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AI Takes Over Writing Forum

Not really, but could it? No doubt you have seen the stories about Chat GPT; taking law school and business school exams. Writing essays and stories.

You might remember my post from a while back about the news story about a novel written by AI that placed high in a literary contest.

Here again is my story about one person fighting back, or trying to.

 Fiction Factory  (E)
A future where novels and stories are written by machines. A Young man yearns for change.
#2286438 by Damon Nomad
People who love classic mysteries often like deductive puzzles. I came across this little logic puzzle just recently. I have read a lot about Einstein and was quite surprised I had never heard of this before. Apparently something he used to occupy his students when he was a teacher, so he could focus on his theoretical work. No math is involved.

Einsteins House Riddle



You can warm up with a much simpler logic puzzle:
 A Colorful Little Mystery  (E)
A banker, a salesman, and Colonel Saunders walk into a cafe....
#2260122 by Gray Valentine
Thanks for sharing this riddle!
I thought I had it, but somehow I didn't *Rolling*. I'll give it another go later - I love this kind of puzzle! *Bigsmile*
Have you heard the story about the esteemed British grammarian, Professor Dwindlebob, meeting American author David Baldacci? The professor sat next to Baldacci in a pub, in London's east end. He could not resist commenting on the author's most recent novel.

He explained to Baldacci that he read it from the back, page by page. "I must say, you might want to revisit the rules on subordinating conjunction and I caught a number of comma splices."

Baldacci nodded with a wry grin. "How terribly clever or cleverly terrible. Most of my readers start at the beginning."


What made me think of this? Advice I got to do a careful final review of something I thought was a good polished piece of work. Read it from the back, sentence by sentence. It was a humiliating, humbling and horrifying experience. Yes H, H, H.

Give it a try sometime.

Yes, you are correct. I made the story up.

A man finishes doing two reviews on WDC. Cue the music from the twilight zone.


Without realizing it he later checks on recent reviews and is shocked by the similarity in the titles. What strange force was at work? True, I did not realize how similar the titles were until I looked a few minutes later.

 Collection  (13+)
Pay now or pay later. Now featured in Far Side of Midnight.bravehost.com, Issue #2.
#1376998 by Futrboy

A collector of globes meets a different type of collector. 988 words
#2279438 by hdarling

Two very different but nicely done stories.

See you next time on TWILIGHT REVIEWS.

A tribute to writers who have faced adversity including a long list of rejections. Herman gets another rejection on a cold January night, and it looks like it is all down hill from there.

We never know where life will lead us.

Find a little New Years inspiration from

 The Mad King  (13+)
A Writer Gets Another Rejection on a Cold January Night. Then things get worse.
#2287693 by Damon Nomad

Happy New Year
A special Happy New Year to all of the editors of the newsletters on WDC. They are excellent sources of writing tips and suggested references. I also have found many excellent recommended stories.


Things are heating up in the small town of Clear Creek. Two Dead bodies and it looks like the drug problem has been nipped in the bud. State investigators suspect the sheriff might be holding back, but they don't have the evidence or interest in chasing it any further.

 Chapter 3 & 4   (13+)
Dead dealers in Clear Creek. State investigators suspect the sheriff, but no evidence.
#2287465 by Damon Nomad


Read Rural Justice More Chapters Coming Soon

A Novel for the WDC Community, the first installment today. The first two chapters of Rural Justice. Drug dealers are being killed, is it the competition or some form of vigilante killing.

I will add to this for the next few weeks, I had another version posted on another site. People seemed to like it.

Warning: I am not looking for any detailed review comments, I am not doing any more work on this. Please share your comments and thoughts of what you think, but dont expect me to make any edits.

Today's posting starts with a dead wholesale distributor in a big city and a rural sheriff gets something strange in his mailbox.

 Chapter 1 and 2 Rural Justice  (13+)
A dead dealer in the big city and a small-town sheriff gets a surprise.
#2287322 by Damon Nomad


There have been a few writers here on WDC sharing their struggles and recent difficulties. Whether they are religious or not may the words of the Serenity Prayer bring them and others comfort.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; and the Wisdom to know the difference.

How far will a company go to shut up an employee who is raising concerns about dangerous pollution? Can one person stand up against a powerful corporation, without being destroyed?


 David's Obsession  (13+)
A man who cannot let go of an issue when he thinks he is in the right. Will it cost him?
#2287154 by Damon Nomad

Happy Holidays
Come on WDC Christmas elves. A newcomer posted a question on the newsfeed and no one posted an answer. secretwoman4u wants to know if there are writing prompts on WDC. I admit to my incompetence as to knowing the answer but, knowing this place there must be.

Could someone let her know?

Or maybe someone did. My apologies to the good Samaritans if they responded to her privately. *Rant*
I knew someone would come through and thanks for letting me know. *CandyCaneR* *StockingR*
*Left* Over here, Writing.Com Tools, about halfway, there are writing prompts.

I also jotted it into her Notebook.
Good for you picking up this query and sharing with the rest of us, Damon Nomad ! Folks with answers to share usually catch these posts, but I'm guessing that with members spread thin over the holidays, there might be a few (like this one) that fall through the cracks. – ya done good! *Bigsmile*
The threats that the FBI and other federal and local law enforcement plan for during the state of the union address are far-ranging. Bombs, chemical threats, cyber-attacks, dirty bombs. The list goes on and on. What about an old man on the national mall during the presidents speech? Surely he would not pose a national security threat. Take a look at this story and see what Chester Chambers is up to and should he be cause for alarm.

 Dead Man's Switch  (13+)
The FBI director believes she has a plan for every threat. Can an old man prove her wrong?
#2286882 by Damon Nomad
A most gracious review. I enjoy reading the reviews on WDC. Learning from others by how they review. Sometimes the reviews point me to items I would like to review.

Gray Valentine Often gives detailed and balanced reviews with helpful suggestions.

I was a bit shocked at first when I saw a review he gave for an item in a competition. Because he said he was in the competition. I have seen people do that sort of thing, seems most often to be a hit job.

I read the review, it was very thorough and balanced. What was most compelling was the contest is still going on and Gray Valentine wished the author well and hoped some of the comments might bring the writer victory. I found it to be most sincere.

That is a most gracious and thoughtful review, in the Holiday spirit.
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I like to read all the other entries in contests I am in. I write reviews I hope are helpful and encouraging. I try to do it well before the deadline incase something I say is helpful to the author. I don't want to win by default I want everybody to have a good entry too.
Have you ever had a bit of family drama over home canned food? You might like this short story about a bit of comic Karma solving a family problem.

*Onion* *PepperGreen* *PepperYellow*

 Cucumber Karma  (E)
A strange bit of comic karma resolves a family problem
#2286533 by Damon Nomad

Have you heard of the short format novel A day A Computer Writes a Novel? It was a finalist in a prestigious national literary contest in Japan. The Nikkei Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award.

Kind of a catchy title, especially considering the book was actually written by an AI computer algorithm and not a person. Ohh yeah, it's coming.

Computer Writes Prize Story  

With that in mind, take a look at my short story

 Fiction Factory  (E)
A future where novels and stories are written by machines. A Young man yearns for change.
#2286438 by Damon Nomad

Could you tell if a story was written by a robot? How about a painting?


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