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see - I'm new here so I don't entirely understand the formatting. BUT - there are these advanced settings ... and this is me fussing over those ... after adding lines of code to the original ... like wrestling in jell-o, but I'll figure it out eventually --- I can only beg patience in the meantime.
thanks all -- for the encouragement!! Would love to know if the might be a way to add separate chapters to what has already been published ... tearing my hair out trying to add to what's already been shown. gruh. *BigSmile*
There's only so much you can do with a free membership, you know, so you want to get a paid one. *Bigsmile* As far as I can come up with, the best thing to do with a free membership is to just put each chapter in the same item, but delineate them with chapter markers.

blah, blah, blah


blah, blah, blah

Along the top of this window (when you are commenting) you'll see a big B for bold and around the middle part is a small, medium, and large S. That's so you can change size. I used size 4 to make the Chapter 2 above. *Wink* Actually, I try to remember to make all my items in the #4 font because a lot of people here have more "experienced" eyes and it helps them read without straining their experience. *Laugh*

On a side note, something I like to do is put notes about things I wrote. For example, if it's inspired by a true story or if it's for a contest, etc. If it's for a contest, I usually include the prompt, any special rules, and things like a link to the contest. It's kind of fun to go back and see what I wrote for what. Also, it helps stop people from asking things like, "Why did you have so many words beginning with T. You shouldn't have done that. Well, my note at the top says I did it because that was the prompt. "Write an item with 50 different words beginning with T" or whatever the prompt is. *Wink* I also like to go back and edit to say if I won something. *Bigsmile* Anyway, after I do the note, I make it light grey like this so people know it's not an official part of the story or poem or whatever. You can do that by highlighting the part you want to make light grey (or whatever color), clicking the little spectrum of colors along the top, and clicking on the light gray one near the end.

Back to how you can make chapters, if you get a Basic membership, you can have 50 items instead of just 10, so you can make each chapter a different item and name them something like "Wind and Waves--Chapter 1," "Wind and Waves--Chapter 2," etc.

If you get an Upgraded membership, you can have an actual Book. If you look at anyone's blog, you'll see what it is. That way, you can make each page/entry 1 chapter. *Bigsmile*

Good luck!
yay - got it. thanks again!
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/crankhammer