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Went out for dinner today with my daughter and grandson.
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sounds like fun! people arent doing enough socializing with covid around.
I'm in bed with a chest infection and can only write my daily review, sorry, I'll be back soon
Feel better, Mary Ann!
May God be with you, strengthen you, and heal you for He is the great physician, in Jesu's name, amen.
Praying for a quick recovery for you! *Heart*
I have been pranked with GTPS. Thank you Anonymous
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Autumn  (E)
A nature poem
Not doing enough writing seem to be slowing down, but not to worry I will bounce back'
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 MR. MOON  (E)
Poem to add to book romantic poems
I hav e spent more time trying to log on to the site than writing LOL PROBABLY ME doing something wrong.
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OH WOW! That's terrible! I appreciate your valiant effort! *Smile* Do you know that you can change your settings so that you don't have to log in all the time? There's good and bad points to it. I have mine set to require me to log in once a week so I don't forget my password. lol But you can set it for up to a year, I think...if you can still remember your password then. *Laugh* On the left side, go to My Account, then Account Settings, then under Account Settings again, look under Other Options and you will find Stay Logged In (Keep Cookie) as an option. Then be sure to click Submit Changes underneath. You might have to click the green Submit Changes button at the bottom as well, but I'm not sure. Then it says you may need to log out and back in again for it to take effect. *Smile*
An animated greeting

Happy *Balloonr**Balloonr*

Birthday *Balloonr**Balloonr*

*Giftr**Confettir**Confettir* I hope you have a fun day! *Confettio**Confettio**Giftr*
Happy birthday
in purple, of course

*Cake3* Happy Birthday and all the best to you in the year to come! *Cake3*
*PartyHatV* Kindest Regards, Lilli *Partyhatv*
My family surprise wI as a visit from my daughter who lives in Cyprus, but I had another on the same day. thank you Story Master and Mistress for the lovely card you sent me
My family have something planned for me today. I can't wait to see the surprise.
My son is ill and I have been worrying and this affects my Parkinson's, and my writing. I have tried to catch up and I'm behind with my 30 DB July prompt. I hope I can today.
I have been asked to be interviewed about my poetry with a poetry group who visited our friendship club, and I said yes.
I set myself A CHALLANGE to write 100 reviews in June, i did it and give to groups 380,000 GTP
My great niece is immigrating to Canada on Saturday going out to lunch with her today.
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