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In spite of my request for assistance and my offer to use my points to offset my fees, I have had no help.
I am presently extremely cash strapped and have no credit card.
I am aware you warned me you would lock some of my items in my portfolio. I have been ill and unable to do anything. I would appreciate if you would advise which items have been locked.
I am extremely sad at being unable to continue here as this has given me great encouragement and faith in my work. Love and best wishes and thank you all
I see you have a Basic membership that does not expire until October, so you won't have any items locked until then. You can even add some more items, since you can have fifty items with the basic account *Smile*
Did you do reviews to earn points? That is how I pay for my membership.
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I am unsure what I must do here. I have posted more items to my portfolio. I am ubsure if I used the correct form to advise. I see I have one preview. I tried to send anemail, but did not know the address nor how to find it. /Whilst I have been a member here fore a few short years, I had at least 12 months away because of illness. I was unable to decipher the icons on the email. I thank you for the kind preview and would love to read the rest. I dont know how. Pleasee excuse me for anything I have neglected to do. I am completely at a loss. I would be happy if anyone can review or just comment on my latest additions. A I have just resumed writing again, I need some idea if I am still on the right track, If I have improved or need to improve more. Thank you all so much for your kindness and help in the past. Kindest regards Coralbee
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I typed most of this section full and lost it. Never mind was probably babbling on anyway. I just want to say that if T have not thanked everyone for the many kind star ratings, great reviews and kind words. I not really au fait with how things are run here. I must have seemed like an ungrateful wretch. I have, however been away from writing for a very long time through ill health. I am still unable to spend much time on my beloved craft. As I am getting back to writing books, short stories, poems and essays, I have little time to spend on groups. such as this. I do know that it is most important to interact with fellow writers, so I will be here when I can. Thank you so very, very much to everyone. Enjoy your writing. As I have said, I was actually pining for the joy of using words to convey what is in my heart. Now my heart is light and my soul at peace. Until next time *Heart*
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Thank you to all the wonderful people who have left, awards, encouraging words, star ratings and such inspiring praise. It is only because of your good opinions, that I had the courage to put my work out there. I joined All Poetry and my work has been well received. Once again the courage to join and contribute to such an elite group was all because of you kind people. I have now written 16 books, the 16th , one last editing to do
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Thank you N R C for my Award. Very much appreciated.