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I had a nasty fall at the weekend which has left me wtth 2 black eyes
I hope you feel better soon.
Ouch. One black eye is never fun, never mind two. I hope you feel better.
Oh Mary Ann! Awful stuff. *Hug*
Still have surgery knee pain but slowly recovering and walking better.
post op one month well and knee bend is good I see the physio
This is a trinket and HAPPY HALLOWEEN.
Surgery to my left knee went well.
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I'm glad you are healing.
Sorry for not being arround going into hospital going ifor knee surgery tomorrow.
I hope everything goes well and is uneventful!
Yes, ^^ Take care of yourself and be sure to listen to your doctor for your after care. *Care*
Happy birthday
I have just returned from Leeds and enjoyed my four days with my daughter Jackie ,and my great grandson Hugo'
Hope the weather is cooler back home. I've taken note of the heat.

Good to see family. It's been a long while for me.
I'm glad you enjoyed your time with family and friends.
I'm traveling to Leeds for a few days my daughter who lives in Cyprus is visiting my grand daughter. I have
n't seen them since the coved started.

I have been to my grandson's wedding today.
Hi 'm backIve been locked out, but I'm glad to be baack with my cyber friends.
happy anniversary
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