! It sounds fun!
Rather glad I've been able to write more and more frequently lately, my last chapter was even able to get more length than I usually do ^.^
Have had a good run of writing muse today, shame its probaly not the kind of writing a lot enjoy but oh well, I'm still happy about it ^^
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Writing is writing. I don't enjoy a LOT of stuff on here, but if the writer had fun creating it, that's what matters. And let's not forget that not all my stuff is enjoyed by all either, so there's that. *Wink* Congratulations to you and your muse. *Bigsmile*

Thought I'd share some work I'm a bit proud of from an RP type writing I'm doing with friends, with this being a writing site and all xd

It's nothing super special obviously, but I myself enjoyed writing the part a lot ^^
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Not every writing piece can be super special, but the important thing is that you had fun. *Smile*

Just so you know, you can post a regular WdC link here. There are 2 main types--item and bitem (big item). You need the item number, but after you type the colon, it usually pops up if you were working on it recently. *Wink* But if you weren't there are several places to get the item number.

You can find the item number in your portfolio on the item you click to open the full story. It's like a 7 or so digit number. You can also find it when you open the item. It's generally below and to the right a bit of the title. You can also find the item number in the web address as you can see above. *Bigsmile*

So, using your item number from the web address, I'll show you how to create links here. You need braces, not parentheses. They are above brackets on the keyboard.

{item:2257061} *Right* "A Look Inside Cinder

{bitem:2257061} *Down*

 A Look Inside Cinder  (E)
Just a bit of writing from an roleplay I'm doing with friends.
#2257061 by Lamia

Good luck, congratulations, and welcome! *Hug*
Anyone know if theres a certain size for avatars? the one i have now has some white space on the top and bottom, and I assume its due to the one i picked being just a bit to small

Thanks in advance ^^
If you want to be seen by those who can help - I would post this in the Technical Support Forum.




Story bits like this are why I love Fate Grand Order despite it being a Gacha game (and it very much is don't get me wrong)

The story telling is just amazing despite that, I could talk about it in detail all day really, but I'd probaly sound like a broken record by the end.

And this is just a side story for one of the characters, not even in the actual main story >.< so good.
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I've only watched a bit of the anime.
Next goal is building up points for a membership, so I dont have to deal with the limit on interactives >.< granted I know why its needed, dont misunderstand, I'm glad it keeps things free and all.

Just gets annoying when I'm trying to add to stuff LOL, but oh well, I'm half way there, with luck I'll get it soon ^^
Finally, I'm hosting a raffle in September (for the WdC birthday) with the grand prize being 1 million GPs! *Shock2* The 2nd prize is 500,000. There will be at least 1 prize of 100,000, but if I get a ton of entries, there may be more. But you can't buy entries with GPs. You have to earn them with reviews. *Bigsmile* You submit a review to my forum and you get a raffle ticket. I don't know if either of you ever do reviews, but it might be worth your while to do so in September. Also, if you are into alternative things like vore, XGC, and whatever else, I'm offering additional tickets for reviews of those sorts of items because they rarely get reviewed. A generic, "good job" review gets you 3 tickets if you review something like that. If you actually give them 3 or more helpful comments or corrections to improve, you get 5 tickets! If you are reviewing regular items and give 3 or more helpful comments or corrections, you get 3 tickets. *Smile*

So, folks, there are a few ways to earn GPs. *Bigsmile* But they mostly start with fanning me. *Laugh* To fan me, click my Plus button until you see the megaphone. If you only click to the finger with the string, that sets me as a favorite, which is private. I won't be notified, thus you can't get rewarded for it. *Frown* So, make sure you see the megaphone...if you want to. No pressure, of course. *Wink* It's obviously up to you, but I do offer some nice GP opportunities. *Smile* Schnujo *Left*
Honeslty that's not at all pushy, if anything that's generous >.< specilly sense it tends to make things with the contests easier I imagine.

Honestly... I wasnt aware of these other things, and while I'm unsure how often I will be able to do them them I'm DEFENTLY intrested in looking into them, to see what ones I can do.

I like trying to read new things as well, so that review structure works for me.

Like I said I'll be looking into these, 100% so thank you a lot for bringing them to my attention ^.^
You are very welcome! The reviewing raffle will only be in September. Also, only reviews DONE in September will count. *Wink* Depending on how much work it is, I might do it again in the future, a few times a year? Or maybe just for the WdC birthday in September? Or maybe never again if it's just too much. *Think* *Laugh* We'll see...

As for my contest, I don't run it regularly. I started it last October and have had like 5-6 rounds maybe. It should be called The Whatever/Whenever Contest based on how often I run it and how quickly I judge it. *Rolling* *Blush*

Anyway, since you've fanned me, that little megaphone on the end of my name will ensure that you see what I post about upcoming events. And my reviewing raffle will also be advertised on the official WdC Birthday page. *Proud*
Out of curiosity what kind of things do people like writing? Not necerly just the bubble of stuff I write in, as I enjoy many forms of writing besides it (though I would be curious about that stuff to)

Obviously for me I enjoy transformation, namely with mind change. But for other stuff, though I'm not good at writing it myself i enjoy adventure writing, what if types stories stuff like that

Also tend to be a fan of fantasy and science fi type writings. What about yall?
I like to do fantasy, scfi, and fanfiction. I tend to be fairly vanilla when I write, harems, mind control, but nowadays I'm trying to do more.
I am in school now so I don't write as much as I used to, at least not for fun. lol But I used to write a wide variety--nonfiction, drama, poetry, etc. I think I tend to read more fantasy than I write. Weirdly, I think I want to read more nonfiction than I actually do. My Audible is full of nonfiction, but when I'm looking for things to listen to, I usually browse past those in my library as I search for a fantasy or maybe sci-fi or comedy. lol Yet, when I'm buying, my nonfiction definitely outweighs my other stuff. *Laugh*

One of my favorite authors is Jim Butcher of The Dresden Files fantasy series. I love that series! *Heart*
Since I'm using the site more, decided to change my handle to one I commonly use on other sites ^^
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Cool. I pretty much use the same username all over the web, myself. It makes it easy to track me, whether I want you to or not. *Laugh* But I also don't have to worry about remembering both passwords AND usernames. *Wink*
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