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"A Beautiful Mind"

"Epilepsy is a challenge in life. I actually consider Epilepsy as more of an opponent of the brains' sub-conscience in the game of life. We learn all we can about our opponent, yet we still can't block their attacks. Just because our opponent had mastered the attacks on "us",out of the blue, doesn't mean that they will win forever. Actually, they will always win the attacks, but only physically! Not emotionally or psychologically! The hard part of life with Epilepsy, is dealing with the emotional and psychological side effects, just from the thoughts and/or after thoughts, after the attacks from our opponent. once you learn how to control the emotional and psychological side effect thoughts, you will win two of the three battles that the opponent of our brain starts. Once you," Master", the control of our opponents emotional and psychological side effects from their attacks, you will have earned the right to be considered , " A Champion"!

WrittenBy: GeraldGawlikJr.
Attempting to figure this out, it's starting to make me not share any of my published poetry
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