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I just had a random idea that might be a good one.
Skylanders and Saints Row in one game. No, not creating Gat, King, or any of the Saints with Imaginators' custom mode. I mean a crossover.
Send me your email address so you can make this happen.
Are you a fan of the Saints Row or Skylanders franchises? What if they had a crossover? 4 of the 26 slots are filled, so if you want SkySaints Row to be a thing, email a request to Alright Stories (comesail@writing.com) and I will add you to virtual Activision x Voltition.
Hope this becomes a huge success.
I just had an idea that would be a weird one.

What if Saints Row were in Skylanders? Johnny Gat and Pop Fizz fighting side by side. Asha Odekar sneaking through Kaos' Lair. Kinzie Kensington helping the Skylanders with hordes of enemies. The Dubstep Gun being a last resort for saving Skylands.
Anybody order a crossover with two games both weird with weapons and customization? Too bad, The Saints are now on the way to Skylanders.
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