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Happy wdc anniversary
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
Happy Anniversary
Nice job on the snowman thing, but it is only 3 words.
... just on the phone explaining concerns about a design I've done wherein I've grown worried about the background transp, transm, transpiration? ... I can't think of the word ... y'know - when you can see through something ... lady on the other end of the call giggled and said "transparency?" (oh sure, "transpiration", that's it ... or "transmogrification" - all creative designs need a good one of those - (bangs head against wall))

GAH! (stoopid brain)
~ Over 2 years on the site ... something like that ... and I had no idea this newsfeed was even here ... CUZIMSOSMART! (thanks and many kudos to Schnujo for slapping me awake allahsuddenlike)
... my head is SO gonna explode!
If you get on the Community Newsfeed, there have been a bunch posted in the last couple of days, especially Monday, I think, including bitem links to entire collections. *Bigsmile*
Thank you! *Delight*
I'm just gonna try this and see if it works: BITEM! (perhaps they forgot the "E"? at the end ... I'd chuckle if this were true.)

 Power in a Whisper  (13+)
Outcasts pit their gifts against an ancient foe hellbent upon the destruction of the world
#2258491 by Dekland Freeny

... did it work?
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You're hilarious! I never noticed the similarity between bitem and bite me. *Laugh* You posted it perfectly! *Heart*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Power in a Whisper  (13+)
Outcasts pit their gifts against an ancient foe hellbent upon the destruction of the world

Hi guys - stunned to see I actually have followers - as I'm still trying to figure out how all of this works (after how many years) - BUT - I've typed up the beginning of something new and wanted you to know it's in my portfolio.

Cheers, and thanks for taking an interest.
Now, as for followers and such...You currently have 2 on your list...and 1 of them is you. *Laugh* You can go to your port or notebook. (Not the newsfeed--your newsfeed shows official WdC notes, notes from people whose Plus button you have pushed, along with your own notes, but your notebook shows only things you've posted or things people have posted directly in your notebook.) Once in your port or notebook, look along the top and you'll see tabs. Next to the community tab is a little arrow. Click that, then fans. Here you will see all the people who have fanned you and all the people you have fanned.

Fanning someone is when you click their Plus button as you see following my name here... Schnujo . If you click it once, you see a finger with a string and you have set me as a favorite. No one will know, not even me. But you will start seeing my notes on your newsfeed. You can comment or just skulk around in the shadows. *Rolling* If you press my plus button twice, you see a megaphone. You've now become a fan of mine and you will still see my notes on the newsfeed, but I'm also notified that you fanned me. For some folks (such as me or Shadow Prowler , I think it was), we will occasionally reward our fans, so it's good to fan us. *Bigsmile* Anyway, you'll appear on our list of fans and we will appear on your list of people you have fanned. It helps keep up with people you like. Setting them as a favorite helps as well, but to me, setting them as a fan helps more. *Wink*

I "talk" way too much. *Laugh* More to follow, then I'm done. *Bigsmile*
So, as for those followers you have...it's possible people have clicked your Plus button once to set you as a favorite and didn't know the difference or didn't want to become a fan for whatever reason. (If you write a lot of XGC items, people may be more likely to set you as a favorite...if they know the difference, but most don't.) However, it's also possible that the folks commenting and/or liking your post might have found you on the community newsfeed. Most folks don't go there, but I really push for people to do so, so more folks are doing it than even just a year or two ago. *Smile*

The default when you click newsfeed is your personal newsfeed which only has your notes, official WdC notes, and notes of people whose Plus Sign you've clicked at least once. That's as far as most folks go. But if you look along the top-ish part of your personal newsfeed, you will see the community newsfeed words/link. It's titled View the Community Newsfeed (just clickable words), so you can't really miss it. lol Click that and you'll now see what EVERYONE is posting, not just your corner of WdC. *Bigsmile* This is how I found you and possibly how the other folks did, though maybe they did click your Plus Sign once previously and have you set as a favorite. I can't say for sure.

Anyway, the community newsfeed is a great place to make friends and be seen. Hang out, scroll, click Like, comment, and get to know folks. Over time, you will start recognizing people and their posts. Fan folks you've decided you like. Some will automatically fan you back, but many won't until they get to know you. As you interact with them, some will decide they like you and will start clicking your Plus button (hopefully twice so you're notified--I'm trying to educate folks lol). The more people who click your Plus button (at least once), the more people will see your posts since most folks never leave their personal newsfeed. But when they've clicked your Plus, you now start appearing on their personal newsfeed. *Smile*

Okay. So, I hope I've answered all your questions and have probably answered a bunch of things you cared nothing about. *Laugh* But if nothing else, I hope you feel smarter about how WdC works. Just like real life authors, it's good to have fans in you want people to see your work. *Bigsmile* Now, go out there and fan people and make some fans! Good luck!
Hey there, Schnujo tagged me in her examples and just based on the awesome possum pic you have I can see your my mind of writer. So, if you don't mind, I've fanned you! I'm looking forward to reading some of your portfolio items very soon!
see - I'm new here so I don't entirely understand the formatting. BUT - there are these advanced settings ... and this is me fussing over those ... after adding lines of code to the original ... like wrestling in jell-o, but I'll figure it out eventually --- I can only beg patience in the meantime.
thanks all -- for the encouragement!! Would love to know if the might be a way to add separate chapters to what has already been published ... tearing my hair out trying to add to what's already been shown. gruh. *BigSmile*
There's only so much you can do with a free membership, you know, so you want to get a paid one. *Bigsmile* As far as I can come up with, the best thing to do with a free membership is to just put each chapter in the same item, but delineate them with chapter markers.

blah, blah, blah


blah, blah, blah

Along the top of this window (when you are commenting) you'll see a big B for bold and around the middle part is a small, medium, and large S. That's so you can change size. I used size 4 to make the Chapter 2 above. *Wink* Actually, I try to remember to make all my items in the #4 font because a lot of people here have more "experienced" eyes and it helps them read without straining their experience. *Laugh*

On a side note, something I like to do is put notes about things I wrote. For example, if it's inspired by a true story or if it's for a contest, etc. If it's for a contest, I usually include the prompt, any special rules, and things like a link to the contest. It's kind of fun to go back and see what I wrote for what. Also, it helps stop people from asking things like, "Why did you have so many words beginning with T. You shouldn't have done that. Well, my note at the top says I did it because that was the prompt. "Write an item with 50 different words beginning with T" or whatever the prompt is. *Wink* I also like to go back and edit to say if I won something. *Bigsmile* Anyway, after I do the note, I make it light grey like this so people know it's not an official part of the story or poem or whatever. You can do that by highlighting the part you want to make light grey (or whatever color), clicking the little spectrum of colors along the top, and clicking on the light gray one near the end.

Back to how you can make chapters, if you get a Basic membership, you can have 50 items instead of just 10, so you can make each chapter a different item and name them something like "Wind and Waves--Chapter 1," "Wind and Waves--Chapter 2," etc.

If you get an Upgraded membership, you can have an actual Book. If you look at anyone's blog, you'll see what it is. That way, you can make each page/entry 1 chapter. *Bigsmile*

Good luck!
yay - got it. thanks again!
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