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Life tumbles and rattles.
It flashes and creates mayhem.
Then things begin to settle.
Because you remember to focus on Him.

Happy 11th, my friend!! 🎂
I've added a new entry to my book, "WorthyIsThe Lamb WorthyAreTheChildren:
*Balloonb* Happy Birthday! I sure hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you many more birthdays too *Balloonb*
Thanks Sunny. It was good overall.
*Cake* Happy Birthday *Cake*
When the world is weighing you down,
Like you gained 100 pounds.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus and pray,
Give me strength and guidance this day.

Don't let the bills, the bills, the bills outweigh,
The faith you have in the Lord to lead the way.
It's not always easy to lay it at the feet of the Lamb,
Cause we feel like it's our burden to bear. That's a sham!

The Lord said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."
That is His promise, His gospel, His truth to me and you.
Oh the weight this world does press down upon us.
Oh the comfort and joy we can take in knowing He loves us!

Oh the Weight!
by Steve Cope

Good to see you here, Steve!

I've added a new entry to my book, "WorthyIsThe Lamb WorthyAreTheChildren:
         "Oh the Weight
I've added a new entry to my book, "WorthyIsThe Lamb WorthyAreTheChildren:
         "Alzheimers an acrostic
Today I will be running in the walk to end alzheimers event in Fort Worth, Texas.
My heart is for charity antd even though it will be cold I will be there running for the first survivor of Alzheimers.
Praying for yall here in the WdC.
We went to Lone Star Park in Grand Prarie, Texas and for the first time ever we bet on and won a race with the horse we chose.
Net winnings?
.60 cents. *BigSmile*
Not a long shot, then? *Laugh*
I'm on vacation and our first day, 9-12-19 we went to the Kimball Art Museum to view Monet the Late Years.
It was Rhonda's dream come true and I wasn't bored so a win win.
Love you all in the WdC.
Copenator out!
Upcoming on Friday morning Rhonda has a specialized scope of the right side of her heart.
Her cardiologist want's to know if everything is okay there. Will be there at 8:30 and the doctor will give us the results after reviewing the findings that morning.
Copenator out!
Prayers headed your way.
I hope everything went well for Rhonda! *Heart*

Hope to see you around soon, my friend. *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Rhonda's TEE revealed a spot in her right ventrical where her heart is pumping harder to get blood through. This is the same side a patch was placed to fix a congential heart defect thirty years ago.
So not sure if it's been like that ever since or if it's a new development.
Next thing would be a heart catherization to test the pressure. However they do that. Rhonda's had those before and the technology is improving all the time so it's not as head pounding as it was when she had them.
Thanks for liking and commenting. Will update further when we know anything. Could literally be next year.
Went to the Podiatrist on 6/27/19 and an x-ray confirmed no damage to Rhonda's ankle.
She is now in a "boot" until her next visit in August where we will get an x-ray of her fibula to see how it's healing up.
It takes almost all day when we go to JPS in Fort Worth, Tx. I had to work that same day and was exhausted when I got home from work Thursday morning.
In August, I'm requesting the day off. Lesson learned!
Copenator out!