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Quite happy to have won the October 500 Dialogue contest! My modest pumpkin tale won me a merit badge for dialogue and 5,000 smackers! On to more!
Whoo hoo, Congratulations!! *Smile*
Congrats on your win! *Bigsmile* That is awesome stuff!
Stretched out my writing muscles with a contest - this month's 500 Dialogue. Prompt: All dialogue, 500 words, a conversation between a pumpkin and a jack-o-lantern.
I played with it. After reading several other entries, I found that my tone was to be more serious than playful, as many of them are. I'm in the middle of my 11th annual read of Pride & Prejudice (my favorite book) and chose for my pumpkins to speak somewhat in the dialect of Regency Era England. Eloquent. The story is of course silly, with the jack-o-lantern being the first of the patch ever to return post-Halloween, having been, of course, gutted and carved by humans. However - there is a dark undercurrent to the tale. The pumpkins refer to when they get taken home "The Choosing" and revere it as a great spiritual journey. However - Jack has the black, horrible truth.
You can read it on my portfolio. I'm actually quite proud of it.
I may never view a jack o' lantern the same again 😃
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I just want to wish you an HAPPY ACCOUNT ANNIVERSARY!
Already *BalloonGo* 2 *BalloonG* years at WDC, that's AWESOME!
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It's my day off and after two weeks of training at work, I'm letting loose at my favorite coffee shop with a cup of hot chai and raindrops on the window next to me. I have been itching to write lately and I think today's the day I can focus again. Cheers to rainy days and the smell of freshly ground coffee. Oh, and to inspiration! *Jamming*
Uhmm, about the lovely Chai tea, WHERE'S MINE! Just kidding! I',m currently drinking a cup of Galaxy frothy hot chocolate!

Asha xxx
Wish I could have joined you. That would have been fun!
Ah, 10:27am. Not early for most, but early for me, as most of my nights are spent researching and doing story building exercises for my latest piece of writing. My evening ends at 3am.
For now, I am updating the few of you who follow me on when I'll actually release something for review.
It seems I have finally found a way to make money writing, even if it'll be a slow start and not necessarily my cup of tea; I never thought writing a romance novel would be in my future, but it appears it is. The most-selling genre by far in the book world, it is easy to get into and easy to write if you've got a romantic mind and a knack for simple storylines. After doing tons of research and lurking plenty of forums, I have decided to start a romance series. Now, before you get all weird on me, let me assure you all that I will not release my pen name, nor will I be posting any of that work here. I want to take my personal writing absolutely seriously and I think keeping WdC for that is the best choice. I don't want my real writing association to be known in the romance genre. It's simply a way to make a few bucks while I work on more serious projects.
Which brings me to my delay in posting anything here - Not only am I attempting to write romance (I get shudders thinking about that), I am doing a period piece that connects to a story I started years ago. The research is heavy and my character development is thorough.
I'll keep you all posted,
Happy January!

Writing a romance novel isn't shameful, you silly nut. Nor is making a living from writing. You could challenge yourself to write a really good romance novel, if it will help you sleep better at night *Laugh* You could also have more than one presence on WDC so you could get feedback on your new endeavor. I'd never tell a soul. There are lots of authors that have multiple pen names to compartmentalize their different genres (Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb comes to mind. J.K. Rowling did this, too.)
Welcome back to WDC Cora.

Alexi Mason Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo.
Let me know if you need any help.
It's been awhile, WdC.*Snow3*
I lost a lot of motivation to write after a rough breakup and a stressful college semester, but I am back with new material in the works! I have a good idea of where my dystopian fiction is going and I have a more surreal fiction in the works as well - though I must say, it's a new literary path I'm not so sure of quite yet. I'm using some of my Christmas money to reinstate my Premium membership so I can utilize the site to its fullest again.

Check in every once in awhile!

Welcome back Cora! If you would like me to read your novel in progress, or I can help....

Please let me know.
Welcome back to WDC! As always, let me me know if I can help. I'm your #1fan and here for you. *Heart*
Hi, I read your bio block. You sound sort of like me. I too find joy in creating my own world and designing everything in it from the entire history to the color of the wild flowers in the meadows. We're also sort of close in age you being fresh out of high school and me being a sophomore in it. Would you mind reading a piece of mine. It's the first chapter of one of the books in my fantasy series "Invalid Item Of course you don't have to, I just thought that it would be nice if I could be reviewed by a fellow fantasy writer.
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